Behind the Scenes - 8th November 2007

The crew are on their final day of filming location scenes for Block 918 (Episodes 4586-4590). Take an exclusive peek at the filming of this weeks Australian episodes, in our final installment of our current Behind the Scenes feature.

Today is going to have a late finish, so the crew have a fairly late call time of 10:15am and have an hour and a half to travel to Palm Beach and set up the equipment. At 11:45 they have a half hour lunch, followed by a 5 minute safety talk. At 12:20pm its time to film the first scene of the day.

Jodi Gordon and Jess Tovey film a scene for #4590 on the grassy knoll, where Belle is deciding whether a current event is newsworthy or not, Martha tells her if it is, to go for it.

This is followed by a scene between Belle and Drew, where he is disappointed to find that Belle is on her way to interview Sally.

When I join them at 2pm, they are filming a scene for #4589 where Aden opens up to Roman on the beach.

bts_07_11_08_01.jpg bts_07_11_08_02.jpg



The scene that follows sees Aden and Roman walking up the path, where Roman gives Aden some advice, to which he says thanks.

Next Josh Quong Tart arrives to film the first scene of #4589, where Miles is attempting to overcome his deepest fear. He walks towards the sea but just cannot bring himself to go near the water and retreats.



Meanwhile, Kate Ritchie has arrived and starts to run through her next scene. When Josh has finished, they start rehearsing Scene 6 of #4589, which will involve Josh getting a bit wet.

bts_07_11_08_11.jpg bts_07_11_08_12.jpg

It's now time to film the scene. In a touching scene, Miles is finally able to put his past to rest with the support of Sally.






It is now 5pm and the crew and cast head off for dinner and relocate to the Pittwater side of Palm Beach. They have 5 scenes to film into the night:

4590, Scene 2 - Sam and Jack are having a picnic, Sam tells Jack that she wants today to be about them, not some thug.

4590, Scene 9 - Jack gets a call to say Johnny Cooper has woken up

4588, Scene 15 - Annie prays

4587, Scene 18 - Rachel tells a toxic Henk to be a man and walk away

4587, Scene 20 - Henk drives into town

Following these scenes, the cast and crew have supper and at around 10:30pm start packing everything away.

And that brings an end to our current batch of Behind the Scenes articles. I did join the crew one final time on the 14th November, where the teens were down at the pool and the southern end of Palm Beach, but I spent the time saying goodbye to people rather than taking pictures.

In the meantime if you have spent a day down at Palm Beach and would like to share your experience, please get in touch and we can post your story on BTTB.

We hope you've enjoyed this look Behind the Scenes and that it has given you an idea of how much work goes into the production of your favourite show! We hope to bring you more in the future!

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