Behind the Scenes 2007
BTTB is quite literally back in the bay! Throughout the coming weeks we will be bringing you exclusive behind the scenes pictures and gossip right from the very heart of 'Summer Bay'. Keep checking back to find out all the latest info.

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*Warning* The following pages WILL contain spoilers for both Oz and UK viewers!

finale_preview_thumb.jpg 2007 Season Finale Sneak Preview
Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at the beginning of one of the shows biggest ever storylines. Filmed on 6th November 2007.
bts_09_10_thumb.jpg 9th October 2007
View pictures from the filming of Block 914 - Episodes 4567 & 4568 - which include Sally, Pippa Jnr, Tony, Lucas, Rachel, Colleen, Roman, Martha, Jack, Geoff and a mysterious new character....
bts_10_16_thumb.jpg 16th October 2007
Follow the cast and crew from an afternoon's shooting into a night shoot on Block 915. Features pictures of Rhys, Tony, Maddie, Drew, Belle, Dom, Annie, Geoff and Aden. Also contains an exclusive sneak peek of a major character's final scene!
bts_07_10_22_thumb.jpg 22nd October 2007
View pictures from the filming of scenes for Episodes 4577 & 4578. Features Annie, Aden, Geoff, Tony, Jack and Rachel. Find out who is being rushed to hospital following a drinking escapade!
bts_07_10_29_thumb.jpg 29th October 2007
A very sombre day of filming for Block 917, Episode #4585 - which major character has died?! Also meet Summer Bay's new principal!
bts_07_10_31_thumb.jpg 31st October 2007
More filming for Block 917. Features Jack, Rory, Annie, Aden, Roman and Morag. Also see a sneak peek of the return of Amanda and Ryan.
bts_07_11_06_thumb.jpg 6th November 2007
Filming for Block 918, which includes Annie, Cassie, Henk, Morag, Roman, Aden, Alf, Martha, Leah and Tony. Find out what it really says on the front of Coastal News, which character is being wheeled into an ambluance, and see Ray Meagher's first day back.
bts_07_11_08_thumb.jpg 8th November 2007
In our final article we join the crew for more filming on Block 918. Sally helps Miles to finally put his past to rest and Roman gives Aden some advice. Additional scenes include Martha, Belle, Drew, Annie, Geoff, Jack, Sam, Henk and Rachel.