Behind the Scenes - 9th October 2007

On 9th October 2007, H&A were in Palm Beach filming scenes for Block 914, Episodes 4567 & 4568. BTTB were there too to bring you these exclusive pictures....

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First of all, the crew have one more scene left over from Block 913 to film, Scene 18 of Episode 4562. Why is Sally talking to a guy sleeping on the beach? Whoever this mystery man named 'Miles' is, he's important enough to warrant an arty publicity picture with Kate (below right)....

bts_07_10_09.jpgbts_07_10_09 (1).jpg

Next to arrive in Palm Beach are Rhys (Lucas), Jon (Tony), Lyn (Colleen), Amy (Rachel) and Conrad (Roman) filming a scene for episode #4567.

bts_07_10_09 (2).jpgbts_07_10_09 (3).jpg

bts_07_10_09 (5).jpgbts_07_10_09 (4).jpg

About half an hour later, the scene is complete and the cast are free to head off home or to the studio for further scenes. However its the school holidays and leaving the beach isn't exactly an easy option for favourites Lucas and Tony (aka Hotdad), who are immediately surrounded by groups of young fans.

bts_07_10_09 (6).jpgbts_07_10_09 (7).jpg

It's now 12:45 and it's time to break for lunch, before relocating to Station Beach, on the Pittwater side of Palm Beach. Chloe Marshall (Pippa) arrives with her mother to film her one scene of the day, in which a clean shaven 'Miles' is seemingly getting on very well with both Sally and Pippa...but why is he afraid of the water....? It certainly gets the minds of some old term fans ticking overtime...
bts_07_10_09 (8).jpgbts_07_10_09 (9).jpg

Following the scene Kate and Chloe record a few sound effects for the end of the scene, where Miles watches Sally and Pippa go off into the water. Watching Kate and Chloe truly is like watching mother and daughter.

bts_07_10_09 (10).jpgbts_07_10_09 (11).jpg

Once they have finished filming, Kate sees me (remembering me from the LA trip and my 2004 Oz trip) and comes up to see how things are going.

Meanwhile Jodi Gordon arrives to film a non-speaking 10 second shot where Martha walks out of the Seaplane Wharf, puts away the garbage, and walks back in. This will be used as a cutaway shot during the previous scene, where Miles is rather confused about Martha's identity....once that is finished, Jodi leaves.

In the car park, a previously plain white car is starting to take a very familiar shape....for obvious legal reasons, the crew are unable to drive a fake police car on the roads to the location, so all accessories for Jack's police car are brought with them and added at the location. They even add a fake which was previously seen on Amanda's car.

bts_07_10_09 (12).jpgbts_07_10_09 (13).jpg

Jon (Tony) heads back onto the set, to which Paul (Jack) and Lincoln (Geoff) have also arrived. Director Steve Mann takes the guys through the scene, one which has to be shot in 4 parts. First of all Paul has to drive the Police Car from around the corner, into the car park. Jack and Tony then have a short conversation in the car, before getting out the car carrying on their conversation, and then parting ways. Geoff then approaches Tony and has another short conversation with him.

bts_07_10_09 (14).jpgbts_07_10_09 (15).jpg

bts_07_10_09 (16).jpgbts_07_10_09 (17).jpg

Once this scene is complete, the crew have to start preparing for a night shoot, and I decide to leave them to it. Make sure to check back soon for more exclusive info and pictures...including one characters final scene!