August Quiz

General Knowledge
1. What was the name of the reality TV show Nick Smith appeared on? 
2. Who said the following: "Your balls have a mind of their own Kimberly."? 
3. What happened to The Palace in 2005? 
4. Drew's old friend from boarding school arrived to the Bay by motorcycle. Who was this friend? 
5. Who was found dead in Don's car in 2002?

Current character: Belle Taylor
1. What is her real name? 
2. Where did we first see her? 
3. Who was obsessed with her? 
4. When she is going through a break-up, what is she demanding? 
5. With Nicole's help, Aden found a beautiful gift which he wanted to give Belle. What was it? 

Past character: Hayley Lawson
1. How did she and Noah meet? 
2. Being very artistic, she started a business with Leah. What kind of clothes did they make? 
3. Who or what walked her down the aisle on her and Noah's wedding day? 
4. When she fell pregnant, she didn't know who the father was because she had had sex with two men in a matter of weeks. Who were these two men? 
5. During her pregnancy, doctors found out something was wrong with one of her organs. Which organ wasn't working properly? 

The stalker storyline
1. What was the stalker's real name? 
2. What was the name of her accomplice? 
3. What was the catch phrase used by the stalker? 
4. What 'gift' did she send Jack and Martha at their engagement party? 
5. Why did she want all the inhabitants of Summer Bay to suffer?

Brother & Sisters
1. How many kids did Beth and Jack Hunter have? 
2. Not everyone trusted Kane, but Kane wasn't as bad as his brother. What was his name?
3. What was the name of Kirsty's biological twin sister? 
4. Who's Tasha Andrews' brother?
5. What was Noah's brother's name? 

Please PM your answers to Quizmaster by August 31st. Good luck!