2008 in Review


2008reviewbanner.jpg2008, a year of many things. A year that saw the original cast count halved, a wedding for one of the most unlikeliest of suspects, a murder mystery, lost family members sprouting up everywhere and the return of Gypsy. OK, the last one didn't happen much to our disappointment, but there was a lot more going on besides that and we hope we can cover as much of it as possible in the features listed below.

2008 Year Summary - A detailed look back over the past 12 months.
2008 Awards - Votes on the best and worst of 2008.
The Members Opinions  - what our members of the forum thought of 2008.
What the Staff Thought - a selection of the staff members give their opinions on 2008.
Going out with a Bang - with the school dance exploding, we take a light-hearted look at previous uses of the pyrotechnics department.
Moments of the Year Video - A video by Karen of the best moments of the year. (Right Click + Save As)
2008 Episode Summaries - Does exactly as it says on the tin.
2008 Videos - A selection of episodes from 2008 to download.