2007: In Review


As the 2007 season draws to a close in the UK and Ireland, we look back at what the year past held in store for the residents of Summer Bay. It was a year that the writers had promised would bring the show back to roots, moving away from the bang, bang nature of Dan Bennett's reign. However whilst in someways there was successful it was also a year that meandered badly throughout the Australian winter months. So from Sally's stabbing to a derro writing Milco on the beach, we look back at 2007.

2007 Yearly Review - A Review of what happened in 2007.
2007: The Staff's Opinions - Some of the staff give their views on the year just passed.
2007 Episodes - Download some episodes from 2007.
2007: The Season Finale - What did we think of the finale? Read it here.
2007 Episode Summaries - There's slightly less than 2007, about 50 if I remember correctly.