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15 - 11


Frank Morgan and Bobby Simpson (1989)

Bobby had long held a torch for Frank but it took him nearly dying and her dating a few other guys before Frank finally realised he felt the same. They became a couple and set up house together but their relationship was not without it's problems. Bobby lost her memory after being knocked out in a burglary attempt and couldn't remember who Frank was. Eventually her memory returned and Frank proposed. They rowed about whether Bobby should attend college or not and Bobby thought Frank wasn't committed to her but he won her round by showing her the ghetto where he grew up and explaining why marriage was so important to him. Their wedding was a traditional church wedding with the couple having wrote their own vows. Frank gave a speech about how much he loved Bobby and she replied "that goes double for me" causing the congregation to laugh. Immediately after their wedding their marriage hit problems due to the meddling of Bobby's mother Morag but Ailsa gave them tickets for a honeymoon in Singapore for a week. When they came back, Nicholas (Macklin Development Company) rang asking Frank to work overtime; he gave Frank loads of work so as to cause a break up between Frank and Bobby to make Morag happy. The extra work also saw Frank become closer to his ex girlfriend Roo with the two sharing a kiss. Bobby and Frank's already troubled marriage didn't survive his infidelity and he left the Bay with Roo. He later returned before Bobby's wedding to Greg to win her back but she chose to stay with Greg.



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Edward Dunglass and Peta Janossi (2000)

In a way, a slightly faux wedding. They never were man and wife in any lawful way, just became man and wife in each others in a secret ceremony. After the marriage between these two unique characters, Edward and Peter presurised Judith and Joel into letting them to stay together and after the confirmation of Edward's Huntingdons, they soon left the bay together.

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Travis Nash and Rebecca Fisher (1997)

They asked everyone to turn up at the beach on a certain day without telling anyone of their plans to marry. Everyone turned up dressed for the event, but they worked it out anyway. They got married. Travis' favourite band turned up for the wedding. Personally I wish they hadn't, they were naff. The wedding though was a traditional ceremony with Travis dressed casually and Rebecca looking beautiful. They later sailed off together on a trip round the world and as far as we know are still together today.










Pippa Fletcher and Michael Ross (1991)

Pippa had lost her husband Tom and was not ready for marriage but was attracted to Michael and felt guilty about it. Things weren't helped by Sally giving them a hard time about their relationship and Michael's son Hadyn, causing trouble for them. However, Michael persisted, winning Pippa round and even getting Sally onside. They married in an intimate ceremony at the caravan park house with Sally standing as bridesmaid. The wedding wasn't entirely uneventful as Carly's soldier boyfriend Ben was on AWOL to attend the wedding and the soldiers came back for him. After persuasion, they agreed to let Ben stay for the wedding. One of the most solid marriages on Home and Away, Pippa and Michael had their fair share of difficulties but came through everything only to be separated when Michael tragically drowned in a flood. Pippa and Michael were played by real life couple Debra Lawrence and Michael Coard who met and married whilst starring on the show and unlike their alter egos are still together today. 




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Kirsty Sutherland and Kane Phillips (2004)

Stranded in the bush in 2002, Kirsty and Kane soon began a secret romance after being rescued. However, with Kane hated by the rest of the Sutherland's, they tried their best to keep it secret. Eventually Shelley found out and they ran away together. However, Kane soon dropped Kirsty back off in Summer Bay and disappeared for a year. On his return, Kirsty dumped Seb and was soon back together with Kane.

Whilst her father was getting married elsewhere, Kirsty had sneaked off with Kane for another secret wedding. After spending a few days away, they returned to the bay, where Kirsty lied about being pregnant, briefly causing problems in their relationship.

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