Home and Away Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Home and Away.
Who is the current producer of Home and Away?
What's the song that played as Dani Sutherland entered Prison?
What song did Kirsty sing at the recommitment ceremony?
Can I buy music I've heard on Home and Away?
What species are the 3D fish from the 2000 Opening Titles?
Where is Home and Away filmed?
How many episodes of Home and Away have aired?
When and where does Home and Away air around the world?
Who played [Character Name] in Home and Away?
How far behind Australia are the UK episodes?
How do I write to the cast of Home and Away?
What's happening at the moment in Australia?
What font is used in the Home and Away logo?
How did the name 'Home and Away' come about?
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