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A list of the changes made to many of the show's Opening Credits. Thanks to Ryan Wilson, Alex and Dan.

2000 - 2002 Credits
Orders of the many versions of the Underwater Credits, which ran from the beginning of the 2000 Season until the end of the 2002 Season.

2003 Credits
Orders of the 2003 - July 2003 Credits, which were a slight variant of the previous theme. The boxes were enlarged and the character names were added, shown below the Actors Names.

August 2003 Credits
Orders of the short-lived August 2003 Credits, which ran from the show's debut in High Definition Television until the end of the 2003 Season. In this version of the credits, the boxes are once again enlarged and now zoom towards the screen instead of vertically across it.

2004 - 2005 Credits
Orders and descriptions of the 2004 Credits, which are in a brand new 'Photographic' theme and are still currently airing.

2005 Credits
Orders of the new credits that ran from March 2005. The Photograph theme remained but everyone was given a new shot.

2006 Credits
Still remaining with the photographic theme, with everyone having new shots in January 2006. The only exception being Sally and Flynn who's previous shot remained the same until his departure.