Sally's Saddest Moments

When Lynn left

Lynn had been with Sally from the care home. When Tom and Pippa wanted to foster Sally she refused to leave unless Lynn went too so The Fletchers fostered her too. Living with The Fletchers Lynn was often led astray by the older, more rebellious Carly but she still went to Sally when she was upset. When she ran away after her dog was poisoned Sally was the one who put up posters and tried to find her. When Lynn eventually left to return to her family Sally was gutted and took a long time to get used to not having Lynn around.


When Floss and Neville left

It was Sally who discovered that Floss and Neville had left without saying goodbye and it was fair to say she was devastated. She sobbed until Tom and the family eventually agreed to go after them. They caught up with the McPhee's on the way out of Summer Bay and said a tearful goodbye. For Sally, their exit, not long after Lynn changed a lot of things in her life at the Caravan Park.

When Dodge made her admit that Milco wasn't real

saldodge.jpg Sally had disliked Dodge from the minute he arrived in the bay and with good reason as he picked on her constantly and called her 'squirt' whenever they were alone. The worst thing he did though came after Tom was missing in a storm and Sally turned to Milco for comfort. Her family were worried about her reliance on her imaginary friend so Dodge told her that Milco was now his friend and that he hated Sally. Sally angrily screamed at him that it wasn't true and when Dodge asked her why, she burst into tears and admitted that Milco wasn't real. Sally's hatred of Dodge caused her to consider leaving home but his plan worked to an extent and Milco disappeared once more into Sally's memory, until that is, he turned up eighteen years later.

When she contemplated leaving The Fletchers

When Sally's Uncle Ross came to town and fought Tom and Pippa for custody, Sally was initially very much against the idea. Spending time at Ross's farmhouse though and seeing the multiple presents, including a pony made Sally become a brat. With tom and pippa refusing to buy her a pony, Sally decided that they must not love her and she wanted to go live with Ross and his wife Louise. When it actually came to saying goodbye she was devastated that Steven and Carly weren't there and struggled to say goodbye to Pippa. She changed her mind and decided to stay with The Fletchers.


When Tom Died

Sally worshipped Tom. As a foster child himself he had always been there for her and supported her, allowing her to cling to Milco and including her in all key family decisions. With Tom and Pippa Sally found the stability she had been missing throughout her early childhood and his death of a heart attack shook Sally to her roots. It was Carly who broke the news of Tom's death to Sally and she was further upset by Pippa's seeming indifference. Running upstairs in tears she asked Ailsa if it was possible to love someone after they were dead and when Ailsa said it was she asked why Pippa no longer loved Tom because they had been fighting a lot. Ailsa explained that Pippa just couldn't handle it which was why she was acting normal but that inside she was as upset as anyone. Ailsa held her for a long time as she cried. That night Sally went into Pippa's room because she couldn't sleep and asked if she could sleep with Pippa. She asked Pippa if she was sad about Tom and Pippa broke down sobbing. Sally and Pippa held each other and cried themselves to sleep.


When Pippa got together with Michael

michaccpt.jpgSally had initially liked Michael Ross, until he started showing an interest in Pippa. She reacted angrily to the idea that Michael and Pippa might begin dating and cruelly warned Michael to stay away from Pippa. Pippa and Michael cooled things but Sally refused to back down calling pippa nasty names and venting her frustration at Michael before eventually admitting that she was worried Michael would leave Pippa like he had his first wife. Ben convinced her to give Michael a chance and she grudingly gave her acceptance of their new relationship.


When she was teased about needing a bra

Sally was upset and confided in Sophie that she had been teased in school by guys telling her she needed to start wearing a bra. Sophie told Pippa who tried to convince her it was a natural part of growing up but Sally was embarrassed and hated the idea of her body changing. She was upset when Michael walked in on her changing her top and when he told Adam why she was upset. She later warmed to the idea and by the time she had bought a bra she had learnt to be proud of it.


When Dale died

dale.jpgThough Sally had had people close to her die before, Dale was the first child she had known of to die and the idea that one so innocent could be taken really upset Sally. Racing into the room just as the Paramedic announced Dale was dead, Sally broke down in Michael's arms and then in Bobby's sobbing hysterically. Sally was inconsolable sobbing repeatedly that it was unfair and asking why it had happened. She was further upset when Pippa refused to talk about it or break down, bottling up her grief and taking her anger out on Bobby.


When Bobby died

Bobby had become one of the key people in Sally's life as her foster sister. She had supported Sally through Tom and Dale's death and had always been like an older sister to her, someone she could turn to or go to for advice and help. She was delighted to be a bridesmaid at Bobby's first wedding to Frank and reacted angrily when she thought Frank had left Bobby for Roo. She stood for Bobby again at her wedding to Greg even reading out a poem about love. Bobby's death then, so cruelly in a boat accident rocked Sally to the core and she was genuinely devastated to lose someone so close to her when she was yet to fully come to terms with Tom's death.


When Pippa and Michael split up

shoutpip.jpgSally had taken a while to warm to Michael but she eventually came around to the idea of him being her new foster father and genuinely grew to love him. When he and Pippa began rowing and Michael decided to move out Sally firmly blamed Pippa and turned on her. She screamed at her during christmas dinner and told her she hated her and didn't feel part of the family anymore. Her words were an overreaction but her feelings weren't, Michael moving out shook her stability once again and Sally just couldn't see why he had to leave. Pippa and Michael eventually made up and Sally apologised to Pippa for what she had said.


When Joe bullied her

joe2.jpg Sally had a crush on Joe Lynch and foster brother Jack who was friends with him told her he liked her and encouraged her to ask him out. Sally finally bit the bullet but he knocked her back calling her a brain and 'the ugliest dog in school'. From then on he belittled her every chance he got and generally made her life a misery so much so that she asked to drop accelerated Maths in which his mother was the teacher. She confided in Jack but he believed Joe and after one insult too far Sally got her revenge by printing a poem Joe had wrote slagging off Mr Fisher to the whole class. She ended up admitting it was her though and ended up in detention. Mr Fisher eventually outed Joe as a bully and Sally forgave him but for weeks he had made her life a misery.


When Michael died

michfuneral.jpg Sally was worried sick when she heard that Michael had been washed into a swollen river after saving Sam but she comforted Jack who felt guilty about not holding onto him. Pippa did her usual trick of acting like nothing had happened when Steven broke the news that they had found Michael's body and this time directed her anger a Jack. It was Sally who did the everyday things and comforted Christopher and Sam and held the family together. On the morning of the funeral she broke down just as she was due to go into the church sobbing that she couldn't go in and she had to be comforted by Shannon. She stood up to read a poem at Michael's funeral but in a move that was echoed years later at Flynn's funeral, she broke down and couldn't go on so Shannon came to stand at her side and finish the reading. Later after the wake, in echoes of Tom's death, Sally went to Pippa's room and joined her on the bed telling her it was okay to cry. Pippa finally broke down and they held each other, sobbing.


When she hated herself


Hating herself was a regular occurance of Sally's life but this particular instance came on the back of Michael and Shane Parrish's deaths and a succession of her friends leaving. She was increasingly vulnerable and after kissing a guy she didn't like, was disgusted with herself and broke down sobbing. Shannon and Selina found her and took her out on a raft to cheer her up. the raft collapsed and Sally was missing, later revealed to be held captive. Her family came to her rescue but Sally was on deaths door by the time she was found and her recovery was a slow and painful one.


When Scott told everyone they had slept together 

scottsed.jpgHer boyfriend Tim had just left town after being accused of running a scam to bring illegal immigrants into the country so Sally was vulnerable and Sally was easy prey for Tim's nemesis Scott who set out to seduce her. They slept together in his van and Scott turned out to be far from the nicest of guys and spread word of their liason all round school leaving Sally humiliated. He then blackmailed her into stealing an exam paper and got her into trouble, luckily Mr Fisher accepted her confession and refused to punish her. Tim, returning to town with his name clear, reacted furiously on hearing about her and Scott. He called her some terrible names and completely humiliated her but came to her rescue when Scott tried to attack her.


When Pippa left 

salbyepip.jpgPippa was the last person from Sally's childhood left in the bay and her decision to go travelling with Ian gutted Sally. Sally was angry with Pippa when she refused to let Sally and Tim take over running the caravan park and instead Travis and Rebecca took on the role. Upset at Pippa and feeling increasingly isolated, Sally felt incredibly vulnerable as Pippa packed up to leave. They said a tearful goodbye and Sally was left as the last Fletcher in the bay. Finding it hard to live in the caravan park and craving independence, she made the difficult decision to move out.


When she was shot

Sally was caught up in a seige at The Diner and after terri Garner attempted to get the gun there was a struggle and Sally was shot in the stomach. She made a fairly quick recovery in hospital but felt increasingly down about things. Jesse, also in depression over being involved in a hit and run was there to comfort her and they formed a close friendship.


When Adam Cameron made her life a misery

Adam returned to the Bay as Sally's new Bonza Burgers boss. Still feeling vengeful after being driven out of the bay following his involvement in Bobby's death he took his anger out on Sally as his employee and made her work life so miserable that she resigned. Vinnie was indignat on her behalf and sought revenge eventually pushing Adam into accepting a new job elsewhere.


When Gypsy revealed Kieran's true colours at Sally's wedding


Kieran was 'the one' in Sally's mind. It was fate that they met and their similar surnames meant that they were meant to be together. She had been happily planning her wedding for months not knowing that behind her back kieran had been flirting with Gypsy. Gypsy standing up in the middle of the ceremony to tell Sally that kieran was a liar was bad enough but Kieran then denied it and Colleen and Hayley had to add their weight to Gypsy's. Humiliated Sally raced from the church and promptly dumped Kieran who quickly showed his true colours. Her anger was initially focussed towards Gypsy for not telling her earlier and she sobbed to Pippa that she hated her but the humilation and being hurt once again by a man proved Sally's undoing and she fell victim to OCD.


When she thought Flynn had kissed Shauna


Sally and Flynn had made a tentative start to their relationship. Though she liked him she had been reluctant to get involved because her friend Shauna liked him too but Flynn persued her and broke down her defenece until Sally went on a date with him. After a setback regarding his sister they were starting to get back on track until Shauna admitted that she had kissed hiom despite being in a relationship at the time. Still insecure after everything that had happened with Kieran, Sally was devastated and called things off, feeling unable to trust Flynn. Luckily Flynn refused to give up on her and after some intervention by a guilty Shauna Sally and Flynn reunited.


When Sally got cancer and had a hysterectomy


Finding out you have cancer is bad enough but for someone like Sal who longed for children to be told she needed a hysterectomy was devastating. She underwent the operation but at one of the lowest points of her life, pushed Flynn away, believing he'd be better off with somebody who could give him a family. Luckily she beat the cancer and Flynn proved his love by proposing and telling her she was more important than any children.


When Sophie lost Sally's baby

Having finally got her head round the idea of surrogacy and found a suitable surrogate in foster sister Sophie, Sally was surprised to find out that Sophie was carring twins, one baby being Sally and Flynn's and another being her own with Blake's. When Sophie suffered a miscarriage and lost one of the babies Sally and Flynn faced an agonising wait before being told that their baby had died.


When Flynn and Leah kissed

Leah was carrying Sally and Flynn's child and Sally had already felt sidelined at the birthing classes when the focus had been on Flynn and Leah rather than her. Unknown to Sally, Leah had begun to develop feelings towards Flynn and acted on them with a kiss which Jesse witnessed. Assuming Sally knew, Jesse spilt the beans and Sally was devastated at having her trust broken again. She initially fled town but returned in order to work things out.


When Flynn was diagnosed with cancer

flynny.jpgOne of the worst things to happen to Sally was this. The man she loved, the man their foster children looked up to and the reality that he wasn't going to be around for much longer. Flynn first found out about his condition after teaching a class full of students about the dangers of the sun. Doctors were concerned about a mole and wanted him to have tests. He had the tests done and was shocked when Dr. Matthews revealed that he had cancer, and only a fews months left to live. The scene where Flynn revealed his condition to Sally was very well handled, with Flynn simply walking into Summer Bay House and telling Sally. Although we couldn't hear what was being said the impact of that scene still came across. The sheer shock finally took over and Sally rushed down to the rocks where she poured her heart out.


When Flynn died


Sally had known about Flynn's death for a few months but when it finally came around it was all too soon. Told by the Doctor that he had only hours to live his family took their turns to say goodbye and then it was Sal's turn. After an emotional farewell followed by one last dance to their wedding song, Flynn passed away in Sally's arms. His death triggered an onslaught of her OCD as she reacted in typical Pippa style and pretended to be strong but a video from Flynn allowed her to fully grieve and overcome her pain.


When she jilted Brad

sallybreak.jpgSally had been doubting whether or not she wanted to marry Brad for weeks but she let him down in the cruellest way by jilting him at the altar. Her turmoil was worsened by his refusal to forgive her and by her foster children Cassie and Ric both letting her know how they felt about her decision and then leaving town. With teachers at school plotting against her and Brad refusing to work alongside her meant Sally was rundown and struggling to cope. With Pippa screaming and herself feeling ill she smashed a plate and broke down on the kitchen floor needing Cassie to come to her rescue.

Alf running over Pippa

pippa.jpgTo have Sally's one constant in her life betray her confidence so badly, the one she entrusted the care of her daughter to and to have her fighting for her life shook Sally to her core. She was so angry that she couldn't trust Alf anymore after 20 years together, it tore her apart. She kicked him out of her house after the accident and refused to speak to him.


When she said goodbye

byealf.jpgAlf and Sally's farewell was never going to be easy and it resulted in the pair avoiding each other in the fortnight leading up to Sally's departure. Just before being driven out of the bay by Pippa, Sally met up with Alf on the beach and the pair acknowledged the difficulty they had had in confronting the fact that they had to say goodbye. It was with Alf that Sally reflected on her time in the bay, and she held back the tears particularly when talking about her time with Flynn. Alf assured her that Flynn would be with her every step of the way before fondly remembering Sally's arrival and his happiness at the way she has grown. Sally tells 'Mister Stewart' that she'll miss him the most to which he replies "Call me Alf, just this once". Sally smiles and says "You'll always be Mr Stewart to me, Alf" before saying a final goodbye and walking to Pippa's car, stopping only to symbolically look back at Alf stood alone on the beach.

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