Sally's Happiest Moments

When Tom and Pippa asked to adopt her


After months of bullying at the hands of foster brother Dodge, Sally had had enough and announced that she wanted a new family. She was insistent that she couldn't live at The Fletchers while Dodge was there. As the family held a meeting to discuss what to do, she talked to Viv Newton who convinced her to stay. She told Pippa she would stay even though she hated Dodge and Pippa told her she was very happy to hear that. Tom then asked if she would like to become their daughter for real and a delighted Sally agreed. Tom phoned Miss Molloy at the department to get the paperwork sorted and Sally began writing her name as Sally Fletcher, the name she still uses today, despite having been married.

When Sophie joined the family


Sophie had been living with The Fletchers for a number of weeks before the possibility of her being fostered came up. She and Sally had grown increasingly close, closer than Sally had been to any of her other foster sisters, the age gap being less than that of Carly and Bobby. Sophie spent a lot of time with Sally and never treated her as a child, including her in things and in turn Sally went to Sophie for advice. Tom was torn on whether or not to take on another foster child but the family vote went in Sophie's favour and Sally was happy to see her become a permanent family member.

When she was bridesmaid at Pippa and Michael's wedding

brides.jpg Whilst not a good moment for Kate Ritchie, who even then hated Sally's dress, this was a happy moment for Sally as Michael became her second foster father and bought stability back into her family. Being a bridesmaid was a bonus, she had been one before to Frank in his failed wedding to Roo and his real wedding to Bobby but Pippa and Michael's wedding was a small one at home and for Sally signified them becoming a real family again

When Nelson became her boyfriend

sallkiss.jpg Having been hurt by Joe Lynch and bad boy Gus Bishop, Sally was delighted when sweet, gentle Nelson MacFarlene, who she liked was revealed to also like her. Their relationship only lasted a few weeks but he was the first guy Sally cared for and to find out he liked her too was a bright spark for her in a series of romance disasters

When Michael accepted her relationship with Jack

jack.jpg Sally and Jack had become increasingly closer but with Michael disapproving so strongly that he sent Sally away it was a relief for him to finally give them his acceptance if not his blessing. He even organised a Caravan for them as a place they could be alone together delighting both Sally and Jack.

When she found love with Tim timo.jpg

Tim was her first serious boyfriend and the guy she lost her virginity to. Although they had their ups and down their relationship was essentially a good time for Sally providing stability for her after a string of romantic disasters. 

Living with Vinnie and Jesse

Moving out of The Caravan Park house was hard on Sally and there were teething problems for her at the boys when they used her as their personal cleaner. Fortunately they resolved their isses and what occured next was possibly one of the best times in Sally's life. She and Jesse formed a close friendship and she and Vinnie grew progressively closer and even dated for a while. Living at the boys house gave Sally her first stab at independence and it was also the first time she was truly accepted amongst friends and wasn't left feeling inferior to those around her.

Her romance with Vinnie

vinnie.jpg This was initially a secret and developed slowly but genuine friendship made for a genuine relationship and Sally and Vinnie took off on a secret romantic break, returning happy and in love. Their relationship was soon outed but despite their differences and ups and downs, Sally was as content with Vinnie as she had ever been with a man before and when the relationship ended it was on her terms and with them still as friends.

Her 21st

This was a night of drunken escapades and was marked with the surprise return of old friend Lance Smart. For Sally turning 21 was her final step towards becoming a woman and also resulted in her gaining her inheritence which she invested in The Garage, rented out by Ken Smith. With Shauna becoming her first real close female friend and Vinnie and Jesse still a big part of her life, this was a happy period for Sally.


sakie.jpg Going to Ireland was Sally's attempt at striking back at her 'too boring' reputation. It was an impulse trip but an enjoyable one and when she returned it was with a handsome new fiance on her arm in the shape of Kieran Fletcher. With hindsight maybe not a good moment but at the time Sally was in love and on cloud nine.

When Luke proposed

luke.jpg He had helped her come to terms with her OCD and taught her to trust again after what happened with Kieran so when he proposed Sally was delighted to accept, seeing it as another chance to get the stability she had always craved.

When Flynn proposed prop.jpg Marrying Flynn mrry.jpg

Having found happiness with Flynn, after quite a few failed relationships, Sally was overjoyed when he popped the question (whilst dressed as a student!). Preparations for the wedding got underway, but the big day didn't go off without a hitch. In fact, as with most Summer Bay weddings, it started out as an unmitigated disaster. The horse and carriage went off by itself, Sally and bridesmaid Leah were left trudging around in the mud and the weather wasn't too flash either. But, after all of that, good ol' Scott Hunter came to the rescue and things eventually got underway. Many old faces such as Pippa and Fisher returned to the Bay to see Sal marry Flynn, and Alf was like a proud father as he gave her away. However, the weather took a turn for the worst and the wedding was relocated to the hospital. After saying their vows to each other, in their dressing gowns (!), Sally and Flynn were pronounced as husband and wife.

Leah giving her Pippa


Following on from the devastating news that Sally and Flynn's baby, which Sophie Simpson was carrying, had died, Leah became the next surrogate mother to their child. Things didn't all go smoothly though, with Leah and Flynn forming a bond and Leah and Jesse breaking up. But in the end, little Pippa was born safe and well and Sally's dream of having a child had finally come true.

Fostering Ric & Cassie


Pippa's christening 

christ.jpgWhen Alf saw grandson Ric with a syringe, he immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. So, after having been kicked out of Alf's flat, Ric stayed at Summer Bay House with Sally and Flynn. They were happy for him to stay there and, eventually, to become his official foster parents'. After her grandmother died, Cassie moved into Summer Bay House and was treated like a daughter by both Sally and Flynn.

Getting together with Brad

Sally supported Brad when his wife, Emily, was suffering from leukemia and was very much a shoulder to cry on when he was feeling low. After Emily died, their friendship started to grow into more. At first, Brad was hesisant to reveal his true feelings to Sally, but after admitting how he really felt, she told him that she felt the same way. Following a tumultuous year, they kissed at the school after Colleen's Christmas pageant.

The truth about Miles

smiles.jpgMiles Copeland was something of a mystery to Sally when he arrived. She didn't know much about him or his past, but she did know that there was a bond between them. After renting a caravan, Miles started opening up to Sally and told her that his wife and daughter were killed in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Phuket. Miles also told her that there was a lot more that he wanted to tell her. In an emotionally charged episode, Miles spoke to Sally about their connection, and was she in for a shock. Miles revealed that him and Sally were split up when they were very young. Their father, Aaron Copeland, was an alcoholic and when his wife, Diana Copeland, threatened to leave with the kids, Aaron took matters into his own hands and took Miles...but left Sally. Aaron explained to Miles that he felt the road was no place for a girl, and so it would just be him and Miles. After Sally had been fostered out by the Fletcher family, Aaron and Miles went to Summer Bay to find her, but Aaron made the decision to leave her there, knowing that she would have a happy life. After listening to Miles' history, Sally started to remember things about her past - memories that she had previously forgotten. After gathering her memories together, Sally started to believe for herself that what Miles was telling her was true. She now knew that Miles was ''Milco''...Sally and Miles were twins!

Seeing Tom again

After being stabbed by Johnny Cooper Sally was rushed to hospital, where she had a near death experience and 'met' her last foster father Tom. Tom showed her what life would be like if she went back, but also what it would be like if she chose not to. In both cases, she was told the good things and the bad things that would happen. 

Pippa, Floss, Steven and Carly returning/Her leaving concert


When Sally made the decision to leave Summer Bay the students at Summer Bay High rolled on a big feast of entertainment for her in the shape of a concert. Floss McPhee arrived a few days before and Ric also organized three suprise guests for the concert - Pippa, Steven and Carly. Sally made an emotional speech during the concert and spoke about how much she loved Summer Bay and ''all of the wonderful people in it''.

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