Sally and Flynn: A Love Story

Flynn arrived in the Bay in 2001 in what had been a busy year for Sally on the romance front. Following her aborted wedding to Kieran she had started a rebound relationship with his best man Luke. Harry Reynolds kissed her in order to prove she didn't love Luke but it wasn't until teacher Brett Egan arrived that Sally called off her engagement.

Shauna confided in Sally that she was attracted to Flynn, despite being with Jude and Sally covered for her when Flynn asked why Shauna seemed to hate him. Sally was more surprised when Flynn asked her to accompany him to listen to a nun who worked with kids in East Timor, who was speaking in Yabbie Creek. Things failed to progress for a few weeks after Shauna declared her love for Flynn but he turned her down and instead asked Sally out for dinner.

Their dinner date went well until Flynn leaned into kiss Sally, only to pull away. The next day Sally confronted him and he admitted that he was really attracted to her but that he didn't want to get involved in case he got a lead on his missing sister Ashley and had to leave. Their next date never even began as Sally got dressed up to meet him, only to receive a phone call saying he had a lead on Ashley and had left town to follow it. Sally decided to keep her distance from him as she didn't see a relationship working only for Flynn to turn round a few days later and admit he wanted a relationship with her after all.

Their next date went as well as their previous two when they were interrupted by a deaf girl at the Drop in Centre who refused to let Sally go so Sally spent her date eating baked beans with her instead. To make matters worse Shauna's relationship with Jude collapsed after she kissed Flynn and a furious Sally, still sore after her experience with Kieran, refused to believe he was innocent.

She finally agreed to give him a second chance and Flynn planned their next date, turning up with climbing gear and ropes whilst Sally had turned up wearing a smart dress. Flynn encouraged her to change into a spare pair of overalls he had in the Combi and with his help she abseiled down a cliff to where a romantic picnic was waiting for them.

Sally supported Flynn in his quest to find Ashley but he decided to go it alone and put her through rehab in his caravan. His plan backfired when her old drug dealers turned up and Sally was injured and admitted to hospital. Once there, the Doctors found that Sally had cancer and she underwent a hysterectomy, leaving her unable to have children.

Devastated, Sally pushed Flynn away and they broke up but by the end of the year he had managed to convince her that having children didn't matter and they reunited. Flynn asked Sally to move him with him and she refused but later reassured him that she still loved him.

Flynn later showed his romantic side by inviting her foster brothers and sisters back to town for the centenary celebrations. He gathered them all together in The Caravan Park House to watch a video from Pippa and Sally was overwhelmed by the gesture.

They were both guests aboard the Mirigani when it sunk in the storm. Though Flynn was found quickly, Sally was missing for days but thanks to Flynn teaching her survival skills, she not only made it through but also saved the lives of Blake and Sophie.

With their relationship now on secure footing, Sally asked Flynn to move in with her and he accepted. They then began to look into having children and decided on surrogacy as their best option. Their first choice, Sally's old school friend Tara, turned out to be unsuitable, as was Angela Russell, who offered her services. Sally eventually convinced her foster sister Sophie into being a surrogate and the three went to The City to undergo the procedure.

On their return from the City, Flynn had a distinctly different look about him with Martin Dingle-Wall having been replaced by Joel McIlroy but Sophie was pregnant and the excited couple moved her into their house. They were even more delighted to realise that Sophie was carrying twins but by a home and away style miracle, only one twin was Sally and Flynn's, the other was Sophie and Blake's.

Unfortunately their happiness didn't last long as Sophie collapsed at the Beach House and suffered a miscarriage, losing one of her twins. After a long wait a distraught Sally and Flynn were told that their baby was the one that had died. With Sally devastated at the loss of their child, Flynn planned a romantic surprise to cheer her up. After much deliberation he eventually wrote 'Will you marry me Sally?' on the blackboard of her classroom and when she turned around he asked her in person and a delighted Sally accepted.

With the wedding plans in full swing, Sally took best mate Leah along to pick out her dress and Leah planned her a raunchy hen party, complete with semi-naked males. Unfortunately the fun was bought to an abrupt end when Sophie went into labour and the bucks party had to come to their rescue. Flynn abseiled down a cliff to deliver Sophie's baby.

Their wedding day didn't go much better. First the horse pulling Sally and Leah's carriage bolted and they were forced to walk through miles of bush. Sally fell over and became covered in mud and she and Leah rowed continually about which way to go.

They were eventually picked up by Scott in the back of a hay wagon and arrived at the ceremony hours late with only Flynn still believing that she would show up. Reunited with a kiss, Sally and Flynn were all set to start the ceremony when the heavens opened.

Unable to carry on with the service they decided on a new venue and with help from Nurse Julie, they relocated to Sophie's bedside in the hospital. Dressed in towelling robes, Sally and Flynn said I do in a service conducted by Don Fisher and watched by all their family and friends. On their return to the house, the builders, who had been behind schedule on Flynn's surgery, had laid candles and roses all over the house along with champagne and a note. Flynn and Sally reaffirmed their love for each other before sharing a kiss. They headed off on honeymoon and returned to the surprise of Flynn's new surgery being complete.

Now married Sally's thoughts turned once again to having a child and with only one egg remaining, her best friend Leah offered to be a surrogate. Tension appeared when Sally and Flynn's desperation gave way to demands and Leah had last minute doubts before eventually deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Leah's involvement in a car accident bought Sally and Flynn closer together and they were relieved when Leah and the baby both survived.

Sally and Flynn hit a rocky patch when Sally's old friend Floss came to The Bay having been diagnosed with cancer and asked Sally and Flynn to help her end her life. Whilst Flynn refused on medical grounds Sally was more sympathetic and went so far as to steal medication from Flynn's surgery. When it came down to it though she couldn't go through with it and she and Flynn rowed.

With Sally and Flynn already arguing, Leah began feeling a bond with Flynn and contemplated keeping the baby for herself. They almost shared a kiss which was interrupted by Jesse.

Flynn apologised to Leah, blaming everything on his arguments with Sally but Leah argued that she had wanted to kiss him and that they shared a bond because she was carrying his baby. Jesse, assuming Sally knew, told her about the almost kiss. Sally confronted Leah who denied it.Sally confronted Flynn who admitted it almost happened but that it didn't and that it was her he loved. Sally admitted to feeling sidelined and despite Flynn's protests, she packed a bag and left to clear her head.

In her absence Leah confessed her love to Flynn and the two shared another kiss before Flynn pulled back, telling Leah it was a mistake, he loved Sally. When Sally returned there were a few awkward moments but eventually Sally and Flynn managed to work through their problems and reunite.Whilst out on a picnic to celebrate Flynn's birthday Leah went into labour and despite the whole town looking, Sally and Flynn were only tracked down at the last minute. They managed to make it to the hospital just in time to see baby Pippa born.

Due to Leah's early labour Sally had to return to work as her maternity leave wasn't scheduled for several more weeks. With Leah struggling to come to terms with having give baby Pippa up and at one point breast feeding her, the first few weeks were increasingly difficult. Things settled down though and Sally and Flynn were able to get on with the task of being parents.

Flynn and Sally were involved in the siege at Leah's house when Sarah Lewis shot Noah dead and as a result their relationship became stronger. When Rhys offered them first bids on The Caravan Park, Sally was incredibly excited but Flynn admitted that he didn't see himself settling down in one place. He later agreed that he loved Sally so much that what she wanted was what he wanted and with Pippa's help, they eventually bought the Caravan Park.

Once settled in The Caravan Park they gave a home to troubled teen Eric Dalby and set about planning Baby Pippa's christening. Like with their wedding day though, a series of things went wrong. First Pippa senior was unable to attend and then the church burnt down. Luckily Josie came to their rescue and the service was held at the Caravan Park with famous face Paulini singing Baby Pippa a special dedication.

When Leah collapsed with appendicitis, Flynn performed emergency surgery on her but it came back to haunt him months later when the news that a swab he left inside her, had left Leah infertile. Though Dan and Leah forgave him, Flynn was determined to resign and refused to listen to Sally's advice.

He eventually decided not to resign and confided in Sally that as an army surgeon years earlier, his friend had died in his arms. Despite Leah not wanting to press charges against him, the medical board suspended Flynn from surgical duties.

With Flynn working nights to make ends meet he and Sally began rowing constantly. Things came to a head when he fell asleep whilst minding Baby Pippa and she crawled out onto the front lawn. Luckily Sally came home to prevent anything happening but Flynn was forced to reassess his priorities.

Flynn seemed to have things under control but it was revealed to the audience that he was actually taking a serious amount of pills in order to keep going. Sally almost caught him out but Flynn lied to cover. He was eventually caught out by Nurse Zoe McAllister who agreed to keep his secret but insisted he tell Sally.

Furious that he lied and put their daughter in danger, Sally forced Flynn to sleep on the sofa. After a series of rows they decided to separate only for an impassioned speech by Ric to convince them to give things another go. Their relationship was strengthened by Sally becoming the stalker's latest victim and after she was kidnapped and escaped alive, they managed to put their problems behind them and give a home to troubled Cassie Turner.

When Sally reached out to help school pupil Diesel she ended up putting her career on the line when he became infatuated with her. Luckily Flynn never doubted her for a moment and her name was soon cleared.

A camping trip took a deadly turn when Flynn fell over the side of a cliff. Despite surviving, Flynn began having recurring dreams of his death and discharged himself from hospital and had a will drawn up. He eventually managed to put them behind him and move on with his life.

After Matilda was sunburnt after falling asleep on the beach Flynn and a fellow Doctor lectured in school about the dangers of skin cancer. Flynn underwent an examination as a demonstration but was shocked when the Doctor informed him that one of his moles was suspect. A biopsy revealed that his mole was cancerous and that there was very little anyone could do. Flynn broke the news to a devastated Sally, Cassie and Ric. The family spent a day motor car racing as they tried to fulfil all Flynn's ambitions and he came to the decision to terminate his treatment.

The family had a day out at the races but soon after Flynn collapsed. He was forced to give up work and he and Sally decided to renew their vows in a moving ceremony but it was quickly called to a halt when Flynn collapsed. He collapsed again soon after at Noah's christening and mentioned to Sally about the possibility of euthanasia. Cassie overheard and raced off into the path of a deadly cyclone. Flynn managed to go to her rescue but severely weakened himself in the process.

He managed to attend Beth's birthday party but his strength was weakening by the day and after accidentally being pushed down the stairs by Belle, his family were told he had only hours to live.

In one of Home and Away's most emotional episodes ever, Flynn said his goodbyes to Cassie, Ric and Alf before sharing a final dance with Sally to their wedding song and passing away in her arms.

Sally was devastated at his passing and only managed to find comfort after watching a video he left for her. She later moved on with Brad but her love for Flynn caused her to take things slowly and eventually stop her wedding to Brad at the last minute. In her heart she believed she was still married to Flynn.

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