Welcome to the Sally Fletcher Tribute

Welcome to this tribute to Sally Fletcher. Sally, played by Kate Ritchie, has been in the show since the very first episode back in 1988. Now, twenty years later, she's finally leaving the bay for pastures new.

To commiserate Sally's departure from the bay, we've put together a mammoth collection of features, including a history of her time in the bay, in-depth details of her turbulent love life, a selection of tributes and artwork by our forum members, video clips of some of her best moments, and much more.

Use the links on the right to navigate through the section. If you want to return to the rest of the website, click the blue BTTB banner at the top of the page. Enjoy.

Tribute Pages

The Story of Sally - Year By Year
Sally and Love
Sally and Flynn: A Love Story
Sally's Happiest Moments
Sally's Saddest Moments
Sally and Weddings
Sally and self-hate
Sally Fletcher - An Iconic Character
Sally Episodes and Video Clips
Goodbye Sally
Bevan Lee on Sally's departure
What Kate Did
What Kate did next
Memories of Kate
Goodbye Kate
Scrapbook of Artwork and Tributes