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MILES: [to two students] "Just another day hiding in the bushes is it?"
MILES: [to two students about Miles and Jazz] "Right if you say anything about this at school I will give you both a two hour detention notice and I will keep on giving you two hour detentions until the world runs out of paper. You understand me? Now go away! Go! Go! Go!"
COLLEEN: [about the love epidemic] "Just like that bird flu. Only much more happy."
IRENE: [imitating NICOLE] "Oops, my top fell off!"
MELODY: "Not only have I never been to a game, but I wouldn't know what a football was if it hit me in the head."
GEOFF: "That can be arranged. Not being hit in the head...
MELODY: "Who needs 20 pairs of shoes?"
ANNIE: "Nicole says the worst mistake you can make is not matching your shoes to your outfit."
GEOFF: "Totally. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same shoes twice."
ANNIE "[wearing a mini-skirt and tank top]: Do I look good?"
BELLE: "Define good.
MARTHA: "Here you are, drink this. You'll feel better." (Passes Colleen a drink).
ALF: "What's it say?"
MORAG: "Oh, well if you'd give me a minute I'll tell you."
COLLEEN: "That's not sherry."
MARTHA: "No. Brandy."
ALF: "What does it say in the book about Mum?"

MORAG "Oh my god."
ALF: "What?"
MORAG: "You're not gonna to believe this."
ALF: "Stone the flamin' crows, Morag, believe what?!"
COLLEEN: "It says (points to Martha)...I'm your Aunty Colleen."
COLLEEN: "You two... I'm your big sister!"
ALF: "Hogan's ghost."
BELLE: "I'm a girl going through a break up and I demand chocolate!"
JAZZ: "I have fallen for ratbags, scumbags, handbags..."
CASSIE: [On her HIV scare] "For the first time I'm actually feeling positive. I mean, the other kind of positive..."
DREW: "Who drank my beer?"
MATILDA: "You did"
RIC: "He had unprotected sex! He should have been more responsible!"
MATILDA: "Oh really? When is Viv's baby due again?"
MILES: "You can put away the watering can, I'm not an axe-murderer."
COLLEEN: [About Morag] "The last time we spoke I gave her a piece of my mind....and now she's pouring me sherry and asking me about my bowls handicap...its not normal!"
JAZZ: [to Rachel] "You are going to make a wonderful wife. WINE!"
TONY: I think you've had plenty of wine, Jazz .
JAZZ: Tony, I don't think Annie wants to hear you are getting plenty!
JACK: "You're not tied naked to a roundabout."
TONY: "That's a fair point."
LARRY: "Aden, if I stay here, I'll die."
ADEN: "Yep. I know."
KIRSTY: "You like my cooking don't you Ollie?"
OLLIE: "Nuh."
MILES: "There's nothing wrong with a bit of nakedness between friends... Although clothes are good too, obviously..."

ANGELO: [Holds out hand] Angelo, My friends call me super cop.
BELLE: Really?
ANGELO: Well no, but I have been trying to get them to.
TONY: "Just blow it off."
RACHEL: "Oh...I wish."
NICOLE: "Some people have fashion sense, and some people don't. Annie is... otherwise gifted."
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