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RIC: ''Where's Rocco?''
JOHNNY: ''The same place your manners are, gone!''
ALF: I hope you're not giving Ric the rough end of the pineapple!
ALF: The day I know what is going on inside Colleen's head is the day I check into the funny farm.
PETER: [to Johnny] "The only reason you've still got teeth my friend is 'cause I need to understand exactly what you're saying."
BELLE: "Drew bought me a car!"
ANNIE: "A car isn't romantic."
BELLE: "Niether is a bus pass."
ALF [to COLLEEN]: "The only exercise you get is jumping to the wrong conclusions!"
CASSIE: You didn't answer my question.
RIC: I don't have to answer your questions, Question Woman.
SAM: What are you doing?
JACK: I'm getting a glass of water.
SAM: Having trouble finding the tap? You've been up for over an hour.
ANNIE: [to GEOFF] "Take the compliment. It might be the only one you ever get from Lucas."
RIC: [to PIPPA JR.] G'day Piphead.
Brad: [to TAM while an OLD LADY listens in at the motel] I'm in charge and you have to do what I tell you so get back on the bed!
RIC: [about dating/sex] You're going to be a minister, so you don't get to do any of that stuff.
GEOFF: I'm not Catholic. I do plan to get married some day.
RIC: You're allowed to do that?
GEOFF: Yeah, we're just not allowed to do... other stuff... until we're married...
RIC: Right... Good luck with that.
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