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JULES: "Apart from saying goodbye theres something else I wanted to say to you."
CASSIE: "What's that?"
JULES: "You know how you said I'm not capable of telling you how I feel."
CASSIE: "Yeah, I think I remember going off about that amongst other things."
JULES: "I like you Cassie. A lot. I have for a long time...ever since the start really. Everything I did was because I like you, even though it might've seemed like the opposite. I was just too much of a case to get it right. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know before I left."
JACK: "You're wearing Sam's [wedding] dress?"
MARTHA: "No Jack, It is my fence posting outfit."
COLLEEN: "Oh, here we go Jack. Sorry about the wait. How's poor Sam's nose looking? Less like a football, more like a bride we hope." JACK: "Yeah, the swelling's gone down. She reckons she can just put on makeup." COLLEEN: "Ah, thank heavens for that. Although it's not a good omen is it? I read somewhere, you got to be on the lookout for signs like that." LEAH and IRENE: "Colleen!" JACK: "Maybe if your superstitious but, we're not. Sam's gonna look fantastic tomorrow." COLLEEN: "Oh, your so lucky to have found that one special person who's your soulmate. Although of course, this is your second wedding." IRENE: "Colleen. There's people waiting outside to order, please."
LUCAS: [at KIM and RACHEL'S wedding] "After the ceremony, kiss the bride and then we can all get smashed."
RIC: "Woo!"
RACHEL: "Are you here to help me clean up, or to take out an organ?"
LEWIS: "Whatever you think would be most useful."

JAZZ: [on marriage] "I'd put it up there with our other fine institutions, like prison."

BRUCE: "I fed you! I put a roof over your head!"
GEOFF: "We do that for our animals! Being a family is supposed to be about more than that!"

BELLE: "It's called a bikini."
GEOFF: "I know, I'm just not used to seeing them at breakfast."
BELLE: "Oh, I can take it off if you'd be more comfortable."

DREW: "I was just curious, thats all."
JAZZ: (sarcastic tone) "Curiosity is a great thing... I was curious about sex and that's how you came along!"

DAN: [about DREW] "My only option now is to crash tackle him to the ground and chain him to something."

BRAD: '"At the moment, nothing would make me happier then to put my head inside Colleen's Septic tank.'"

LUCAS: "I don't know what universe you came from, but here in the real world we don't squeal on each other."
GEOFF: "I think you'll find God only created the one universe."

JAZZ: "Not before coffee! Nothing happens before coffee! Well...almost nothing..."

KIM: [to RIC] "What about you, you little pink shirt goddess over there, are you all in or not?"
RIC: "For you, I'm all in."

BRAD: "Pippa lost teddy, Pippa found teddy, Pippa dropped teddy in the bath, now teddy is hanging on the line."
BRAD: [about DREW's school marks] "He's failing every class"
DAN: "Well at least he's consistent
ALF: [on eye specialists]"...Bunch of flamin' quacks.''
RIC: "Oh, that's not true Colleen, I'd LOVE to hear about your wild days."
DAN: [to JULES] "You're gonna have to stop acting like a tool!"
MATILDA: [at BETH'S memorial] "I'll always feel special because I was one of her sweethearts."
JULES: "You dropped something."
BELLE: "What?"
JULES: "My number."
BELLE: "Yeah? And you forgot to drop something."
JULES: "What?"
BELLE: "Dead."
KIM: "Giving birth is the most natural thing. Women have been doing it for centuries.
KIT: Shut up Kim!"
COLLEEN: [to Kelli and Amanda] Cleaning the toilets will be a step up for you two!
KELLI: Well you are the one who does it for a living.
COLLEEN: Part Time!
RIC: "If you can't beat them - drop your dacks!"
PETER: "Rocco, come on, talk to me mate. If you can understand this, I need you to squeeze my hand. I know that you squeezed Dr Armstrong's hand before, and I know that I'm not as pretty as she is, but..."
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