KEN: What happened to the early morning stampede? It wasn't so long ago there'd be a whole tribe of you here in the morning...
IRENE: I was wondering the same thing meself
WILL:  Well....the whole group's broken up, don't ask me how it happened, but Peta and Hayley can't stand Gypsy so she hates coming here, Hayley hates Mitch, Sam hates everyone, and now Peta and that dork Edward are fighting.
HAYLEY: And you certainly helped things by blabbing to Gypsy about Sam and Claire.....
WILL: Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Hayley hates me right now....
KEN: I'm sorry I asked
IRENE: You learn not to after a while....
LANCE: [to FISHER after MARILYN had left him following BYRON's death] Maz is a great girl, she was always so delicate, quite like a sports car. Beautiful and tough, until you run over her with a tank, then it all just crumbles like a cardboard box...
COLLEEN: "It just leaves me lost for words."
"Well that would be a first!"
COLLEEN (trying to say she is psychic): "I'm actually quite psychotic you know!"
"We figured!"
COLLEEN (to Leah): "You have to control yourself pet. That's the way I did it - drove the boys mad with desire but kept myself nice. If you do that then when the time is right it can be a wondrous thing. Well, not that it was any too wondrous with Lance's dad but you know what I mean!"
IRENE: "Colleen, this tastes like it's been cooked with Alf's dirty socks!"
EDWARD: "Mother, your Mr Right is Mr Fisher, not Mr Nash.  We've been through this!"
EDWARD: "I should have been directing my mental energies into alleviating your predicament, not mine."
"Well that's very sweet of you but I wouldn't waste your time directing your mental energies towards my..."
"Okay I've been thinking it over and I've come up with the solution to your problems and it's been staring us in the face all along."
"Well I hope you're going to let me in on it."
"Mother, you must marry Donald Fisher!"
CELIA: "You never change do you Colleen Smart?"
"Still wallowing in gossip and other people's unhappiness."
"Well you haven't changed either have you Miss Hoity-toity? Even if you have sent your brother bankrupt."
"Well at least I'm not bandying people's reputations around the local cafe Colleen!"
EDWARD: "I'm a guy and I talk."
"Yeah but you're not normal!"
"Don't bring that one up again!"
EDWARD: "Mother, you'll be pleased to know that I have succumbed to peer pressure and am now normal!"
"Well, it's the end of the world as we know it!"

LANCE: "Mum's got a way of getting the most amount of information out to the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time!"

DONALD: "That's true."

LANCE: "More efficient than a short wave!"

COLLEEN: "All I know is what comes out of my taps isn't fit for horses."
"Or mad old cows!"
COLLEEN: "My water's coming out all brown."
"Maybe you should see a doctor!"