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DIANA: "Let's hope Chloe keeps the same consistency."
"Mum, she's not a bowl of custard!"
MARILYN: "Now, where was I?"
"I honestly have no idea!"
DIANA FRASER: "There seems to be nothing but medical dramas on.  I get enough of that with your father!"
MARILYN: "Its just all water under a bridge's back!"
TIEGAN (about Pippa): "They won't do anything until she's been missing for 24 hours."
"I can't wait that long for dinner!"
STEVEN: "What do you think, a small affair?"
"Steven, we're not even married yet!"
"For the wedding!"
MARILYN: "...the one with the two twins.  Well, she wouldn't have one twin would she?!"
MARILYN: "But Donald, what if you burn the candle at both ends and spread yourself too thinly and fall between two stools?!"
JUSTINE (about Tiegan's coat): "Oh, this is yours?  I was going to take it to the op shop on my way out but I'll let you do it!"
SHANNON: "Are you proposing to me?"
"Well I don't see anyone else in the room!"
TIEGAN: "How am I supposed to look up how to spell a word when I don't know how to spell it?!"
MARILYN: "I think I shall probably die from the lack of hunger!"
DONALD: "You don't realise as you get older how narrow minded and stuck in your ways you get.  It's a petty I didn't meet Marilyn 20 years ago."
"Donald, she would have been about 8!"
DONALD: "Your homework tonight is to read pages 72 and 73."
"And then to write a 200 word essay about it!"
DONALD: "And the rest of you can copy out the dictionary from G!"
MARILYN: "Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful, Mrs. Stewart, if you went into a bookshop and saw Donald's face staring at you from the back of a book.  Of course, if it was on the back you'd have to pick it up and turn it round first but you know what I mean!"
DONALD: "I'm trying to write a new history exam."
"Oh, new history, is that like new maths?!"
IRENE: "I didn't know you were into saving the planet, Alf."
"Well, until we find another one to go to we may as well make the most of this one.!"
DONALD: "Oh, Marilyn, there you are."
"Yes Donald, this is me, I know that!"
REBECCA: "Hi, Travis, are you busy?  No?  Good.  I thought I should let you know people are talking about us behind our backs, well worse than that to our faces, well to my face actually.  Marilyn's been talking about us.  Now I'm sounding like her!"
IRENE (defending her Scrabble word): "Haven't you heard of a Pokapoo?!"
SELINA: "Shannon reckons its a virus I downloaded off the net."
"Oh, great, now the damn thing's got the flu!"
BERT: "I'm pulling my hair out over him"
"Well, go easy, Bert, you haven't got much to lose!"
MARILYN: "I had to do all the talking and that's not like me at all!"
ISOBEL: "Donald, cute?!"
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