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Between August and October 2004, Home and Away's Script Producer Bevan Lee took part in an exclusive feature and answered our visitors' questions about the production of the show.
Why was the Drop-in Centre removed from the show?
Families or Individual Characters?
Questions about the Pilot Episode
Will another 'Bubble' Episode ever be released?
Was effort made to bring back characters in 2000?
Will any more Incidental Music CDs be released?
Will Home and Away still be around in 15 years?
Would the show benefit from a later time slot?
Why is Ten Degrees South to be a Standalone show?
Will Josh West ever return again?
How far ahead do you plan lives for the character?
Who would you bring back?
Why was Angie killed off?
Why did you make Sarah the shooter?
Did the Sutherlands get too much attention?
Will a Summer Bay House replica ever be bult?
Will there ever be a "Best Of" DVD?
How many days a week do you film the show?
Why did Max change so much?
Are there any characters you regret killing off?
Why did the original Flynn leave?
How long's the delay between filming and airing?
Why did you choose Noah as Sarah's victim?
Reasoning behind a cast-member's credit status?
Do you ever change your mind about stories?
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