The Palace

Current Residents
Previous Residents
Name From - To
Noah Lawson (2002-2004)
Hayley Smith/Lawson (2002-2003, 2004-2005)
Josh West (2002-2003)
Aimee Cooper (2002)
Jackie West (2002)
Dylan Russell (2003)
Nick Smith (2003)
Scott Hunter (2003-2005)
Alex Poulos (2003-2004)
Dani Sutherland (2004)
Will Smith (2004)
Jesse McGregor (2004-2005)
Neighbourhood > The Palace
Seen on Screen
2002 - 2005
On-Screen Address
53 Beach Road
Summer Bay
NSW 2495
Extra Information
The interior of The Palace was partially destroyed in 2005, due to a fire which appeared to have been started by a mechanical fault in an old lamp. The residents were forced to find other homes while the fire was investigated and repairs were made. The Palace hasn't been seen since.
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