Current Houses
House Current UK Residents  
Summer Bay House Sally Fletcher
Pippa Fletcher
Ric Dalby
Alf Stewart
Morag Bellingham
Martha Holden
Beach House Irene Roberts
Robbie Hunter
Tasha Hunter
Cassie Turner
Belle Taylor
Ella Hunter
Hunter House Beth Hunter
Matilda Hunter
Lucas Holden
Tony Holden
Patterson House Dan Baker
Leah Patterson
VJ Patterson
Drew Curtis
The Diner Flat Brad Armstrong  
The Bachelor Pad Rachel Armstrong
Kim Hyde
Jack Holden
Amanda's Mansion Amanda Vale
Ryan Baker
Macca McKenzie
Old Houses
The Ackroyd Townhouse    
The Adams Apartment    
The Bellingham House    
Fisher/Bowman House    
Fisher Townhouse    
General Store Flat    
Lawson Apartment    
Nash House    
Russell House NEW  
Stewart House NEW  
Summer Bay Caravan Park NEW  
The Palace NEW  
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