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Video Clips from defining moments, and full Episode downloads. Please Right Click on the files and select Save Target/Link As to download the file. Unless otherwise states, dates mentioned are of Australian screenings of the Episodes.
  Ep Number Description Air Date (Aus/UK)  
Episode 4000
Full Episode
4000th Episode
In July 2005, Home and Away celebrated its 4000th Episode. The episode featured a surprise birthday party for Alf, and climaxed with a dramatic car crash..
8th July 2005

Episode 3952
Full Episode
The Stalker is revealed
After months of terrorising Summer Bay, the stalker finally reveals their identity to Sally. Just who was it?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
3rd May 2005

Episode 3871
Full Episode
2005 Season Return
Summer Bay is in the middle of a heat wave. Leah collapses in the bush, will she be found in time? Robbie steps on a syringe while doing a nude bush run.
10th January 2005
27th June 2005

Episode 3870
Full Episode
2004 Season Finale
Things are looking bad for Sally and Flynn as they call off Pippa's christening. However, Josie brings the residents of the bay together to help make them feel better. Noah's Bar opens after months of planning.
26th November 2004
24th June 2005

Episode 3808
Full Episode
Wednesday's Olympic Return Ep (Full Ep)
Part 1 | Part 2
1st September 2004

Episode 3807
Full Episode
Tuesday's Olympic Return Ep
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
31st August 2004

Episode 3806
Full Episode
Australian Olympic Return
Part 1 | Part 2
30th August 2004

Episode 3805
Full Episode
Australian Olympic Cliffhanger 13th August 2004

Episode 3804
Full Episode
Pre-Olympic Cliffhanger 12th August 2004

Episode 3773
Full Episode
Noah and Hayley's Wedding
Two reasons to celebrate, as Kane and Kirsty have their recommitment ceremony, before Noah and Hayley get married.
Episode 3716
Full Episode
Sally / Flynn / Leah / Jesse Saga 12th April 2004

Episode 3670
Full Episode
Beth & Rhys / Kirsty & Kane's Wedding + Car Crash
Kirsty and Kane head off in search of a new life together, and soon become Mr and Mrs Phillips. Meanwhile, back in Summer Bay, Beth and Rhys surprise their friends and family by becoming Mr and Mrs Sutherland.
Part 1 | Part 2
6th February 2004

Episode 3650
Full Episode
2003 Season Finale
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
28th November 2003

Episode 3631
Dani goes to Jail after being convicted 3rd November 2003

Episode 3538
Full Episode
Sally and Flynn's Wedding - Full Episode
After numerous setbacks, including losing their horse-and-carriage and getting caught in the rain, Sally and Flynn finally marry in front of friends and family.
25th June 2003
Episode 3538
Sally and Flynn's Wedding - Clip of Ceremony 25th June 2003

Episode 3455
Fisher leaves Summer Bay
Don prepares to say a tearful goodbye to Summer Bay. Sally, Noah, Hayley, Alf, Irene, Kirsty, Max and Seb all pay tribute to their teacher and friend, as a moving collection of clips from Don's time on the show plays.
28th February 2003

Episode 3420
Final scenes of the 2002 Finale
At the end of the 2002 Season Finale, Leah discovers that Vinnie is dead, and Alf sees Ailsa in the kitchen of the Beachside Diner.
29th November 2002

Episode 3284
Full Episode
The Mirigini ends up stranded at sea
The residents celebrate Summer Bay's centenary aboard the 'Mirigini', but a freak storm causes things to take a turn for the worse and the boat begins to sink.
Part 1 | Part 2
23rd May 2002

Episode 3215
Full Episode
Will and Gypsy's Wedding
Two big events in one, as Will and Gypsy tie the knot before leaving the Bay forever.
Episode 2997
Full Episode
Leah and Vinnie's Wedding... buildup
An episode leading up to Leah and Vinnie's big day.
Episode 2856
The Sutherlands' arrival
In 2000, a brand new family arrives on screens. They're the Sutherlands, and consist of Shelley, Rhys, Kirsty, Jade and Dani. While the girls explore their new home, Shelley and Rhys reflect on old times.
19th June 2000

Episode 2854
Full Episode
Sally & Kieran's Wedding
Will Gypsy step up and tell Sally the truth about Kieran before it's too late? Relive the events of Sally and Kieran's big day.
Episode 2855
Sally's Wedding - Leaving the House 16th June 2000

Episode 2853
Sally's Wedding - The Build up 14th June 2000

Episode 2676
Laurie Foell in a Pre-Angie Role!
Long before arriving on screen as evil Angie Russell, Laurie Foell previously guest starred as a barrister in Justine's case.
9th August 1999

Episode 2366
Full Episode
Chloe Gives Birth to Olivia
Chloe's painful labour progresses. A heartbroken Tom is feeling for himself. Vinnie thinks that the Broken Magnets will be the school's saviour.
20th April 1998

Episode 2365
Full Episode
Chloe in Labour
Chloeís baby isnít ready to make an appearance yet. Candy dumps Tom. Vinnie makes Fisher an offer he canít refuse.
17th April 1998

Episode 2000
Angel & Dylan leave the Bay
In Home and Away's 2000th episode, Angel, Simon and Dylan leave Summer Bay to head for a new life in England. As they drive off, Angel and Dylan wave goodbye to a very special beach.
30th August 1996

Episode 1710
Ailsa hallucinates and sees Bobby 9th June 1995

Pilot Episode Home and Away Pilot Episode
Download the episode that started it all - the Pilot episode of Home and Away, in which Tom and Pippa's adventures in Summer Bay begin.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
17th January 1988


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