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Characters that NEED to return

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I started watching neighbours about five years ago, and from the first ep i watched i was hooked... it was the one where michelle, leo and emily (remember him?!) were holding an illegal immigrant in Lou's house. Looking back there were soo many good characters; ellie, drew, libby, taj, and the hancocks, especially matt. but now its really gone down in my estimations; i mean, they keep bringing in these new characters i.e. Elle, the Kinskis, Ned. But they have no real depth to them at all, and no history to speak of. Not in the days before, when every character had its own interesting history. What characters would you like to see return? my top 5 are:

-Matt Hancock (and the entire Hancock family)






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Oh there is so many. That is why I enjoyed the recent reunion show, it was so good to see so many old faces.

One of my favorite charactors recently returned anyway. Joe Mangel!!! He is great! I loved the show when he was supposed to go round and tell Paul off for making to much noise at his party and then in the next scene you see Joe dancing around with a beer! Classic!

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I think Lori was a good character, but now she would be a bit out of place as only Connor is left of her age group.

I liked Flick and Paul McClain, they were good characters. Also Elly (Susan's niece) was good, and Tess perhaps.

Also, when Flick left for New York, wasn't it only supposed to be a 6-month job? And now she's been gone for about 3 years!

Oh and I want to see Libby back! She was my favourite character!

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