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A Brit in the Bay

Guest AngelRose

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If the small & usually somewhat sleepy town of Summer Bay had been buzzing before the meeting, then it & a good deal of the neighbouring town of Yabbie Creek were positively shaking after it!

As Martha was to say afterwards, it more than reminded her of the American show, “Extreme Makeover – Home Editionâ€. So many people had pitched in to help that now not 1, but all 3 currently empty vans were to be renovated, everything they needed for the wet room had been donated, several people including the residents of the Beach House had offered to see what they could do about access to their own places & Sally, Clara & Irene had all been reduced to blubbering wrecks.

“I don’t believe it, I really don’t believe it!†Clara kept sniffling.

Tasha, who was by now, hugging Irene smiled & handed around the box of tissues: “Oh this is going to be fun!†she beamed.

Sally & Flynn were shaking their heads in grateful disbelief:

“I’ve lived here almost all my life & even I never REALLY knew Summer Bay until tonight!†Sally was saying.

Flynn had been about to answer, but just then his mobile went & rather than try & hear over the hubbub he popped outside to take the call.

Meanwhile over on another table, Jessie too was on his mobile calling in a few favours from his gym regulars, having volunteered to oversee things down at the beach.

Robbie & Alf were discussing ramp designs by the flip-chart, Morag was hiding general glee behind complaining that her very expensive lunch had now had to become an even more expensive dinner (not that Martha whom she was complaining to was buying into her Great Aunt’s act for a second), & Colleen was wondering whether Clara would mind being asked some questions.

Mrs Smart didn’t have to wonder for long though for young VJ chose just then to beat her to it:

“Why?†he asked, pointing to the wheelchair.

“VJ!†Leah gasped: “Clara, I’m sorry!â€

Clara however smiled: “Oh it’s alright Leah, really; he’s just curious, there’s no problem with that.â€

She turned back to the small child: “VJ, my legs are all wobbly & if I try to stand up I fall over.â€

VJ thought about this for a second, then asked: “Does it hurt?â€

“Sometimes yes, it does, but then my friend Tina helps me & maybe I take some medicine & then the hurting goes away.†Clara smiled.

VJ thought about this for a while longer & then asked: “Will you go to heaven like my daddy?â€

This brought several gasps from the now eerily quiet diner, most of the occupants having tuned in part-way through the 2nd question. Leah was about to break in again but Clara stopped her with a smile:

“It’s ok really, it saves me having to repeat myself for the next few weeks. No VJ, I won't go to heaven for a long, long time hopefully & when I do it probably won't be because of my wobbly legs.â€

“Will you stay here then?†he asked brightly.

“Yes, for a while anyway, is that ok?†Clara laughed.

For the 1st time the small boy looked unsure: “Is that ok?†he asked his mum & Dan who were now standing proudly by watching.

Thanks to a slight nudge in the ribs from his wife it was Dan who answered:

“Yes VJ, that’s ok with us; Clara & Tina can stay as long as they like!â€


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