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Tim Campbell Appreciation

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OMG you lucky little thing! Damn I really want to live in Sydney right now! Apparently the whole cast and crew have a break coming up soon for about 2 weeks. I think Sharni and Paul were going to LA to catch up with Chris Hemsworth and just take a holiday. I hope Tim comes back to Adelaide to see his sis or something. Been a while since I have seen him here. The last time he was I was at Melbourne airport on the way to Syd before coming home! Although if he did come here I wouldn't see him anyway since work so many hours! Oooo I just hope he doesn't leave. A pretty good storyline coming up next week. See spoilers for more info.

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What do you think of Tim Campbell hosting a new TV game show?

Its like the Australian Version of a US Bingo Show.

Do you think that it will last? Will you watch it of not? and do you think that it will last?

Elise xoxo

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