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Tim Campbell Appreciation

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I have to say I'm starting to really appreciate Tim Campbell in Home and Away. I think he's a damn good actor. :P

I never paid much attention to him before because I found Dan kind of boring, in fact even though I watch H&A religously it took me ages to get used to him. For a long time, every time he appeared I would be like "Who's that guy? When did he come into the show?" When I finally started remembering who he was, I was pretty disinterested because his character had been given no real effort by the writers.

But now I've seen some of the recent aussie episodes involving his addiction and Ryan's abduction, I suddenly noticed how great Tim C is. And now I watch his current UK episodes (we're leading up to the wedding) with a whole new perspective. I love his little quirks and facial expressions he makes which always make Leah (and I think Ada) laugh. He's very good at humour and at the same time can suddenly become deadly serious all in a split second.

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I was watching that life style spoof show "Life Support" on Comedy channel last night and Tim was on it! lol he was Sigourney's date when she blacks out his house so she looks better in the candle light.

does anyone remember that show life support with Brendan Cowell (Love My way) & Abby Cornish (Sommersault)? it was pretty funny and offensive lmao :lol:

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Nope... he was an unknown, just had been around. More than likely one of those "I've seen him somewhere before I'm sure of it" kind of people that when you look at their names in the credits you are disappointed until you type their name into imdb and go "so that's where I saw him!!!"

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