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Truth Be Told

Guest PrincessLucille

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''STOP!'' Sienna Screamed

'Eve, C'mon Hun, we both no this isnt what you want.'

Sienna stood still not knowing what to do next. She remembered the day that Clare had rang and told her all about Eve and Sarah, she remembered how they'd laughed and labelled them the 'loopy lezbos'. Neither were laughing now.

'Ya'no what Eve?' Sienna said.

Eve stopped and looked at her, but it wasnt the look Sienna had seen before, this was a sad look, a look like Eve really didnt want to do this.

'I know' continued Sienna 'What you did to Sarah'

Eve closed her eyes, when she opened them again a tear fell down her face.

'I di... I didn.... I didn't.....' Eve began but she couldnt finish.

'It's ok Eve, I know you didnt mean to, you didnt want to hurt her, you just wanted her to be with you, and thats totally understandable, but that, this,' Sienna said as she looked to the floor with Clare knocked out, a slight cut from her forehead had cast blood down her face, 'isnt what you want.'

Sienna loved Clare, and Pete. She remembered the day she meet them at Police Acadmemy. She remembered the laughs, the tears, the proudness she felt when she became FB approved. She always laughed when she remembered telling Pete and Clare she'd gotten in the FBI and started on Monday. Petes blank look and him saying 'But you can't start on Monday, cos todays tuesday, you missed it, never mind you can go next year.'

Her first day in the FBI, the bagde, the gun, the feeling. She loved it. But she loved her life with Pete and Clare. But 3 was a crowd. And she was glad to finally be able to get some sleep instead of hearing them every night.

Sienna looked at her watch, Pete would be landing soon. They'd agreed to all meet at the airport, when neither Clare or herself turned up she knew Pete would worry.

'Eve look,' she said standing firm 'walk outta her now, no one will know you. There no proof on you for Marc Edwards death, or anything with the stalker. Its Sallys word against yours. You walk outta here now thats it. You can move on, forget about Sarah, and everything thats happened. '


'You know,' Eve turned and looked at Sienna 'you read the report. Overdose of Perevian. That was me. Me. I can't ever walk away from that. Never.'

Eve walked over to Clare. She pointed her gun at Clares head.

'Eve, stop. Listen to me' said Sienna.

Eve turned and looked. Sienna searched in her pocket until she found her bagde. She pulled her badge and her gun out at the same time.

'If you kill Clare' smiled Sienna 'I'll be forced to kill you.'

Eve started to say 'You wouldnt have the nerve,' but Sienna cut in ' You forget, Eve, I'm a FBI Gunner, its my job to kill people.'


:o What will happen?? Umm.. I wonder....

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  I love it! Will you post more soon? 

As I'm feeling nice......


Just to aviod confusion, I'm writing it as flashbacks. This is a flash back about Sienna and how she came to the bay.




Sienna ran over to her husband. She bent down and looked at where he was shot. 'The lung,' whispered Sienna 'of all places.' She knew that there was nothing any one could do.

'CaCee' cried David

'I'm here' said Sienna.

'So,' asked David 'Am I going to be ok?'

Sienna shut her eyes. How could she tell him, her husband, a father, a son. A man that was greatly loved by all, that at most, he had half an hour to live.

'No,' Sienna cried 'you're not.'

Sienna tried to fight back the tears, but the harder she tried the harder they came.

'Well, I think this is a good time to tell you some things' smiled David.

'First of, if you look under the 3rd staircase there you'll find your christmas presents, there was no ghost. I made that up. I know what your like looking for presents.'

It just hit Sienna, her child, Chloe, was going to have a christmas with no daddy. What a wonderful christmas present for a 6 yr old.

'Secondanly, theres a fund with $900,000 in. Move. Go to Oz. Go home. You'll be happier there. My life insurcane is $200,000. You'll have enough money to start again. Count that as my dying wish.'

David shut his eyes, Sienna knew what was happening. She learnt it all at Havard Medical. He was going into E.A.N.

'Sien' whispered David 'I love you, look after our child, know that I'll always be watching over you and Chloe.'

'I love you too' whispered Sienna back.

And with those last words David Turner was gone.

Sienna didnt know who it was, she was over flood with emotions, but someone was taking her out of the warehouse. She heard voices back with David declaring him dead at the scene, recording details, filing what kin to notifiy. Sienna had done that job so much before and never realised what she was doing. She was telling someone that a person they'd loved was dead.

Sienna reached the outside. The cold air made her face sting.

She was greeted with her D.I. 'Sienna,' he said 'I'm so sorry, would you like someone to drive you home?'

'No,' said Sienna 'Its fine, I'm fine.'

With that Sienna walked over to her car and drove home. As soon as she got in the door Chloe ran straight over to her. 'MOOOMMMY!'

Sienna smiled at her daughter and walked into the kitchen.

'Hey Mrs. T,' said Kerri, Chloes baby sitter.

Sienna smiled and handed her a $20 bill.

'But Mrs. T, I've only been here half an hour, I normally stay the who-'

'Early christmas present' said Sienna, fighting back her tears.

'OOO Cool thanx Mrs T, wish Mr T merry christmas from me.' Kerry said as she ran out the door.

Sienna waited until the door had shut before she broke down and cried.

Chloe came running in 'Mom, whats the matter? Should I get Daddy?'

'Chloe, sit down' Chloe did as her mother said.

'You know that there are bad people out there in the world?' Chloe nodded 'And you know mommy and daddy try to stop them from being bad' Chloe nodded again woundering what her mom was on about 'Well, you daddy, well hes not here anymore. Do you understand me?'

Chloe nodded.

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Part 3

'Ah peace at last' thought Clare. Her and Peter had being arguing so much over dumb little things and it had gotten so bad that the only time either of them got any peace was when they were sleeping.

Clare loved Peter with all her heart, but she didnt know how much longer she could cope with this constant fighting.

It had all started...

*knock knock*

'Come in,' Clare said from the kitchen table.

'I can't' Peter said 'I've lost my keys.'

Clare, smiling to herself got up and opened the door. 'I think we'll have to leave a key in a plant pot or something, your always losing them.'

Peter slumbed down in a chair. 'I'm so tired, all I wanna do is sleep'

'Pete,' he looked up 'I need ya help with sommat upstairs'

Peter followed Clare upstairs into their bedroom. As Clare went over to her bag Peter flopped down on the bed.

'Um.. Pete' Clare said 'I think I'm pregnant'

Peter waited until Clare came out of the bathroom. 'Well?' Peter asked.

Clare handed Peter the test. 'Its postive.'


Clare remembered how they had both been so happy when they found out. And now all they did was fight. Clare wanted it to stop and for the last few days she'd been trying to think of a solution. Then it came to her, the perfect way.

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