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Drug use angers Families Association

Guest Andy

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Doling out illicit highs Handouts fund party drugs

Sunday Herald Sun

20 November 2005

PARTY drug-users are dipping into their taxpayer-funded welfare cheques to buy drugs, it has been revealed.

A survey of regular ecstasy and pill users in Australia shows one in four use welfare money to purchase their illegal highs.

While the majority fund their habit with money from paid employment, many turn to crime including sex work, fraud and drug-dealing.

The findings are among those identified in the 2005 Australian Party Drug Trends paper, which is part of the Party Drugs Initiative.

The findings emerged as popular Australian television drama Home and Away depicted scenes of party drug use in its early evening time slot.

This week, characters with pills were busted by fictional police.

The episodes have angered the Australian Families Association.

President Bill Muehlenberg said the theme set a bad example for youth.

"I'd be very wary of these themes because soapie characters are cool characters for young people," he said.

"Many of them want to emulate them so these themes, no matter how they're presented, have an effect on impressionable young people."

Channel 7 head of drama John Holmes said each episode was assessed for classification and consideration was given to carrying a warning.

"Home and Away is a drama committed to contemporary storytelling," Mr Holmes said.

"At all times, writers are aware of and work to standards established by broadcasting authorities."

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LMAO! This is so ridiculous! Oh my god. Now it's easier to understand why H&A have to tame their storylines and everything. Overprotective parents = kids who are going to go into drugs and get killed. Good parents whose kids watch the show would sit down and talk to them about the drug themes and not go "omg! how dare they show something like that? my kids need to keep thinking life is made of candy and sweet people!"

Sad, very sad.

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