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Best Kiss

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which couple has the best kiss scenes?  

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I voted for Sally and Flynn, because the kiss that sticks out most in my mind is when Sally arranged with Shelly to have the drop-in-centre to herself, and she decorated it and everything for Flynn (then the wonderfully talented Martin Dingle-Wall) - and the kiss in that episode was amazing! (From what I remember anyway, long time ago to me now ...)

Does anyone else remember that kiss - I think it was the same episode that Charlotte realised that Jude's feelings for her weren't so deep running after all ... I just loved that episode (for the happy bits, not the sadness, I'm not that mean)!

I'm not so sure about Joel McIlroy as Flynn - not as passionate.

Was pretty impressed with Scott and Hayley's kiss in the bar though as a (reasonably) close second - I've noticed it around as an avatar.

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