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Ric Versus the Bay!

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Hey Liam, this is brilliant, get this dangerous turn up quick, oooo, & i so want Ric to have a passionate roming session with Matilda. Since they're not actually together on screen, it would be great, i think there could be so much passion between them, red hot passion & i really hope he falls in love with her in this as well as Henry, complicating his life further.

I hope the Writers of HAA read this, they might get Matilda & Ric together - @ last, maybe in another 200 years.

Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next installment.

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Chapter 7: Riding the waves...

As they walked down to the beach Ric flipped through his cell phone. He turned once again to the message that Cassie had sent him several days before. "What's going on? We need to talk!" He felt bad that he hadn't actually ended things with her yet. But surely she could see by now. He hadn't even spoke to her in the last week! It seemed years ago that they had been on the sofa, getting closer and closer, until he had run out to prevent things going too far. Thing had taken a different turn now, a far more scary one but an exciting one too. Things with Henry were all in hand, and they were about to become even more interesting when he turned his attentions to Matilda.

"Hey, you listening to me mate?" Henry's voice nudged him out of his thoughts!

"Yeah, just thinking about last night man." He flashed him a grin.

"It was awesome, wasn't it!" Henry returned the smile.

Ric made sure he took this time to remind Henry of the ground rules: "No getting caught together today ok. It could really ruin things for us."

Henry nodded, signalling he had understood, but wasn't happy with the agreement.

As they reached the beach again, Ric spotted the girls in the distance. Taking care to avoid Cassies eyes he spoke to Henry.

"On three, you grab Cassie, i'll grab Maddy-THREE!"

With that, the boys raced down the beach running at the girls, and being the first to reach Maddy Ric flung himself under her legs and hoisted her onto his shoulders before running into the sea. As she fell off his shoulders in fits of laughter Ric heard another splash besides him as Henry and Cassie joined them.

Whilst the girls sat and laughed, the boys took turns to dunk each other, and as Ric grabbed Henry over his shoulders electricity sizzled between the pair resulting in both falling over and sharing a secret kiss as the waves crashed over them. Feeling evermore confused Ric and Henry shared a look before joining the girls who were now sunbathing on the edge of the beach.

"Hey Maddy, can you give me a hand getting some ice creams?" Ric innocently asked?

"Sure" she replied.

As the pair walked to the ice cream van parked down the road Ric told Maddy he needed to pop into the toilet. Still wet and feeling naughty, he gestured for her to join him. Looking around she quickly walked into the cubicle and closed the door, ensuring they could not be seen by anyone else.

Now that the space between them had decreased both felt hot and as Maddy took control by pushing Ric against the wall of the cubicle, he couldn't help but feel pleased with himself. Pulling his top off Maddy began to enjoy herself more and more, and as she kissed his body with her lips Ric realised that he couldn't let things go too far-yet. Placing his hands on her face he lifted her chin and stared into her eyes passionately kissing her as he felt their bodies get closer.

Then unlocking the door and making his way to the ice cream van he looked back. Matilda was following him, realising that he hadn't wanted things to go too far in a toilet cubicle. After their ice creams, and many romantic moments with both the twins the four began to make their way home.

"Hey dude," Henry said, "Mum said you can stay tonight."

Looking at both Henry and Matilda, Ric knew that things were going to be complicated.

"Sure i'd love to," he replied.

Leaving Cassie at home they began to make their way back to the Hunters. Beth had already set the sofa up for Ric as there wasn't room in Henrys room with him and Scott currently sharing. After saying godnight to everyone, Ric settled down onto the sofa thinking over the last weeks events. He had Matilda and Henry taken care of now but he still had unresolved feelings over Hayley and Kim, and he hadn't told Cassie they were officially over yet. Revenge was sweet, but the one thing that Ric didnt like was the the feeling that he was growing more and more like his dad everyday. The worst part though, not being able to do anything about it and simply craving revenge, before revenge got to him.

Liam :)

P.s Hope its worth the wait. I would really like some reviews! Am also wondering are the chapter titles any good for the story or could i do without them?

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Some teasers for later chapters in the fiction-feel free to discuss them. I would like to see what theories people have about Ric and what he is going to get up to...

*Chapter 8 will be entitled "Things that go bump in the night" and things will not only be hotting up with the relationship with the twins...but a mysterious phone call will also bring some other secrets to the fore.

*Just what does Ric have to do with why Henry and Scott are sharing a room. Will the Hunters still stand united after he has meddled in everyones affairs including the newly established couples: Kim and Robbie. (Refer to hidden feelings fanfic for the story behind this)

*As Ric fears he is becoming more like his father will he turn vengeful against his grandfather in a bid to stop family unity? What the are the reprecussions of Ric's new life going to be on Alf.

*A child is in danger as Ric reliases there is one family in the bay-far too happy. Just how far will he go to hurt the people he loves.

*Something old, something new, something borrowed somthing blue. All four may be on the cards-until dangerous events stop things abruptly in their tracks.

*Finally, as ric is caught out, what will the reprecussions be of his explosive affair with the twins. Drugs can affect peoples brains, and will all three still be around for christmas in the bay?

Please speculate. I shall be interested to hear theories. What do people consider the most intriguing teaser?

Liam :wink:

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This sounds brilliant. I really think you need to get in touch with Channel 7 about Script Writing/Storylining vacancies, you'd certainly keep the viewers hooked.

I hope Ric ends up falling in love with Matilda.

I'm looking forward to the next installment, this would look great on the actual screen, i can imagine them acting all this out.

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Hmm i'm really getting going with this now. Please continue to feedback so i know what people are thinking...

Chapter 8: Things that go bump in the night

Thump. Ric rolled over-and straight off of the Hunters sofa where he had been tossing and turning for many hours now. Peering at his watch he could vaguely make out the time. Three o clock. Still at least another four hours sleep. Hoping that if he emptied his bladder he may stand more chance of sleeping Ric stood up and made his way to the bathroom.

Although half asleep Ric had a feeling of unease. He didnt like the idea of walking through the Hunters house half naked. He knew he was only topless, but something felt wrong. Making his way back to the sofa he was glad to be laying back down, covering his chest despite most of the family having already seen it.

Just as he began to nod off he heard a creak. Sitting up he saw Matilda creeping into the front room. As she sat on the end of Rics blanket she smiled at him knowingly, before laying next to him and kissing him softly on the lips.

There was no need for words between the two, as passion took over and the pair used their hands to explore each others body. As Matilda pulled Ric closer he realised that the chemistry between them was bigger than the chemistry between him and Henry but there was nothing he could do to end things with Henry. He could only hope now that the pair didnt get caught.

Matilda was now pulling at his clothes, and Ric knew that he was powerless to stop events, but he just had to hope for the best. Laying back he stopped himself thinking about anything. Just focussed on the passion the pair were experiencing. It was over quickly, and as Matilda left she flashed Ric a grin, leaving him wanting more but knowing that was his lot. As he allowed sleep to wash over him Ric felt content once more.

Although it only felt like minutes later, by the time Ric felt heavy breathing on his neck again as someone leant over him, it had been almost an hour. Thinking Matilda had returned, Ric patted the sofa besides him, and held his arms out. Kissing her as she snuggled down again, Ric opened his eyes to see...Henry.

"What did i do to deserve this welcome?" Henry joked.

Choosing to ignore the question Ric pulled Henry closer. As he kissed him he used his hands to run up and down Henry's chest. Then as Henry became more advancing he began to kiss down his body not telling Henry that he was thinking of Matilda.

As the pair got more heated another door creaked somewhere in the house. Diving under the covers Henry had to suppress his laughter just as Scott walked past the front room and into the kitchen.

"Hey man, did i wake you?" He looked at Ric.

"No not at all," Ric tried to hide his smile caused by Henrys roaming hands under the covers.

"Well night anyways." Having grabbed a mug of water Scott was returning to the bedroom.

As soon as he was gone Henry appeared again. "Good job i thought of making up a fake me using my dressing gown. Better stay here for a while to be on the safe side." As the pair began to kiss again, Ric felt more confused than ever. He didn't know who he liked more. Henrys cheeky side excited him, he was a daring character, whereas Matilda was safe and, well drop-dead gorgeous.

By the time Henry left morning was breaking, and Ric was still unsure as to he felt more for. His cell phone rang, piercing his thoughts.

"Hello. Oh hey Wazza. Look no things are going just fine. Henry and Matilda are all in hand and well Scotts not exactly too happy after the "accident" where a candle was knocked over at his house is he? Three Hunters down now mate. Just gotta ruin Scott some more, and start on Kim and Robbie. I think Scotts relationship is the next thing to ruin. Kim and Robbie shouldn't be too hard when i happen to mention to Tasha about their relationship. Things are ticking over nicely. Yeah none of them suspect a thing. I will need some more of those smokes though. Ok cheers. See you soon mate."

After hanging up Ric began to get dressed. Just as he pulled his trousers on Henry and Maddy entered, followed by Kim, Robbie and Scott. Too close. However, Henry only had two weeks left in town. So now it was time to make decisions. As he sat down for breakfast-in between Matilda and Henry-he rang his hands over their knees. As he went up one persons and down the others he could see both looking at him in an enquiring way. However both were smiling. Time was ticking by, and it wasn't long before everything was going to kick off- big time!

Liam :wink: (Please review again)

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