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Ric Versus the Bay!

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Sorry its been a while. Will be trying to update more from now on!

Chapter 5: Oh so easy

The boys had spent many days together and Ric felt that things were finally beginning to slot into place. The hidden glances, the sideways looks and the blatant touching. All had played a part in Rics plan and now it was time to go in for the kill.

Walking down to the beach, fag in hand, Ric knew that Henry thought the two were the closest they had ever been. Rarely seen without a fag in his hand anymore, Henry had undergone a complete character transformation in the previous days.

When Ric had suggested the swim. He knew that this was the time to lure Henry in once and for all. As they continued to walk Ric took a step closer to Henry, just enough for Henry to notice. Then as if he had changed his mind he began to race to the sea.

"Come on then, what you made of." He called back as he reached the waters edge.

Ripping his shirt off Henry joined him. From the water Ric made sure that Henry couldnt miss him checking him out, and as he dived in he saw Henry looking back. Ducking and diving, Ric made sure that he "accidently" brushed past henry as he swam by and he felt Henry do the same.

They continued this way for a while, teasing each other, but never actualy mentioning what they were doing. As the darkness crept up the pair began to walk back to Rics where Henry was once again going to stay the night.

After saying goodnight to Sally and Flynn, and ordering a pizza the boys went upstairs. Ric was hoping that Henry was going to take the hint and make a move, but he was still nervous as everything relied on this pivitol moment.

Whilst sitting on the bed, the talk began to turn to the girls at the club the other night.

"So you going to meet that chick again?" Ric asked.

"Too right mate." Came the reply.

"You got your eye on anyone else?" Ric knew he was leading him on, but surely that was the only bait that was required.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact i do." Henry was looking uneasy.

"Oh yeah, who?" Ric casually asked knowing that Henry had fallen for it even before the reply came.

"This might clear a few things up." Henry smiled.

Giving Ric no chance to reply Henry leaned in. Feeling his tender lips on his Ric sighed. He knew revenge was sweet, but in this case there was no exaggeration. As the kiss grew more passionate he pulled away.

"Henry i'm not sure."

"It's right, we both know it."

Closing his eyes he allowed Henry to lean back in, and as he felt his hands tugging at his pyjamas, and the pair fell back onto the bed he couldnt help but enjoy himself. He knew for sure though, that he was going to enjoy the morning after when he kicked Henry out and told everyone what had happened just that bit more...

Hope you all like! Tell me what you think!

Liam :wink:

P.s: Does everyone still like it?

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Chapter 6: Changing tactics?

Ric yawned and stretched. Opening his eyes he smiled seeing Henry topless and fast asleep next to him. There was no denying that last night had been fun, but things would be a lot more interesting today. Rolling over and placing his hands on Henry's chest Ric began to sigh. As he moved his hands further and further down Henrys body he began to enjoy himself.

Suddenly he jumped. Henry had woken up and was now cheekily grinning at him. Still obviously thinking things were great between them Henry leaned in for a kiss. Ric responded, deciding it wasn't yet time to begin his revenge. Their lips passed together, pressing hard against each others and releasing pent up passion as they did so. Then Henry sat up.

"I need to grab a shower mate."

"Oh, i might join you"-Ric played along.

"Won't be long." Henry smiled back still thinking about the new found relationship that had developed between the pair, yet not quite sure if Ric was joking or not.

As he heard the shower turn on Ric chuckled to himself. Things were still moving at the right speed it was just finding the crucial moment to get them caught now. He hadn't bargained for the feelings that he was developing for Henry though. Ones that he couldn't help but enjoy, whilst at the same time detested himself for having. It hadn't been that long ago that he had promised himself there was no more becoming attached. Not after his dad, and not after Flynn.

Shaking his head clear Ric made his way downstairs into the kitchen. As he did it hit him. Why he'd never thought of it before he didn't know-but, Henry was a twin. So if he could get to Matilda too, and continue seeing Henry, the aftermath would be more explosive than he had first dared imagine.

As he began to prepare breakfast he noticed that the house was strangely quiet. Henry must be out of the shower now. As he made the finishing touches, he took the tray back upstairs, pausing to hear if there was any noise from the other rooms.

Deciding the coast was clear he walked into his and watched Henry getting dressed for a second before making his presence known.

"Hey mate!"-Henry Jumped, whilst Ric continued, "had an ace idea, wanna go down to the beach today, we can invite Cassie and Matilda."

Now recovered Henry replied, "What do we wanna invite them for?"

"Well.." Ric replied "Imagine if we were caught together by them, i like taking risks. You up for it?"

Henry smiled, "Course I am."

"Well i'd best get my beach gear together then had'nt I?"

Leaving Henry munching on his breakfast Ric gathered his stuff together thinking about how the game had just taken yet another intriguing turn, and how he couldn't wait for the revelation that he wa seeing both twins. He knew that he was going to have fun, but what he didn't know was that the fun was going to take one incredibly dangerous turn...

Liam :wink:

As always be honest how you still liking it?

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