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KK Right At Home

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K&K right at Home


Sunday Telegraph


HAVE Kath and Kim moved from Fountain Lakes to Summer Bay?

The "foxy morons" were snapped with Home and Away favourites Kip Gamblin and Chris Hemworth on the set of the popular Channel 7 soapie.

The Home and Away visit will be shown as a skit on Seven's 2 1/2-hour charity special, Comic Relief Australia, which will screen next Sunday at 7.30pm.

Kath and Kim, from the Channel 2 program of the same name, were not in on the joke.

"My 'inkstinks' tell me Summer Bay hasn't seen the last of me," Kath (Jane Turner) said.

Kim (Gina Riley) also believed she had landed a role, saying: "I have done a TAFE course in acting and the guys were blown away with my emotional range."


Summer Bay's new foxy morons: Kath and Kim land some spunks on Home and Away.

Jess xx

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LOL... I remember Tim Campbell saying in a fansite interview (possibly even the one I did :P) that he reckons that there should be a storyline where he finds out his mum is really Kath Day-Knight, and that her and Kim should come to Summer Bay and there be a reunion.

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