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Better home than away

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Better home than away

The Advertiser

28 October 2005

IF Brett Hicks-Maitland could move back home to Adelaide, he'd do it in an instant.

"I may be based in Sydney, but I am no Sydney-sider," he says.

"I am an Adelaide boy through and through.

"You just have to go where the work is. If I had enough work to move back here, I wouldn't even have to think about it."

Home starring in the new State Theatre production Noises Off, Brett is still being bombarded by those teenage girlies who remember him from his Home and Away days.

But for Brett, those Summer Bay nights seem almost a lifetime ago, having added a lot more credits to his name since then, including films Dirty Deeds, Clubbing, Anchovies and The Refo Hunter. He has also just spent the past six months in London pursuing his acting career and was involved with The Actors Centre.

And after his latest production, which previews at the Adelaide Festival Centre tonight and opens on Tuesday, it is time for a bit of a holiday break.

"I am going to stay for a bit and spend Christmas with my family," he says.

"Performing here also means they get to come and see the play too. I am the only performer in the family. . . the only one who does it in public anyway."

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