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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I'm enjoying it so far.

Sorry only seeing this now. I absolutely loved it! It was so gripping! And not what I expected at all! I would definitely recommend it!  

​I loved The Girl of The Train! I was hooked and finished in a few days where normally takes me a month to finish a book.  I am currently reading Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire. As I never got roun

Reading To Kill A Mockingbird for year 10 English.

Struggling to get past the first 5 pages, as I don't really understand some of the words and it's getting really confusing. And it's not helped by people in my class and friends who have read it telling me how confusing/hard to understand and boring it is.

^^To Kill A Mockingbird is a brilliant book, and worth the read. I had to do it for english as well, and the beginning was a bit boring, but just keep going. I will be shocked if by the end of it you still dont like it.

The Paradise Room - Belinda Jones

^^ Is that any good?

I have just read Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It is a really good book and i recommend it.

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I'm reading an awesome book right now called I, Lucifer. It's told from the perspective of the devil himself who's been given a chance from God to earn back his place in Heaven. All he has to do is live a fairly sin-free life on earth for one month, inhabiting the body of an ailing writer.

Although the plot itself is genius, it's the writing that's kept me hooked. It's really vivid and colourful, and incredibly intelligent. There have also been several instances where I've actually laughed out loud, which I hardly ever do. Thoroughly recommended people.

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