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The Siege Part 2

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On arriving at the station Clare found out that everything was in darkness expect for her and Pete’s office and so she went there calling out for Lana who had called her and that was when it happened someone came up behind her and before she could do anything she was hit at the back of the head and everything went black.

Back at the surf club jack was starting to get worried about Clare as the meeting was about to start (everyone was there) and there was no sign of her plus he could not get her on the phone so he decided to head back to the station to see if he could find he leaving ken in charge.

As he left the surf club (unknown to him) he was being watched by two women (eve and Sarah). When he got there he saw that Clare’s car had been abandon and he know that something was wrong and knowing that Sarah and eve might be there he got his gun out and went looking for her. After 5 minutes he found her bound and gagged although a wake in a back office.

When he got her untied he finial found out who the third woman was and he could not believe it how could she it be her they saw her everyday, she had even helped them look for Sarah and eve, why would she help them.

That was when Clare told him that she (the third woman) was in love with peter and all this had been her way of getting back at him for choosing Clare over her.

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Just then the phone rang and it was them (all three of them) telling her that it was time to chose who was she going to save peter or the whole town. As they had set bombs at both the surf club and a rundown house were they had left peter and she had to chose one as both bombs were set to go off at the same time and there was not enough time to get to both. (they did not release jack was there as they had tampered with his car).

They each decided to take a building and they would them be able to save everyone but on the way to the surf club some thing happened, jack lost control of his car and hit a tree head on but not even that would stop him he got out of the car and ran the rest of the way there even thought he had a large cut on his head.

Meanwhile at the other sise of town clare had made it to the house where peter was and searched everywere before finding the bomb hidden in a box by the door (if the door is opened the bomb will go of) when she opened it she found a number of wires and she them phoned jack to make sure he had found the other bomn as they both needed to cut the wires at the same time because the second one bomb is disarmed the other will explode.

Once jack had found the bomb and opened to they both decided they would cut them on the count of 3




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It was two hours later and the town now know all about Sarah and eve. At the caravan park the hunters, jack, Lucas, Tony, Irene, sally, Flynn, cassie, tasha, ric as well as Peter and Clare were all talking about Sarah and eve when all of a sudden Sarah and eve and Lana were all standing at the door with guns saying who should they shut first when all of a sudden there was a number of shots and everyone dropped to the ground but when they looked up they released it was Sarah, eve and Lana who had been hit. The shots had come from ken and a few other cops who had seen them come in.

Btw they really were dead Clare and peter checked.

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It was the morning after the night before and peter and Clare were the only 2 people on the beach. They were just sitting on the sand wrapped in each others arms thinking about everything that had happened and what not only they could have lost but the whole town.

Clare then turned around to peter and asked him why they were waiting she did not want to get married in the city any more; she wanted to get married here on the beach with all their friends. Peter then asked was she sure he now how much she wanted to get married in the same place as her parents and grandparents but she said not anymore she was starting to love this place as much as he was.


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