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Fri 21 Oct 2005 “And The Oscar Goes To ..."

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ And The Oscar Goes To ... â€

Scott arrives at the flat. Amanda has covered herself in a white sheet. She tells him that she'd lost the baby. Amanda is (acting) incredibly distressed - and Scott is also distraught,

Soon after, both Beth & graham (her dad) arrive. Beth tries to console Amanda - whilst graham wished that he & Amanda could have met in better circumstances.

Hayley hears the news - and (like everyone else) heads to the flat. Hayley hugs Scott - and you can see that Amanda takes offence to this, i.e. like I’ve miscarried but Scott & hayley are hugging.

Hayley senses Amanda’s mood and decides to bail - so Amanda & Scott can grieve together etc.

Soon after, Amanda is at the diner when Leah approaches. Leah tells Amanda that she is sooooo for what happened etc.

Later, Leah & hayley are talking in the diner about Amanda situation, josh, and of course overhears all of this.

Josh goes to the flat. He "applauds" Amanda for her solution to the baby problem. He also reminds her of the business proposition that he made to her a few days ago. Amanda tells him to get lost.

Josh goers over to the hunter house. He tells Scott that he has some interesting info.

Scott then charges over to the flat. Scott is furious that Amanda used that lab tech guy to deceive his about the pregnancy etc - and that she turned him against Beth AND Kit in the process. Amanda is V distraught that she has "lost" Scott.

Soon after, josh enters the flat. The terrible looking Amanda tells him to get lost - but even that isn’t said with much enthusiasm. Josh suggests that Amanda should seriously consider his offer.

Meanwhile, at the beach house, hayley tries to talks to kimmy about everything that’s happened. Kimmy tells her that sorry is just a word etc. (note - in a recent issue of TV WEEK, I read that kimmy "explodes" at hayley because of all of this. it REALLY was asking too much of "the plank" to expect a great scene).

Soon after, Scott enters the beach house. No one is home. When goes to hayley's room - and finds a note with "Scott" on it. Hayley writes that she needs to get her head together etc - after everything that's happened. Hayley "says" that she has gone away for a while - and she "suggests" that Scott shouldn't look for her etc (end of ep)

Tony tries to make conversation with graham - with not luck. Beth even tries to provide a common bond by suggesting that both graham & Tony support the same football club - but that doesn’t work either. Tony decides to cut with losses and bail.

When Tony is gone, graham talks to Beth about when he went back t9o Vietnam recently - working with some Aussies, American & Vietnamese locals on some projects. He tells Beth that it was interesting to be working with the enemies that he fought against.

Beth is worried about how cranky her dad is - about various things. Graham then realizes that beth likes Tony. Beth suggests that she just wants to see where this takes her (so she doesn't want her dad to interfere).

At the diner, ric enters and approaches the already seated Cassie, Tilly & Luke. He tells them hat someone offered to sell him the maths exam. When asked, ric says that he doesn't want to

"dob" on them.

When Tilly &co arrive at school, Cassie tells them that she's heard that the guy selling the stolen exam has been busted.

When ric, cassie etc sit the maths exam, ric seems V confidant as he answers the questions etc - and when the exam is finished, he tells cassie & tilly that he thinks he went well.

Soon after, ric, Cassie, Luke & Tilly are hanging out at the hunter house. They are enjoying that the exam seems to go so well.

Dan arrives - there's been an accusation that ric bought the test from the guy who was busted for selling it. Ric tells Dan that it was offered to him - but he declined. ric insists that he didn't saying anything because he didn't want to be labeled a dobber.

Soon after, at diner, sally & Flynn talk to ric & Cassie about the exams & the controversy. When ric goes to the counter to pay for the food, he opens his school bag - and we see the stolen exam (not e - did ric buy it - or was it put in his bag?)


Scott tells Beth about Amanda's deception, whilst hayley goes into labour (like Gypsy) in the middle of nowhere.

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