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Wednesday 19 October 2005, “Vampire Slayers�

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Vampire Slayersâ€

Jack tells harper about his accusations against Corey. Harper insists that he want the case fully documented before they act on it. Jack thinks that there’s no time - so he bails.

Jack arrives at the beach house. He quickly asks hayley if Corey is there/ she says that Corey & Martha have gone. Jack rings Martha - who tells him to get lost, and stop being so jealous. She hands the phone to Corey (who’s driving at the time). Corey sounds rather smug on he talks to jack.

After Corey ends the call, he sees a police car behind him n the distance, so Corey takes a detour onto a dirt track. He tells Martha that he’s going to surprise her.

Meanwhile back at beach house, jack asks hayley about Corey’s actions before he & Martha left. It takes a while for hayley to remember bout the chocolates. Jack tells hayley that they need to get those chocolates. They quickly exit.

Jack & hayley enter the surf club, where alf tells that that he’s passed the chocolates onto Hyde (to takes to Irene).

Martha & Corey arrive at a lookout that Martha’s not been to before. She likes her surprise.

Jack * hayley are driving to the care facility when jack tells hayley that, if corey is true to form, that chocolates will contain enough poison to kill her. Hayley naturally is shocked. She tries to ring Hyde - but Hyde is “asked†to switch them phone off as he enters the care facility. Hayley tries to ring the car place - but they are short staffed. So no one answer the phone.

Hyde enters the room - and hands chocolates to Irene. She is about to take a bite of one when jack bursts through the door. He quickly knocks the chocolates out of her hands - and says that Corey has poisoned them. Irene is shocked - but relieved that she was right.

Meanwhile, at the lookout, Corey & Martha are having a nice picnic. When he goes to do something, Martha looks in his bag (for the wine bottle). She also finds a bottle of mercury - and Corey’s scrapbook. She is shocked. Corey approaches - and she says that she was look for they keys to the car. Corey says that it’s not locked.

Jack, Hyde & hayley take Irene to the hospital. jack tells harper about what’s happened. Jack thinks that tey should be out looking for Martha (not going back to base). Harper is annoyed that jack has “tipped off†Corey (that jack knows bout the jurors etc.

At the hospital, Flynn is explaining to Hyde & hayley that the mercury has caused Irene’s entire delusions etc (ie she’s not psychologically unstable in any way).

Martha tells Corey that she go to car to get her jacket. She goes to car - and finds her phone. Corey wonders why she is taking so long. Corey tells him its woman’s stuff.

Jack answers his phone. It’s Martha - she tells his bout the scrapbook. Martha is mid way through telling jack where she is when Corey grabs Martha - and a struggle ensues.

Corey tries his best to get Martha - but she gets way. As she runs, Martha can hear a police siren in the distance. She then almost gets caught on some barbed wire. She then traps Corey with thew wire. Jack arrives where Martha is. She tells him that she’s got Corey trapped in some wire, but when they go to that area, Corey isn’t there.

Jack removes his gun from the holster and begins search for Corey. Corey then grabs Martha. He has her in a headlock -with something pressing against her neck. Corey’s mouth is open - this is exactly like the “vampire†photo of him in last week’s issue of TV WEEK.

Corey tells jack that he’ll harm Martha if jack doesn’t put his gun down. Jack throes the gun far way - and Martha takes this oppotunity to get free of Corey. This allows jack to charge towards Corey. Jack tackles Corey. A fight ensues. Jack is able to handcuff Corey.

At the hospital, hayley & Hyde tell Irene that they are deeply sorry that they didn’t Bellevue her etc about Corey,

Meanwhile, at the police station, jack requests to be one of the interviewing officers (for Corey). When jack enters the room, he asks Corey why. Corey says that he was out for justice. The jurors in the corporate fraud case destroyed his family when they found his father guilty. Corey continues by saying that his mum was taken away form his exactly the same way that he & jack forcibly removed Irene form the beach house.

Jack goes to the hospital - to tell Irene, hayley & Hyde everything that happened. He tells them that Corey arranged each of the three break-ins to the beach house this year. The 1-st was interrupted (by Robbie & Tash). The 2-nd was to add the mercury to her sweetener (with full knowledge of its ramifications) and the 3-rd was to scare Irene into taking Corey in as a boarder - so he could see his handiwork unfold before his eyes.

Naturally, Irene & Co are astounded that someone supposedly of trust (a cop) could do this.

At Noah’s, alf tries to talk to Martha about all this. She says that she’s OK. After Alf exits, jack enters, and Martha is that she REALLY has a shoulder to cry on. (end of ep)


Ric has a mental blank before an exam - will he cheat?

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