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Need logos for my site

Guest nz85

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I have made a celebrity gallery site which is in my sig and I need some logos.

I know that the HAA section is only a copy of Des's caps but I can not cap it as good as Neighbors and US shows. There are some original caps and I have permission from Des.

I have spent days on the PHP scripts which I have developed myself and made them appear to be HTML files to get better search engine ranking.

Anyway I am a programmer not a designer so can anybody help me create a logo and some banners? I will reward you.

I also need a person to write biographies.

I can reward you with PayPal, E-gold, StormPay, links or video clips.

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Yes I have also put up some caps I found here. If anyone wants me to take their caps down please let me know. On the other hand if anyone has HAA caps that I can put up please let me know too.

Regarding biographies, I need a few paragraphs with the following information.

Name, DOB, interests, hobbies and any other little bits of information that you can find. I also want a list of staring roles.

I can also reward people with web hosting.

I know that I sound lazy but I have done all of the programming for the site and I have capped most of the pictures for the other celebrities. I have many more clips to cap and I plan to add more features to the site.

I also welcome feedback on the site too.

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I could possibly help graphic wise, it depends on what specifically you want.


There are three people that I want to use

Chris Hemsworth, Kyal Marsh from Neighbours and Jesse Metcalfe and possibly the person who plays Lucas Holden

I would like their heads on a 468x60 banner

Individual small affiliate icons. It is OK if you can not do all of them.

Finally their heads flashing on a 150x150 image.

The text should be HottiesNow.com

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