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My Ric And Matilda Fan Fic

Guest SoSoBlondex0x

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Ric was walking to the diner when he saw maddy , he looked at the floor soon as he saw her. You see ric and maddy happened to kiss the night before and Ric dident know how to take it because he hadent long broke up with Cassie. Maddy sudenly walked to his face and said "we need to talk" Ric looked at her and said "if its about last night we cant tell cass it will hurt her" maddy replied "i know but we have to sort this out"

"Lets go to the diner cassie's over kayleighes house"

"ok" ric replied with a sigh

The diner:

"What happened last night im really sorry ever since i met you i have liked you and you cant tell me that you dont feel the same because you went along with the kiss"

Ric looked

"Maddy i do have feeling for you ok but if we do start you know going out then we could hurt cassie and i dont think we want to do that"

"I know its going to be hard but i really like you ric"

"I really like you to maddy but the only thing we can do is tell cassie"

"Or we could keep it a secret like before"

Ric nodded and agreed they would hide it from cassie then tell her when the time is right.

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