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Post YOUR picture!

Guest starrychris

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Okay, well I thought I'd start one of these for anyone interested. Simply post your picture, lets see what people look like. lol!

Of course posting in this topic is completly optional as I know a lot of people don't like their pics shown on the net for various reasons, but I think it would be great for the people who don't mind to share their pics! :)

Well I guess I better start this off if I'm to expect other people to follow on. lol!


Now, follow on people! lol.

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Yeh I can't see your pic starrychris

Heres mine. All I could find was this really huge one which is way to big to post on here..here's the link:

My PhOtO!

Its a photo on the bus on the way back from camp...

And for anyone who cares the chick whose tickling people with the feather in the background is Dickos daughter

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