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Wednesday 5 October 2005 - Episode # 4063

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Vulnerable “

Sally & flynn go to the surf club - and they are told the great news about Amanda’s pregnancy. Flynn looks at the ultrasound pic - and comments on the baby being big for a 6-week-old.

Soon after, sally & Flynn bail - as Flynn’s not feeling well.

When they get home, sally & Flynn are talking in their bedroom. Flynn is frustrated that they can’t go out for longer because of his illness. Naturally, Ric & Cassie overhear all of this. They decided to make a concerted effort to NOT let sally & flyyn do all the work that they rostered themselves to do. Cassie insists that they REALLY aren’t taking no for an answer now (when sally etc tries do those jobs),

Next morning, sally & Flynn arrives downstairs - and Ric & Cassie are doing things like cooking & ironing. Cassie & Ric are true to the word about the housework etc.

Cassie decides to take things one step further - she insists that she is taking sally out for the day. After they bail, Ric takes Flynn’s mind off his illness, by challenging him some video games.

Meanwhile, sally & Cassie are having a pretty good time at the surf club. Sally feels a little guilty about this, until Cassie reminds sally of something. Cassie says that sally convinces her to get away form her Gran’s hospital bed for a while - so Cassie could see that the world isn’t all doom & gloom. Sally thanks Cassie for taking her out today.

At the van park house, the video games continue - until Flynn feels VERY ill. He tries to make it to the sink, but (even with Ric’s assistance) vomits before he gets there. Flynn vomits again at the sink. Ric then takes him upstairs.

When Flynn is in bed, Ric tells flyyn that’s V worried about the whole situation - esp. sally & Flynn are so caring, ie much better than his real father ever was.

Sally is V worried when she & Cassie get home - as she sees that Ric has been is mopping something up. Ric & Cassie both wish that they can do more for flynn - but sally tells them that its not that simple. Sally explains that Flynn doesn’t like being vulnerable like thins, as he’s always been the strong one that ppl come to in times of crisis. Btw, towards the end of sally’s speech to Ric & Cassie, we saw the V worried Flyyn in bed.

At the surf club, josh tells Amanda & Scott that he is V pleased for them.

Amanda is suspicious - as she confronts josh (in the boat area of the surf club). Josh tells Amanda that he’s spoken to Bert. Josh tells Amanda that unless she becomes hi campaign manager, he’ll tell Scott the truth. Amanda isn’t keen on the idea - but after she goes back inside, and speaks to Scott, Amanda rings josh. Amanda tells josh that she will be his campaign manager (muchly under duress).

Next day, Scott is talking to Robbie at the flat. Scott insists that although he’d really like to be with hayley, he insists that he’s REALLY pleased that he’s going to be a dad. Amanda of course overheard that last bit - and loved hearing it.

At the surf club, alf is V surprised that Amanda is handing out flyers etc for josh’s meeting. Amanda (on the spot) says that she was attracted to josh’s childcare policies, and josh adds to this by explaining his policy (lots more childcare places etc).

When josh’s speech is over, he “asks†Amanda to pack everything away. Amanda goes into the gym, and begins to put all the campaign stuff away. Whilst doing so, she comes across a folder - marked Project 56. She starts to look at it - but josh enters the room, and grabs it off her. Josh “suggests†that Amanda shouldn’t do anything to annoy him - or the truth might “slip†out.

AT the bar, Alf voices his concerns about josh. Alf is then kinda railroaded, by Luke, into a debate with josh.

Soon after, alf confronts Amanda about helping josh. Amanda suggests that all is not as it seems - and alf then confronts josh about this.

Soon after, josh goes to the flat, and he confronts Amanda about her â€joke†to alf. Josh insists on waiting til Scott gets home - but when Scott (and Robbie) do so, josh doesn’t reveal the Amanda’s lie. Scott makes a comment about josh making another big build up and delivering nothing.

On the road near the flat, Amanda is REALLY annoyed that josh is playing with her life like this. Josh responds by wondering how Amanda is go to keep this lie going - after all, scott WILL realise that’s she’s not (preggers) sooner or later).

At the diner, Luke & Tilly are keen to concentrate on building alf's campaign platform for the election (and the debate). Alf however is more interested in what Amanda said to him. Alf insist that they need to scare josh into revealing his secrets. Alf tells Tilly & Luke that he knows that perfect person for the job.

AT Noah’s, Morag approaches Josh. She’s keen to chat. (end of ep)


Flynn is V annoyed when he discovers that sally & Co have revealed his illness to friends

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