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Tim Campbell, actor

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Tim Campbell, actor

Sunday Times (Perth)

1 October 2005

Sweet treats and a glass of good chardonnay hit the spot away from Summer Bay


Occupation Actor

Born Sydney

Educated Campbelltown North Primary School; Campbelltown High School; one year at VCA (drama)

Career highlights Appearing in a guest role in Wildside; Big Sky (my big break at the time and a learning experience); pantomime work overseas.

1 Sporting equipment

At school I was really into running and swimming. I was a sports nut. I let my athletics slide a bit after school, but went back to my original club about five years ago and broke two records. I thought I'd try my luck again two years ago, but ended up with a torn hamstring. Dad gave me this cricket bat when I was a teenager. It's signed by the NSW team, which, at the time, was fairly formidable, and included the Waugh brothers, Geoff Lawson, Michael Bevan and Mark Taylor.

2 Baklava

There are a lot of Macedonian people around where I live, so there is lots of baklava made locally near my home. Mum insists I bring some over to her whenever we see each other, or I'm in trouble. There are also lots of Lebanese and Turkish people, so you get great pides and hummus. And there are fabulous bakeries. I love discovering all the little shops filled with interesting food.

3 Trivial Pursuit

I'm a real board-games freak. The latest one I'm hooked on is called Seen It, but Trivial Pursuit, particularly the '80s edition, is always a good one to get out, because people know a lot of the answers. I don't do nightclubs or anything like that; it's dinner and a movie or a barbecue and wine and games for me. Playing board games was a family thing when I was growing up. I used to play with my sister, Johanna. My brother, Peter, and I shared a room, but we were so competitive it could end in total silence between the two of us depending on the result.

4 Reggie

He is a border collie cross, but what he's crossed with I'm not sure. Reggie is excellent. I've become a stage father to him already, asking the producers if we can have a dog on Home and Away. The trouble is Ada Nicodemou, who plays my wife, is not an animal lover and says if he comes, she goes. I started training him young, so now he can do quite a few tricks, and is really obedient.

5 Didgeridoo/trombone

At high school I started playing tuba because it was the biggest instrument, but it became a bit boring, so I switched to the trombone. I used to play in a jazz band as well as the school band. My parents got me this didgeridoo from an Aboriginal tribe near Port Douglas. It was made for playing and is not a coloured souvenir. I've figured out how to play it a bit myself, but I should learn properly.

6 Camera

Before getting the role of Dan Baker on Home and Away I was doing some video editing and promotional reels. I started by hiring a camera, then I got this digital Canon XL1S. You can use it to shoot documentaries. I was exploring, doing my own projects. But I don't have a lot of time to do it, because we often have quite long days on the set.

7 Wine

Wine is a bit of a favourite of mine, but I'm not really a red drinker. I haven't made the crossover from white yet. That said, I did find a good red from a winery in the McLaren Vale, in SA, called Kangarilla Road, when I was visiting my sister. Quite a few of my favourites are from McLaren Vale. I mostly drink chardonnay, really oaky stuff. I haven't done the wineries locally. I should, but it tends to be something you do when you go away rather than at home.

8 Painting

We were never a caravanning family, so when I was growing up, we would hire a house at Mollymook, on the south coast of NSW, and spend our holidays there. This painting was done near Jervis Bay, at a place called Berry. I love the beach and bodysurfing, and I hope to be able to live and work in that area one day. This painting depicts what I want, a bit of land close to the water. It made me remember how great it is in that part of the world.

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Taking a step outside your comfort zone can be scary, but for Home & Away's KATE RITCHIE it's all in a day's work.

Q. You're one of 12 stars on The Great Celebrity Spelling Bee. How will it work?

A. It's a 90-minute special. We were divided into three groups and compete as a team until there's one. Then that team turns on each other until the winner is left. The funniest thing was that we were allowed to ask for help once each from (American national spelling bee champ) Samir Patel if we were struggling. He was great, but it was a bit embarrassing asking an 11-year-old how to spell.

Q. Why did you do the show?

A. I've been doing Home & Away for 18 years, so it was nice to do something different. I said yes, but then had second thoughts, but I told myself to be brave, stop hiding behind your character and maybe you'll do really well. In the end, I was happy with my performance.

Q. Which celeb was your biggest competitor?

A. (Deal or No Deal host) Andrew O'Keefe. He wasn't nervous at all. Either he was tricking everyone and trying to psych us out, or he's just a really good speller. He did prove to be good competition.

Q. Simone Warne was on the show, too. What was she like?

A. I hadn't met her before and she was lovely. She slipped into the role and was just as nervous as me, so I didn't feel like I was on my own.

Q. What did you learn?

A. That I need to read more. And it's so different reading a word on a page than having to dictate the letters. We didn't have the luxury of writing down the word and eliminating the one that looked wrong.

Q. The champ wins $50,000 for their nominated charity. What was yours?

A. The Motor Neurone Disease Association because some members of my family suffer from the disease. I chose a charity close to home.

Q. What's coming up for your character, Sally?

A. A lot and it's not all good. Her hubby Flynn has cancer and he's made the decision that he'd rather the quality of life, than quantity. It's great to have juicy storylines to sink my teeth into.

Q. When you're not on set, what keeps you busy?

A. I love to cook and keep the fridge stocked. I'm a bit of a homebody. I love entertaining and at this time of year I hit the fish markets. My best friend has just had a baby, Sampson, so I'm playing with him, too.

Q. Are you looking forward to the Cartwright-Hewitt arrival?

A. Definitely. I spoke to Bec recently and she's excited. We keep in touch regularly. It's great, she'll have a new baby for Christmas.

Q. Finish this sentence: At midnight, I am . . . ?

A. Hopefully asleep before my 14-hour shift the next day.

* The Great Celebrity Spelling Bee is on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 7.


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