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Company is a Woman's magazine in the UK (for those who don't know). I got this a month ago so it may not be availble anymore, but I've only just typed it up. In their October edition, they ran an article about 5 women, including Tammin who lived in one country but worked in another. For example, one woman used to live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK but moved to Palma in Spain for work and holidays in Newcastle (:D). Someone else lives in the UK but she works as a wedding planner so flies to Italy daily.

Anyway, just so you understand the article a bit better here is Tammins (pictures to follow when my scanner is working). :)

‘It could be you’

Tammin Sursok, 22, is a singer, from Sydney, Australia

“I left Home and Away in 2003 to work on a solo album – it’s already been a success in my home country, Australia but now I have to start work on promoting it in Britain, which involves spending half my year in my home town, Sydney, and the other half in London. I actually landed back in London last night, so I’m still feeling pretty jet0lagged. That’s something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. It’s a huge 23-hour flight and over time I’ve developed my own flying ritual. I spend the first ten hours watching a few films and reading a book. Then, by the second leg with 13 hours to you, you’ve lost a whole night’s sleep and usually crash out until landing. That’s my rule, stay awake for the first half, and sleep the second.

Australia has taken really well to my music, so my next challenge is starting all over again in Britain – I sometimes feel like I’m saying the same things and singing the same songs over and over, but I love it. The difference between the UK and Australia is that I really have my work cut out over here. It’s a bigger music market, but I love that you can push the boundaries a bit more. In Australia, you’re somewhat limited to staying within certain parameters. I’m really looking forward to doing lots of radio and magazine work, proving I’m not the typical soap star-turned-singer. I’ve also got a video and film to shoot, so it’s going to be crazy.

For me, travelling between countries allows me to meet so many interesting people. It never gets boring. Obviously, I miss Sydney when I’m away – al my family and friends are there and I haven’t really had a chance to make friends in London yet. I miss the beach, but I’m a big fan of European city culture, too. London is beautiful and I love discovering quaint restaurants and hidden cobbled streets. It’s as though the city never ends. In Sydney, everything shuts at 5pm, but London is always alive no matter what time or day of the week it is. I could never be one of those people who stay in one spot, so this lifestyle suits me fine. I want to squeeze in as much as I can, while I’m young. One day I’ll have to settle in one place, but I’ll keep travelling as long as I can. As long as I can keep the jet lag at bay! At the end of this year I’m planning a relaxing holiday in Queensland with my boyfriend and family.â€

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