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Friday 30 September 2005 - Episode # 4060

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “I HAVE To Be !!!“

It’s late at night, and Irene appears to be outside somewhere. She has this intense look in her eyes - and she's rocking back n& forth.

Next morning, ireen arrives at the diner and the likes of colleen & alf (who is handing out vote 1 alf postes - with tilly & luke) are pleased that Irene appears to be her usual happy self agian. Hayley & Leah confirm with Irene that they can have the hen’s party at the beach house tonight - and the happy Irene eagerly agrees.

When Irene is alone in the kitchen, she once more looks she's carrying the wait of the world of her shoulders. This mood doesn't help when Robbie enters - and asks if they can have the buck's party at the beach house. Irene tells Robbie that she has already said that they could (see below)

Jack approaches Cory at Noah’s. Jack is most annoyed that Cory included his opinions of hack being affected by Martha’s presence at the crime scene. The 2 cops are to start fighting when Tony separates them. Tony then surprises jack - by siding with Cory.

Later, at the party at the beach house, Cory & jack confront each other again. Cory realizes that all of this has nothing to duo with police work, i.e. it’s all about Martha. Cory tells jack that if jack has said that he way still interested in Martha, then Cory wouldn’t have pursued her.

Jack goes to the diner, where he talks to Martha. He apologies for everything that's happened - and he tells Martha that he thinks that they should give their relationship another try. Martha has other ideas - she tells jack that she's now V happy with Cory. Jack, naturally, is dejected.

Beth & Scott are at the diner when Scott tells Beth that he REALLY badly still has feelings for Hayley. Beth tells Scott that things have gone too far - and that Scott has to accept that Hayley is with jimmy now.

Robbie is looking in the phone book for a stripper for kimmy's buck's party. He mentions this to Amanda - and you can just see that Amanda is at least thinking about offering her services.

Scott arrives at the flat, just as Robbie is bailing. Amanda apologizes for her jealous behaviors towards Hayley. This seems to trigger something in Scott - and start pashing seconds later.

Next morning, Robbie is rather surprises that Scot is still at the flat - and from the way Scott & Amanda are acting its way clear that they slept together.

soon after, at the diner, scott tells beth waht's happened - and she's not too impressed with her soon for his behaviour.

Hayley, Irene & the girls are enjoying their hen’s night - when Robbie, kimmy & the boys arrive. Robbie tells Hayley & co that Irene said it was OK for them to have bucks party here. Tony & Beth suggests that they should at least try to have a joint pre-wedding party.

Will arrives - and tells Hayley & co that gypsy & lily send their love (note - no actual reason why they're not there)

The like of Irene & Leah wonder where Flynn is - sally says that he's V tired after long shift at work, whilst beth can see that scott is still BADLY in love with Hayley, prompting scott to say that "this is such a mess"

After Hayley & Scott have a minor chat, will approaches Hayley. He comments in the way Hayley was looking at Scott. Hayley sounds like she's trying to convince herself when she says, "I love Kim", but she was all but crying as she did so.

Soon after, Hayley goes onto the back patio. Scott is there - and he can see that Hayley isn't exactly the happy bribe to be. When Scott questions about this, Hayley tells him (in regard to her happiness with the wedding) "i HAVE to be" (note - she's all but crying as she says it).

Scott can't handle this, so he bails to the beach, where Amanda approaches. Amanda can't believe it when Scott admits that he is REALLY still in love with Hayley. Amanda feel totally betrayed - she angrily tells Scott that he USED her last night. Amanda runs to the wharf - where she gets a boat, fired up the engine and starts moving away - despite Scott wanting her to stop.

Scot gets in a boat & goes after her. Amanda has engine trouble, and Scott pulls alongside. Amanda doesn't want to listen to Scott - who tells her that there is a storm warming for tonight (as the intense waves crash against the boats. Amanda tells Scott that she can't swim. Amanda is then thrown overhead by the waves - and we see an upturned boat (end of ep)

Meanwhile, at the beach house, Irene comments on the fierce winds and rain. Leah says that rain before wedding is good luck. Robbie counters this - by saying the country house called .... the marquee fro the weeding is badly affected by storm. Alf insist that all can be fixed, but Hayley gets the feeling that this is the last straw.

She goes to her room, followed by will. Will tells Hayley that their parents had the problems that they did because they weren't totally in love with each other - and stayed together because of their kids (i.e. Hayley, will & nick).

Will insists that Hayley has to tell kimmy how she really feels - even though it will hurt him in the short term. Hayley is totally in a quandary


As Hayley prepare for the wedding, the news that Scott & Amanda is missing hits town

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