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The Plane Crash

Guest Hellboy

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Don't know if it's been mentioned here yet? But I thought I'd start a topic on it.

Sometime in October Serena will die in a Plane crash, and it look likely that another character or 2 will also be killed on, not neccessarily a regular character, i.e Camella, Elle.

Here is something I read.

Izzy, Paul, Susan, David, Lil, Serena, Connor, Elle, Sky, Alex and Dylan on board a flight celebrating 20 years of Lassiter's. Izzy discovers a sinister note tucked into the back of one of the plane's seats. It reads, 'Think about your life and everything you've done!' Three people die in the explosion and one other perishes later

I don't really know anything else. All's that is really confirmed is that there is a plan crash, Serena dies and David and Lil somehow leave/die/dissapear.

The rest is just rumors. Can't wait to see it though!

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Blair's contract runs out in November, so it won't be him.

Maybe, the 2 other deaths are Lil and Dave only there body's a never found. Since the producers said the door will be left open for them to return. Imagine that, a double Harold! :lol:

I think Carmella might die, and maybe Elle?

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