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Monday 26 September 2005 - Episode # 4056

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “This Leopard HASN’T Changed His Spotsâ€

Author Note - I realised last night that I missed something in the ep from last week in which Irene was locking every window & door in town. The thing that I missed is that Robbie & Tash have bailed to the city - as Dylan has had an accident of some kind.

Amanda tells josh that she’s settling into the bay well, so she’ll be able to pay her debt to him soon. Josh tells Amanda that he’s ok with that - as long as Amanda helps him in other ways. Josh tells Amanda that he wants her to get him a copy of the local electoral roll - with all the voters' addresses etc. Amanda is concerned, but agrees to do it.

Hayley asks Scott to help her with a wedding surprise for kimmy, because she’ll require a Ute to transport it. Scot agrees to help hayley - and spying on these two is Josh.

Amanda goes to the shire office, and tries to legally get her hands on the electoral roll, but when that doesn’t work, she uses less legal means. When Amanda sees another person approach the counter, she “accidentally†bumps into them, spilling coffee over the other woman. When the council worker takes the woman that Amanda ran into a washroom, Amanda uses tis opportunity to steal the VERY big folder with the electoral roll, Amanda them runs out of the building.

At Noah’s, alf, Scott & hayley are talking about the wedding, when josh enters the room. Alf in partic isn’t pleased to see josh. However, josh says that he’s back in the bay to make amends for anything that he did. Alf’s still sceptical, esp. since he thinks that josh’s criminal charges went away because “money talksâ€. Scott & hayley then correct josh when he thinks that they are getting married. When Scott is gone, josh tells hayley that he’s V sad that Noah passed away. Also, hayley tells him that she & Scott were together but now she’s with kimmy. Josh tells hayley that kimmy is a V lucky man.

Josh enters the diner, and alf continues to be sceptical of him. Colleen, however, appears to be swayed when he more than compensates her form her mobile phone. When Josh is gone, alf tells colleen (and anyone who’ll listen) that josh IS up to something.

AT the Robbie/Tash flat, Scott has set a table for two, and is cooking fish. He rings Amanda but she doesn’t respond. Hayley arrives at the Flat. She gives Scott his official invite to the wedding (and she also hands him to one for Robbie/Tash). Hayley smells something burning. Scott rushes to the kitchen - and both fondly reminisce about an occasion when hayley really burnt fish that she was cooking for Scott (when they both lived at the palace). As they are taking, you can see that their chemistry is still muchly there - and you get the feeling that hayley bailed when she did becasuse she could feel they were geeting TOO close again.

Meanwhile, Amanda meets josh near the wharf. She gives him the electoral roll. Amanda however is less keen about josh’s next assignment for her. He wants Amanda to be photographed in a compromising position with the local mayor. When Amanda resists, josh says that she’ll have to pay the $2 million she owes him NOW. The beleagued Amanda seems to have no choice but to agree.

Soon after, Amanda is all but in tears at the beach when we hear a male voice calling out to hayley. I then clued up - it’s Bert, the hospital dude that Amanda flirted with to get the DNA samples. Bert has flowers with him, and is keen to take things further with Amanda. She tells him to get lost, and she even tries to hit Bert with the flowers - and, of course, josh sees all of this.

Amanda arrives home. Scott isn’t pleased that Amanda ignored several calls from him - and that the fish he cooked is now VERY burnt. However, Scott is even more annoyed when Amanda tries to turn this back into him when she hears that hayley visited the fast whilst Amanda was out. Scott decides to bail - as he’s too annoyed with Amanda to speak to her.

Soon after, josh arrives at the flat. He tells Amanda that he saw her tiff with Bert, and knows that amend pretended to be hayley to get the DNA samples. Josh tells Amanda that the only reason for her to do that is because she thinks Hayley’s bub is Scott’s. Amanda tells josh that she got the samples tested - and bub is Kimmy’s. Josh thinks Amanda is lying - and tells her that if she doesn’t do the thing with the mayor that josh will tell hayley & Co that the bub is Scott’s - which will mean that Amanda will LOOSE Scott. (end of ep)


Josh makes an announcement to hayley, kimmy & Scott (I think it will be that he is running for mayor), and we see pics of Amanda & the mayor !!!

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