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Fatal Attraction

Guest Ashirr-Leigh

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Hey.. emm, I've finished one of my fanfics (Too Much To Take) and another (Set-Up) will be over soon, so I thought I'd start a new one! :)

The idea for this has been in my head for a while but I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going with the others first. :wink:

Anyway.. I'd be really happy if people read and reviewed, just so that I know what you all think! Thanks! :D


Chapter One

"That one, it definately has to be that one!"

Kane screwed his eyes up, unsure. He much preferred the other one.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. It'll match perfectly with her new dress.. then all I need to do is find a handbag or shoes to go."

Dani saw Kane's confused look and laughed.

"It's girl stuff, Kane.. everything has to match, trust me!"

"Alright.. but if she doesn't like it, I blame you!"

They both giggled before walking into the shop so that Kane could pick out the amethyst necklace and pay the cashier.

"For someone special?"

"My wife, it's for my wife."


"No, it's her birthday, it's her 30th so I knew I had to get something special!"

The cashier smiled at Kane, finding it refreshing to see a couple so in love. She could tell that Kane wasn't the richest of men, it'd obviously taken him a while to save up for the necklace.

"Well, I'm sure she'll love it."

"I hope so!"

The lady placed the necklace in a gift box and handed it to Kane before giving him his change.

"Thank you."

"You're wife's a very lucky lady."


The day was a particularly hot one so the beach was packed. In amongst the crowd lay Kirsty Phillips, sunbathing beside her best friend, Samantha.

"I told him I don't want a big fuss."

"Aww, come on Kirst, it's your 30th! You don't expect him to ignore it, do you?"

"I wish he would.. turning 30 isn't something I want to celebrate! It's the start of wrinkles and being tired all the time.."

"Hey! Are you trying to say that I'm wrinkly?"

Samantha was two years older than Kirsty, having recently turned 32. They'd met over 5 years ago when both had been mature students at university studying for the same course. Ever since, they'd been best friends.


"Shut up!"

She grabbed a handful of sand and threw it over Kirsty's legs, knowing that it would stick because of the gallons of suntan lotion.

"I can't believe you just did that!"

Immediately, Kirsty retaliated and it became a full scale sand war, much to the dislike of the other bathers around them. It's why Kirsty and Samantha got on so well, however. They may both have been - almost - in their 30s but neither of them acted like it. Inside, they were both still giggly teenagers who just wanted to have fun.


"Jo, come here a minute!"

Dani and Kane had just arrived back to Dani's house after their visit to the shopping mall. Jo was the 12 year old daughter of Dani and her husband, Scott.

"What is it, mum?"

"Do you want to see what uncle Kane got auntie Kirsty?"

"Aww yeah, please!"

Kane carefully opened up the giftbox and, almost immediately, Jo's eyes lit up.

"Wow.. it's beautiful!"

"You think?"

"Uncle Kane, she'll love it.. and if she doesn't, then I'll have it!"

Jo had been a mistake for Dani and Scott. They were only in their early twenties when she'd been conceived, a total accident. After the initial shock, they'd decided to keep her and never once regretted the decision.

"See! I told you there was nothing to worry about, Kane."


"What for?"

"For coming with me today, I would have gotten her that ugly yellow one instead!"

"No problem."

Years ago, the thought of Dani and Kane going out alone together would have been inconceivable. Now, as the years had passed and the dust had settled, everything was alot easier. Dani and Scott, Kane and Kirsty, Samantha and her husband Marcus, they now made up their own little group. They met up all the time, had a laugh, had fun. The past was only ever mentioned when it had to be and, even then, it wasn't as hard to talk about. Time had been a great healer for them all.


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Ahh!! Ok.. so I've totally let my fanfics slip (please people shout at me for doing that! :P ) but here is the second chapter to this!! Please read and review.. oh and btw.. I was really chuffed with the reviews for that one chapter! Thanks! :D <--- me, cheesered!!

Chapter Two

"No way is it 10 o clock already.."

Jo pulled the curtains open, allowing the extremely bright sunlight to fill the room. This caused both her parents to screw their eyes shut even tighter, light being the last thing that would help their pounding heads.

"Come on!! We told aunt Kirsty and uncle Kane that we would be round theirs for 10.30!!"

The mention of their names brought heavily flawed memories of the night before drifting into Dani's mind. At one point, she had been dancing beside the DJ alongside Kirsty and Samantha, with their bemused husbands watching and laughing.

"Just 10 more minutes, Jo, please!"

Normally, on weekdays, it would have been Jo begging her mother for "just 10 more minutes" in bed. This, however, was a Sunday morning and, the night before, Jo's mum and dad had gone out with her aunties and uncles to celebrate Kirsty's birthday.

"Mum!! Dad!!"

Jo knew that her screaming at the top of her voice would force her parents to get up. Their heads were already hurting, her shouting would not help!


The living room of the Phillips' house looked like a child's bedroom on Christmas morning. Every single last bit of furniture was covered in bright and sparkling wrapping paper that had been torn apart by an exciteable Kirsty only moments before.

"Now.. here's the last one!"

Kane nervously placed the little box into Kirsty's palm, hoping that Dani was right and this was the necklace she would want.

"Aww, Kane, you're really nervous about this, aren't you?"

Kirsty had instantly picked up on his nervousness about this small gift. The others, he had been confident that she'd like, but not this one.

"I just really want you to like it."

"I'm sure I will!"

Kane's nervousness only succeeded in making Kirsty feel the same as she slowly tore off the lilac wrapping paper. In five minutes, she'd managed to open numerous presents but she felt like she had to take her time over this one. Alot of effort and thought had obviously gone into it.


"I don't even remember how we got home."

Scott's eyes widened as he recalled more of the events of the night before. It was very rare that he got drunk because he wasn't much of a drinker but last night had been special. There was just somethng about everyone there that made them all want to have a good time.

"I carried you on my back."

Jo burst out laughing at the thought of her dad giving her mum a piggy back ride. Her parents always went out once a week to the local bar to meet up with their friends but they were never late home and very seldom drunk. Only on special occasions, like Kirsty's birthday, did they let go and the fact that they couldn't remember what had gone on served as huge amusement for Jo!

".. and I dropped my shoe! Oh yeah, I remember now! You wouldn't let me go and get it!"

"So you only have one of your silver heels, mum?"

Dani sighed, remembering all the good night's she had wearing the heels. They weren't old, only about three months, but she'd worn them at every opportunity, last night being no exception.

"I guess so!"

Again Jo laughed, as she, too, recalled how much her mum had loved the shoes.

"Oh well, you'll just have to buy me a new pair, Scott!"

"You'll be lucky!"


Kane clipped the necklace on for Kirsty and then turned her round so that he could see her wearing it. Now he definitely knew that he'd bought the right one because it looked stunning, as did his wife.

"It's beautiful, I don't know how you could have thought that I wouldn't like it!"

"I was torn between this one and another one but I'm glad I went with this one now!"

Kirsty closed in for a kiss, the feeling of Kane's lips on hers never failing to send sensations through her body. They'd been together a long, long time now but her feelings never dulled, they only became stronger each day.

"I love you, Mr Phillips!"

"And I love you, Mrs Phillips! Even if you are a bit past it now!"

Kirsty playfully hit Kane as they both laughed and then kissed again. Both of them firmly believed that one of the reasons they'd lasted so long was because there was still a major spark between them. They weren't serious all the time, they knew how to have a laugh, they had the right combination to make any relationship go the distance.

Just as they were beginning to get caught up in the moment, the doorbell interrupted them.

"Hello! Auntie Kirsty, uncle Kane! It's Jo!!"

Jo spent quite alot of time round at her aunt and uncle's place because her parents were so close to them. They lived near each other, saw each other every day and, along with Sam and her husband Marcus, they made up a little extended family for Jo.

Kirsty broke away from Kane and rushed to the door, letting her family in. As soon as she saw her, Dani smothered Kirsty in a huge hug, wishing her little sister happy birthday.

"So.. how does it feel now that you've hit the big 3-0??"


It was now 5pm and more of Kirsty's friends had now called round and left. Only Sam and Marcus remained after Dani and Scott had been forced to take Jo home. She'd eaten too much cake and had almost succeeded in making herself sick when she'd tried to eat that fourth slice.

"I suppose I had better make a start on the washing up!"

"Aww, no Kane.. just leave it!"

The room was now even messier than it had been at 10am in the morning. Along with the strips of wrapping paper, there was now cups, plates and bits of half eaten food on the table.

"If I don't start it now, it'll never get done."

Sam stood up and began gathering dishes to take into the kitchen, thinking that Kane could use all the help he could get.

"Sam! Sit down, you're a guest!"

"Kane, I'm in this house so much that I might aswell live here! And plus, I used all this stuff, just let me help!"

"Fine! I was only trying to be polite but.. if you insist! I'll wash, you dry!"

They walked into the kitchen, leaving Kirsty and Marcus alone.

"It was some night last night, Kirst."

"God, I know!"

Kirsty and Marcus had met four years ago when he'd first started going out with Sam. Initially, they hadn't gotten on because Kirsty had been extremely protective of her best friend. At the time, Sam had just been devastated by her boyfriend having an affair so the whole group had been weary of Marcus. He had, however, passed all their tests!

"You certainly know how to party!"

"It wouldn't have been the same without all you guys!"

As he watched her talk, Marcus moved closer to Kirsty, her smile making him feel warm inside.

"Nah, it was you. You made it what it was."

"Marcus, you're so cheesy!"

Marcus laughed with her but inside he was full of excitement. He'd always thought Kirsty was pretty but only recently had his true feelings become clear. The night before, he'd studied her every move, mesmerised by her.

"So, can I get a kiss from the birthday girl then?"

"Of course you can!"

Kirsty giggled as she moved forward to kiss Marcus on the cheek.. only her laughter stopped when he turned his face so that their lips met.

"No! Marcus, what are you doing?"

"I can't help it.. I.."

Before he could attempt to explain, Sam appeared in the doorway, hollering at them to stop being slackers and help clean up. Immediately, Kirsty shot up, wanting to get away from Marcus.

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