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Wednesday 21 September 2005 - Episode # 4053

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “Amanda’s Christmas Card Listâ€

Amanda tells Scott & Co that she has to bail - because of the phone call. Amanda is V distracted (by the confirmation that Scott is the father of Hayley’s baby). Amanda even walks out onto the road without looking if there were any cars coming. Bad move as seconds later, Irene (in her Volvo) ploughs into Amanda.

The distressed Irene instantly gets out of her car - and runs to Amanda. Irene tells that nearby Robbie to call ambulance. When Robbie goes inside, he tells everyone what’s happens.

Scott, hayley & Co rush outside - and they decide on not moving Amanda (in case of spinal damage etc). All the while, the distressed Irene is telling ppl that she didn’t see Amanda until it was too late.

After the ambulances officers take Amanda to the hospital, a male doctor we’ve (I think) not seen before examines Amanda. The medical staff suggests that Scott should give them some room so they can treat Amanda.

Soon after, the doc tells Scott that Amanda is conscious - but she’ll need to stay in hospital for a few more hours for observation. When asked, the doc says that Scott can now visit Amanda.

Scott enters Amanda’s hospital room, and she seems to have no recollection of the accident. She remembers being at the surf club, but can’t recall the accident. Amanda then starts to remember what happened - she has flashbacks of looking at the patenity results before being hit. Amanda asks Scott where her handbag is - and when Scott she that hayley has it with her (just outside the room), Amanda charges out of the room grabs her handbag from hayley.

At this point, Irene tells Amanda that she couldn’t stop in time - as Amanda just “came out of nowhereâ€. Amanda immediately launches into a major verbal attack on Irene - who is quite shell shocked by Amanda’s veracity.

Soon after, Amanda is back in her hospital bed and she is talking to Scott. Amanda asks Scott he thought that he & hayley would be together if the baby were his. Scott indicates that he & hayley probably would be (still together) but that Amanda doesn’t have to worry bout that now.

When Scott leaves the room, Amanda quickly rips up the paternity test results.

Jack & fellow policeman Cory to the beach house - and they speak to Irene about what happened.

When they are gone, Irene is keen to speak to Amanda again, but hayley doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Irene goes to the hospital anyway - and gets the same harsh reaction from Amanda (note 1 - that’s another Baysider off Amanda's Christmas card list - Leah, Beth, kit & now Irene. Note 2 - I must admit I didn’t think Amanda is nasty for doing this to Irene, mostly because I don’t like Irene as much as I do Beth & Kit).

When Irene gets home, she tells kimmy about Amanda’s reaction. Irene then hears a noise or two outside, and she tells kimmy & hayley that she thought she saw someone pass by the front door. Kimmy opens the door and looks outside. There’s no sign of anyone. Irene then agrees that she’ll need a sleeping tablet to get some rest tonight.

In the morning, Irene is SHOCKED - when she comes downstairs, she sees that the lounge room has been ransacked !!!! (end of ep)

Jack & Cory are at the diner, and Cory’s is hoping to find better accommodation than what he has now. Cory sees a notice form a room going at the beach house, but as soon as he says this, colleen tells him that the room is taken, and that Irene should have removed that notice ages ago.

Meanwhile, Martha is talking to Tash at the latter’s flat. Martha is keen to go to the latest promotion at Noahs - a dance club theme night. Martha makes it clear that she’s interested in finding someone. Tash thinks that Martha is trying too hard to get over jack. Martha dismisses this - but still wants Tash to go with her tonight. Tash isn't that keen but agrees.

On the way to Noah’s, Martha encounters jack at the diner. It’s clear that Martha’s walls (re jack) are still well & truly up.

At the dance club night, Tasha is V worried about Martha, esp. when she seems to be getting V close (and drinking a lot with) a guy since never net before.

Martha isn’t Tasha’s only concern, however. A guy approaches Tash, and he’s keen to dance etc with her. The guy doesn’t seem to believe Tasha’s claim that she is waiting for her hubby, but Robbie enters the room moments later. The guy gets the message when Robbie & Tash kiss, before the start dancing.

Later, Robbie & Tash want to head for home. They suggest that Martha should join them but Martha is keen to hang with the guy she’s been with all night. The guy tells Tash & Robbie that he’ll drive Martha home.

Soon after, whilst the guy is driving, Martha comments that he’s going the wrong way (to get to her place) but the guy insists on taking a bit of a detour. He then stops the car, in the middle of nowhere, and clearly wants to get SERIOUS with Martha. She tells him that she’s not ready for that - and is open to open the car door when the police arrive.

The cops in question are, of course, Jack & Cory. When Martha wonders why the police are there, Jack comments that the place where the guy Martha is with has stooped is a known trouble spot. Martha reacts as though she thinks Jack is keeping an eye on her, and Martha rejects jack’s suggestion that he will take her home. Martha, however, agrees for Cory to do so.

On the way home, cory &Martha stop off at the diner - where Martha makes it quite clear (to Cory) that she & Jack are well & truly over !!!


Who is out to harm Irene?

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