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CLASSIC Twisted Tales

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belgshep, i think my felllings for angie are pretty confused - like when she was on the show, one moment i wanted to kill her, next i'd want to kiss her !!!


Dani who wants everything to be perfect cannot stand Gypsy's scars, but is too scared to tell her , knowing Gypsy's temper, so she just tries to avoid her all the time. Running off and hiding whenever she sees her. Gypsy is wondering where Dani is ...will Gypsy find out the truth??!!

Gypsy is so preoccupied with her troubles with Dani that the two old bags give her the slip....but has someone seen where both they and Dani are hiding in the same place. Where are they...who will discover who first ??!!

The male cop is distracted and Noah runs for it , but the female cop persues him. When she catches up with him she is about to handcuff him when suddenly Josh West appears in his car. One of his tail lights isn't working and the cop can't resist the chance of doing him for it. It's your lucky day she tells Noah, who races off to get Hayley. While Hayley and Noah drive off celebrating their good fortune, the two cops beat Josh West to death with their truncheons. ''We killed Josh West'' said the truncheons. ''you LEGENDS'' replied the handcuffs!!!

''Stab me, please,'' begs Alf as Seb holds the carving knife over him. But Seb is too chicken. Alf is so angry because he wanted Seb to stab him so that he could have him arrested and taken away.Alf then chases Seb out of the diner , the sad Seb sits sulkily spying !!!!! Seb decides that he is sick of being such a saddo and is determined to make a friend....who will Seb try and make friends with??!!

Fi sits painting Shelley's portrait gently sobbing. Kirsty and Kane walk past and Kirsty glances in through the window...''isn't that Fi in there with that thug and Shelley'' said Kirsty ..''and she looks upset!''

At those words our hero flew through the door demanding to know what was going on and why was Fi upset. When Fi told him he was furious ...no one treats his friends like this.

Kane punched the henchman knocking him out cold and then shouted at Shelley to get the hell out of there. Shelley was terrified and ran off. Fi was so grateful ,butshe was shaking from her ordealand her legs were so wobbly that in the end Kane had to carry her all the way home in his strong arms. When they got back to Fi's she hugged and kissed them both goodbye, grateful that she had such wonderful friends !!!

Date: 15/01/04 Author : Wanda


As Gypsy continues to look for her lover, Dani is SHOCKED when she sees collen & the Gov in the same cave that she is in. Dani SCREAMS at the top of her lungs, which Gypsy, Colleen & the Guv hear. Collen & the Guv are closing in on Dani (to finish that job that started) when a hideous looking creature arrives. Becasue it's dark in the cave, collen & her accomplice don't know it's Gypsy, bu her sioulmate Dani does. As collen & the Guv runs away in fright, Dani kisses her disfigured lover and thanks Gypsy for saving her friends to 2 evil women. dani then tells Gypsy she's been avoiing her because of her disfigurement, but now she realises it's what inside that counts, and then, in the entrance to the cave, the 2 make love for the 1st time since the accident. But all the time whilst gypsy & dani are having sex, colleen & the Guv are watching, waiting to make their move. what's their plan to rid themselves of dani & gypsy?

Hayley has now decides that she HATES the drugged out Noah, and demands that he goes cold turkey. He agrees to do so, IF hayley is with him, NUDE, the whole time that he's doing it (going cold turkey). He also demands that she enters the "Miss NUDE Australia" contest. Hayley agrees and removes all her clothes. But will the sexy sight of the NUDE hayley be able to keep noah off the drugs he LOVES SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much?

Seb decides that he wants to be friends with Hayley's triplets, Ethan, Bec & Beau. He knows what happened in the past (him perving on Bec) but he is determined to be friends with someone. Naturally, Bec isn't too keen on the idea. Neither is Ethan, but Beau (the youngest of Hayley's triplets) decides to give seb a chance. when ethan & bec enquire, beau tell sthem if seb has a friend maybe he won't be soooooo big a looser. Will Beau be seb's saviour?

Fi is pleased that shelley appears to have given up on harassing her. The next day, Fi asks Kirsty where Kane is. Kirsty says he's working late. Fi & Kirsty then both sense that somethuing isn't right, so kirsty rings kane's work. They said kane finished his work at little eary that night, and had gone home. Kirsty & Fi rang everywhere looking for kane. No one knew where he was. Rhys was partic distraught that the son he never had was missing. After a search involving all the ppl in the Bay, who think kane is the greatest thing since sliced bread (incl flynn, alf, rhys, jade, tash, mark, jade, wanda, her kids & sammy), the trio of Fi, Kirsty & Rhys eventually find kane. Shelley & josh have teamed up and their many henchmen were too much for even kane to handle, and they had tied him up. Fi, Kirsty & Rhys are SOOOO distraught when they see kane tied up they (despite being heavily outnumbered) begin to fight the henchman. Fi, Kirsty & Rhys easily defeat the bag guys, and after untieing kane, Fi & Rhys punched and kicked Josh West to death. The duo's hands & feet then said "we killed Josh", and their stomachs replied "you LEGENDS". Kane then thanked Fi & Kirsty for sensing he was in danger. He then gave boh KIrsty AND Fi a great big kiss. Fi was over the moon.

The next day, Rhys & the others were VERY pleased to hear that Shelley had been arrested. RHys visited her in the watch house, but ONLY to tell her that he hopes she rots in jail, for kidnapping the son he never had. Dani, Jade & kirsty also visited the watch house - each of them said similar things to rhys, and the trio spat on their "dear sweet" mum. When they've gone, Sheeley vowed to get revenge on kane. what will she try next?

Angie's plans to split up Jade, Mark & Tasha aren't working. Miss Ruseell uses all of her cunning to come up with her latest EVIL plan to split up that trio. What's her plan?

The producers of Pammy's movie decide to fire silly scott, and personally see to it that he rtns to the Bay (a studio employeee is with silly scott the WHOLE time for the journey between the studio and Summer Bay). What happens when silly scott rtns home?

Date: 15/01/04 Author : JosieTash


While Dani and Gypsy are making wild passionate love Colleen and the guv seal the entrance to the cave. They place rocks and boulders in the entrance and pretty soon it is airtight. Will anyone come to Dani's and Gypsy's rescue ??!!

Noah tries , really tries to go cold turkey. But even though he loves Hayley the drugs have too strong a hold on him and while Hayley is sleeping he sneaks out to get high! Will Hayley find out??!!

Seb follows Beau everywhere he goes , constantly whining and moaning about how no one likes him and how everyone likes Kane even though five years ago Kane accidentally trod on Seb's toe, and how unfair it was , and how Uncle Alf was mean to him, and how Kirsty and Jade both dumped him , and how he's the Bay's oldest virgin...on and on and on ...until finally Beau could stand it no more.

''Rack off you pathetic , whining git!!! No wonder you've got no friends !!'' he shouted.

Seb scuttled off to find a new friend who he could moan to about how horrid Beau was ....will Seb find a new friend??!!

After bribing her way out of prison,Shelley was cross , angry and in the worst mood imaginable ...and she blamed Kane !! She was determined to get even !! As she wandered about trying to formulate a plan she saw Josh West sneaking into her garden to steal her underwear off the washing line. Her anger grew at the sight of the posh git and she ran into the garden and throttled him with her bra.

''I killed Josh West'' said the bra.

''You LEGEND!!'' cried the panties !!

Angie decides to divide and conquer so she tries some girlie bonding with Tasha and Jade. She invites them over for a girlie night in , trying on make up and pampering themselves. She then sets about planting seeds of doubt in their minds about their lovely husband Mark, will the girls fall for these new subtle tactics??!!

Kirsty ,Kane and Fi are watching tv when they hear a strange noise. Kirsty and Fi are frightened, but Kane reassures them and goes to see what the noise is. The two girls hear a scream , what is happening??!!

Date: 15/01/04 Author : Wanda


Gypsy & Dani are both distraught at their plight. dani then proposes to her soulmate, which gypsy enthusiastically accepts. All seems lost for our loving lesbains when the ghost of Vinnie hears their cries for help. He flies away and tries to get someone's attention. No onme comes hear him until he arrives at wanda & jesse's place, where UK Leah detects his presence. She then tells her mum, siblings & jesse what has happened. Jesse & the others race to where gyspy & dani are trapped. Jesse, Joe & Yan move JUST enough rocks etc for the flexible Danusia (and some much needed air) to get through. when the debris is cleared anthey can get out, Gypsy & Dani about SOOOO grateful to UK Leah that they begin to arrange a trip for her to see the actual filming of the latest Harry Potter movie. UK Leah is over the moon. Gypsy & dani then tell wanda & the other of the marraige plans, which collen & the guv overhear. Bioth bguin to plan to ruin the sexy couple's wedding day. what EVIL plans are forming in colleen & the guv's minds?

Noah tries to hide the fact that he's taken drugs but Hayley just KNOWS he has. NOah thinks she's goiong to put her clothes om (as punishment) but Hyaley realises she LOVES the fredeom on bring naked so she stays that way. Hayley then chains noah to the wall, so there's NO WAY he can consume any drugs. Whilkst he is soing cold turkey, hyaley makes a phone casl, to enter herelf in the "miss nude australia" conmtest. Days later, hayley call flynn who confirms ALL the copious amountb of drugs are out of noah's system. Will Hayley like this new Noah? and how goes she go in the miss nude australia quest?

Seb decides to try and invent something (and he read ALL the harry potter books), so he has sonmething in common with robbie and UK leah. He also vows to NOT talk about how kane & others have wronged him. He appraoaches Robbie & UK Leah. do they like his invention? can seb keep his troubles to himself? and will robbie & UK Leah be his friends?

Jade & Tasha, who both KNOW how conniving Angie can be, lie when they tell Tasha's mum they believe her when she says all these untruths about their wonderful hubby. After the girls rtn home, and have a sexy 3some with MArk. Angie has, however, followed them home and knows that jade & tasha were lieing when they said they believed her. What will the EVIL miss Rusell do now?

Kane goes outside where he sees josh west trying to get revenge on Shelley (who herself was spying on Fi, Kane & Kirsty). Josh had one of his henchmen holding sheeley. Josh then remove sheeley's bra (to strangle her) when kane intervened. kane easily bested the bulky, but slow, henchmen (who he realised was former gym instructor Baz). kane then thumped Josh, who landed in a puddle of water (it had been raining earlier). Fi & Kirsty went outside and pushed josh'd head further into the water, which drownerd him. "We killed Josh" cried Kirsty, Fi and the puddle, to which a nearby magpir replied "you LEGENDS!".

Sheeley then thanked Kane fpor saving her life (AGAIN) and promise NEVER to try and hurt him & his friends again. WIll shelley keep her promise?

Date: 16/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Thanks to Gypsy's fantastic influence Dani is becoming less of a self centred bitch and everyone in the bay is warming to her and helping with the wedding plans.Shelley however is annoyed that Beth is involved and joins in with Colleen and the guv to destroy the couple and their wedding , in return they will help her get rid of Kane. Ofcourse Shelley had only been pretending to leave Kane alone. When news of this unholy alliance reached them it actually bonded K/K and Dani and Gypsy together since now they had a common enemy and with everyone else on side they were confident that they could deal with Shelley,Colleen and the guv....but the horrible three had a trick up their sleeve ...what were they going to do ??!!

Hayley discovers that she can't stand Noah when he is drug free ...he has zero personality and a low intellect ...she immediately gets him some drugs and insists he takes them ...but Noah has worked hard to get clean and is wondering if this is some devious test that Hayley has made up to get him to succumb to temptation ...will Hayley be able to convince Noah that he MUST take the drugs ??!!

Seb manages to not moan for five minutes but then he spends five hours whining ...in the end UK Leah swore for the first time in her life , telling Seb to **** off !! Robbie chased him away distraught that UK Leah was so upset.

Angie then tried to poison Mark and Tasha's minds against Jade , but again they pretended to agree then went home and made mad passionate love !! Angie was sooo angry that she punched the first person she came across , it was Josh West. As he lay comatose on the ground a passing possum sat on his face and suffocated him.

''I just killed Josh West!!'' said the passing possum

''You LEGEND!!'' said a kuckaburra (sp?)

Date: 17/01/04 Author : Wanda

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I just like the name Ethan - don't know why, i just (still) do !!!


The evil trio spy and hear the wedding plans of Gypsy & Dani and plan to foil them. They discover the 2 girls plan to get near a baeautiful waterfall in the bush. Shelley hates that dani like beth more than her and REALLY wants to ruin her daughter's wedding day (by KILLING Dani, Gypsy, Beth, and all their frieds, partic kane). As the preparations forn the wedding proceed, so do the evil trio's plans. KK, Gypsy, Dani & the others don't trust sheeley & the other two, so Fi, kane & kirsty spy on the trio - to discover they're plans. What do they find out?, and will the 3 get caught by shelley, collen & the guv?

Noah is dead set against taking any drugs, even afetr hayley shows him he is now MR zero personality. Noah doesn't care, so even when Hayley asks Jade, Tasha, Dani & Gypsy to come to her place and sexily strip in front of noan, he doen't take his eyes of hayley (for the fear she make put drugs in his sandwiches, or a drink). Noah even tries to keep himself awake, so Hayley can't do anthing during his sleep. Will Hayley EVER be able to deceive Noah, and give him the much needed drugs?

Robbie is wary when Seb appraoaches him & UK leah again. UK Leah uses all her tact to resist swearing at Seb again. The saddo asks is they will create an invention which will give him an electirc shock EVERY time he moans (ie if he moans too much he'll die). RObbie & UK LEah agree to construct the device. When they are finished, seb puts on the collar like device. will he stop moaning? or will his moaning KILL him?

ANgie decides a new couse of action. she infects a few bottles of the body covering chocolate that she KNOWS jade, Mark & Tasha like. She arranges that the moment any of the 3 licks the chockie of their loving partners, they'll die. Is this the end for our sexy 3some?

Josh enters the diner, where Danusia & Sammy are talking to Alf. When Josh tries to intrerupt their convo, Sammy (in partic) is NOT pleased. Pammy's younger bro acrobatically kicks josh in the face. He goes flying to the doorway of the diner where he collapses. Jesse & Wanda then eneter the eatery and trample josh as they wipe their slightly muddy shoes on him. "we killed Josh" cried jesse & wanda's shoes. "You LEGENDS" replied the salt & pepper shakers on a nearby table.

Date: 17/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Fi, Kirsty and Kane discover that the evil trio are planning to tip toxic waste into the waterfall, so unknown to the three witches the wedding plans are changed to a different waterfall on the other side of the Bay.The wedding is spectacular and goes without a hitch and many of Fi's friends were responsible for the flowers , photography , organisation etc.,they included,Alyssa,Claire,Emma,Stacey,Kelly,

Erin,Kat,Fez and Louisea and many more. They all took turns with dancing with Kane and chatting to Kirsty and Fi and Gypsy was so grateful to them for all their help. Dani was not pleased that she was not the centre of attention for a millisecond , but apart from that it all went well.

Meanwhile the three evil cows poured the toxic waste into the wrong waterfall and waited for the wedding to begin. No one turned up apart from Josh West , who obviously no one spoke to. Luckily the toxic waste spilt on him , and so was not entirely wasted. He died an agonising death,

the toxic waste said ''I killed Josh West''

a rock replied ''You LEGEND!!''

Despite the fun they had watching Josh West writhe in agony and die , the three evil women , Shelley, Colleen and the guv , vowed to carry on their evil vendetta ...what would they try next??!!

Noah was still refusing to take any drugs and was boring every one to death at the wedding reception , all Fi's friends decided enough was enough , so whilst Emma and Erin pretended to be interested in his drivel , Stacey and Kelly spiked his drink. Immediately the drugs took effect he became far more interesting and grabbed Hayley for a dance. Hayley thanked them all....but what would Noah say when he found out he had been tricked??!!

Seb is wandering around the reception on his own as befits a saddo loser , everytime he starts to talk to someone he begins moaning and the collar device gives him an electric shock. As he convulses in pain , however, no one takes any notice , because they think that he is attempting to dance, spazzing his way around the room. Eventually Alf works out what is happening ...will he help Saddo-boy or will he let him die from moaning??!!

Mark, Jade and Tasha leave the reception early.

''Lets get the body-chocolate out,'' says Jade as they go to the bedroom ...will they use the poisoned body chocolate ??!!

Wanda and Jesse also make their excuses and leave early , have they seen someone lurking near Mark's house or are they just shadows...??!!

Eventually the wedding reception comes to an end in the wee small hours ...Kane escorts Fi's friends to the train station , and waits for the train with them. Suddenly Emma sees something ....''is that Shelley over there and what's she doing?'' she asks our hero Kane,...what happens next??!!

Date: 18/01/04 Author : Wanda


As Shelley decides to concentrates her engeries on destroying kane, collen & the gov cointinue to scheme about how to destroy the happily married couple. the pair soon discover that Gypsy & Dani have decided to honeymoon in the Australian ski fields, as both hadn't seen to snow before, and they have to cuddle up REAL close to keep the cold frosrty temperatures at bay - somethings the newlyweds HATED (hehehehehehe). colleen & the Giv followed them to the snowfields, and once Gypsy & Dani were receiving their 1st ski lessons, the evil pair set about about creating an avanlanche. Will collen & the Gov be successful in their plans, and how will it afeect our lovable newlywed lesbains?

Noah initailly thought about reading the riot act to the like of Hayley, Emma & erin, but then he saw the video footage of himself both ON and OFF the drugs are realised that he liked himself SOOOOO much better on the drugs, so he asked Hayley to "drug him up" whenever she felt it was appropriate for him (ie when he got to boring). Flynn ,however, didn't like the idea of Noah being on drugs and threatened to tell the cops about Hayley & Noah's scheme. Will Hayley be able to work her feminine charms and convinve Flynn that her plan for Noah is for the best?

Alf thinks about leaving his saddo nephew to die, but he just CAN"T do it. he uses his immense strength to open the collar about remove it from Seb's neck. He then tells seb he MUST see a counsellor about all his MANY problems. ALf aslo insists that seb could see a shrink in the city (not anyomne from the bay). Seb's new city counseloor turns to be female - and beknownst to seb, or even herself, she is Jesse's long lost sister. The counsellor, named Kira, agrees to monitor seb's progress. She evens tells him that she'll have SEX with him IF he doen't moan about ANYTHING, to ANYONE (and himself or her) for 3 months. Seb likes the incentive Kira has give him, and ALL in the Bay are AMAZED at the new, moan free Seb. The saddo makes it to the end of the 3 months without moaning ONCE. Will Kira hold up her end of the bargain?

Jade, Mark & Tasha strip off and cover each other in body chocolate. as they do so, jesse & wanda see Angie. She tries to run away, but jesse is to strong for her. jesse demands that she tell he & wanda what is going on. Angie won't talk but jesse & wanda know she is up to something. As Jesse continues to try to get info out of ANgie, Wanda knocks on the door of Jade, Mark & Tasha. the 3 initailly ignore the knocks (as they continue to cover every skerrick of each other's bodies, partic their lover's private parts), but when the knocking continues they KNOW it's serious. Tasha (nude accept for the body chockie) answers the door and Wanda told her that Angie had been lurking outside their house. Tasha invites Wanda in (knowing that Mark & jade are TOTALLY comfortable with Wanda seeing them in buff) and Wanda tells Jade & Mark about ANgie. The trio suspoect that ANgie MUST know their body chockie routine, and decide to go out and buy some new chokie instead of risking their lives. The trio thank Wanda for warning them anout Angie. When Wanda, Jade, Mark & Tasha go outside, neither Jesse or ANgie is there. Where are they?

Kane tahnks Emma for spotting Sheeley. He them asks emma and the others to stay with Fi & Kiresty at the train startion whilsty he investigates what's happened. Kane discovers that shelley has put some metal bars and rocks on the train tracks about a kilometere away from the staion (so the train would MAJORLY derail if it hit the debris at that speed). Kane rang Kirsty on her mobile and yold her to tell the train driver (when the train arrived) about the debris. Kane also called Rhys, and several of his other great friens, do they could help him move the debris. When the jpb is done, Kane thanks Emma once more. Shelley is LIVID that Emma & Kane have foiled her plan. What will she try NEXT?

PS - silly me forgot something.

As Kane, Rhys and the others clear the debris from the tracks, they just throw as fast as they can. Becasue they are eager to remobe the meatal etc from the tracks they don't notice that much of it hits josh west, who was in league with shelley to destroying kane & my friends, incl. emma & Fi. Josh soon after succumbs to all the pain of being hitting by the debris - as kane. rhys & co. workerd on regardless. "we killed Josh" cried the debris. "You LEGENDS" replied a nearby goanna.

Date: 18/01/04 Author : JosieTash


As Dani and Gypsy take their first skiing lesson it becomes obvious that Gypsy is a natural , but all this physical exertion is NOT Dani's cup of tea at all...she would rather be shopping !! Dani throws a hissy fit and stomps off, not wishing to spoil the honeymoon Gypsy follows her....and for once Dani's ''me,me,me'' temperament has come in handy , because just as they leave the slopes a huge avalanche takes place, missing them completely.The girls celebrate their lucky escape by making love passionately ...but they still do not know that Colleen and the guv were responsible for the avalanche ...what will the hags do next??!1

Flynn , the goody-goody, rubbish advice doctor is adamant that ''drugs are bad'' , and nothing Hayley does can change his mind. Leah overhears the conversation and offers to help Hayley change his mind. Will Leah be any more succcessful??!!

Saddo Seb skips into Kira's office with the most enormous bunch of roses on the planet.He stole the money for the roses from a collection box for local orphans that the saintly Scotty P had set up. Kira is appalled when Scotty P tells her what Seb has done and she tells him that no way will she sleep with someone who could do such an awful thing. Saddo Seb starts crying , blaming the pollen , but Kira tells him to knob off and get a life. Seb then reverts to his usual moaning self. What will Alf say when the moaning Seb returns still a virgin , to the Bay ??!!

Angie is spotted lurking behind the bushes and runs off. Jesse is no where to be seen. Wanda is distraught ...and the only witness to what happened is silly Scott Hunter , who appears to be dancing in the street ....can they get the idiot to tell them what happened??!!

Shelley is so frustrated at not having got rid of Kane , so she invites Josh West over for a night of passion. The posh twit is suspicious but desperate so he agrees. Shelley makes him go through the whole of the karma sutra positions , until she tires of his useless lovemaking. She grabs a pillow and suffocates him.

''I just killed Josh West'' says the pillow.

''You LEGEND'' cry the sheets !!

Fi is walking home with Wanda who is crying because Jesse is missing , when she overhears Shelley making plans with someone on the phone. Who is Shelley talking to??!!

Fi knows something is up and that her friend Kane is in danger ...what does she do ??!!

Date: 19/01/04 Author : Wanda


The Guv begins to waver in her pursuit of Gypsy & Dani, but a stern talking to by Colleen convinces her to stick with it. "Dani USED you and now she’s with THAT silly bloodnut. I thought ppl who’d been in jail were made of stronger stuff". This REALLY fires the Guv up. She is REALLY encourages when she sees that the shooping centre at Yabbie Creek is having a BIG sale. Both she & collen KNOW that Gypsy & Dani are both like moths to a flame when it comes to such things. The evil duo plan to destroy the entire shopping complex, and they DON"T care how many more lives they take, as long as Dani & Gypsy DIE. Will the Guv & Colleen’s dastardly scheme be successful this time?

Leah & Hayley are BOTH there when Hayley shows Flynn the video tapes of Noah in both his drugged (life of the party) state, and his off-the-drugs (mr ZEO personality) demeanour. Flynn doesn’t seem to be convinced by either Hayley or Leah. He even knocks back BOTH girls’ offers of sleeping with him whenever and where ever he wants. Hayley then thinks the ONLY thing that will convince Flynn is for the drug free Noah to hang around the Doc for an extended period of time. Will Flynn change his mind after having Mr ZERO personality with him for hour after hour after hour after hour etc?

Alf can’t believe that Seb would do SUCH a stupid thing (esp since after all the no moaning effort the saddo had put in). Mr Stewart finally decides he’s had ENOUGH of his nephew’s behaviour. He went up to their flat, and knocked Seb out with a wack to the head with a fry pan. ALf then ties Seb up and puts moves his body under neath the saddo’s own bed. Mr stewart thinks no one will miss the annoying virgin’s moaning, and the saddo will die of starvation. A few days go by and everything is going according to plan (everyone seems pleased just pleased that seb isn’t moaning). Will ANYONE realise that seb is in danger? And will they EVEN care?

Wanda was quite concerned about Jesse, and didn’t seem to help helping with all silly scott’s attempts to describe where her beloved had gone. As Wanda began REALLY stress about her hubby (esp that EVIL angie had done something to him), Jesse FINALLY rtned to her side. She wondered when he had been. Jesse explained that he had tied Angie up, and tried to call the police on his mobile. He then told his beloved wife that all the mobile & landline phones were offline because of a huge storm in the city which had shut down all telecommunications. Jesse, who was distraught that he had casued his lover SOOO much grief, was also not pleased that Angie had escaped AGAIN.

Jesse was REALLY angry. Wanda knew that this was NOT a good thing, so she suggested that that her hubby should find Josh West and take out ALL his rage of the posh twerp. Jesse gave his awesome wife the biggest, most passionate kiss, before he stormed of looking for Josh. Soon afetr, he found the posh git at the sands motel. Jesse smashed Josh’s door down. He then yanked Joch out of the bath. Jesse then laughed at the git’s microscopic boy bits, before he SMASHED josh’s jaw with a right hook. Another punch from Jesse sent Josh over his third story balcony, into the swimming pool, where the posh git drowned. "We killed Josh" said Jesse and the pool water, to which some nearby pool furniture replied "you LEGENDS!"

Fi, who is pleased that Jesse has now been located, KNOWS that Shelley has been talking to Harry Reynolds - former SBH teacher who relayonships with the likes of Gypsy, Shauna etc - (who she has been having a ULTRA secret affair with since virtually day 1 that she arrived in the Bay, unbeknownst to Rhys, OR her new lawyer fiance). Fi tries to phone Kane & Kirsty on her mobile, but Wanda tells her about the phone problems (which happened JUST after sheeley’s call to Harry). Fi then runs for her life. She needs to get to the KK place, as Harry plans to crash a plane into Kane & Kirsty’s house. Will Fi be able to reach the K/K in time? Or will Shelley & Harry’s plan KILL Kane, Kirsty and their twins?

Jade, Mark & Tasha decide to confront the EVIL Angie. Tash tells her mum to stop trying to ruin her life. Will Angie take advantage of the sexy trio coming to her to move her move to destroy them?

Date: 19/01/04 Author : JosieTash

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that's understandable (wth the H&A theory) !!!!

someone commented similarly when i 1st sid it ie "And thanks god you remembered to kill Posh josh, otheriwse it just wouldnt have been complete!"

LOVE the time machine line - are you saying that we copied off them ????

and now for more incl. the double century !!!


Our hero Kane has taken Kirsty shopping , they are meeting Fi and Lleyton for a coffee, when suddenly Kane spots Colleen and the guv lurking by the escalators. He had seen Dani and Gypsy shopping til they drop earlier and was immediately suspicious of the two old evil hags knowing how they hated Gypsy and Dani. He told Kirsty and their friends to inform security and then went and followed the evil duo. Under the escalator the two crones were sitting with a detonator , obviously waiting for the right time to strike. Kane wracked his brain , how could he distract the horrible old hags and defuse the detonator??

Noah is driving Flynn mad , following him around with his ZERO personality , in the end he can stand it no more and prescribes him some drugs , unfortunately because Noah has been clean for so long the prescription is a little too strong and Nooah has some strange side-effects ...what happens ??!!

No one has noticed and no one cared that saddo Seb was not around , but unfortunately Alf received a phonecall from his sister Morag, she was coming to stay. Although Morag didn't like the sad little git either she liked to stick her nose in and criticise so Alf reckoned he had better let saddo Seb out from under the bed while Morag was visiting ...what will Morag say when she finds out saddo has been under his bed for three weeks ??!!

Earlier that day Fi had averted a terrible catastrophy by alerting K/K to the evil plan Shelley had conjured up with Harry Reynolds and they all managed to escape from the house in time. However Josh West had been lurking , spying on them , hoping to uncover some dirt for his mother's rag of a newspaper and had not been so lucky. The plane crashed straight into Josh , the propellers slicing him into countless tiny pieces , Harry Reynolds however had bailed out and was making his way to Shelley's unaware that K//K had escaped.

''we've just killed Josh West '' said the propellers.

''You legends'' cried the wings.

Angie listened to Tasha, Mark and Jade and appeared to be remorseful, but by now NONE of them trust her , not even her own daughter ...is she being sincere ??!!

Date: 20/01/04 Author : Wanda


Kane decided the only way that that major loss of life could be overted was if the Guv and Colleen could see that Gypsy & Dani were already dead. Kane rang Dani on her mobile and told her his plan. Dani then told Gypsy that kane wants them die to play dead, socolleen & the Guv could be distracted enough for kane to disable the explosive device. Gypsy & Dani then simultaneously collapsed in the middle of the clothes shop they were in, and because they’d been doing yoga/meditation techniques etc, they were able to lower their heart rates enough for it to appear as though they BOTH were dead. Kane, who was REALLY close to the elevator, then answered his mobile. He rather loudly said (with shock in his voice) "Dani. Gypssy. DEAD. they can't be. They’re mean soooooooo much to me". Collen & the Guv got out of the hiding place, and asked kane where the lesbains lovebirds had "died". Kane (fighting back fake tears) told them which shop, and the old hags headed towards it. When the evil duio arrived, they asked to police & ambos (who Fi & kirsty had "clued up" about the "play dead" plan) if they could see for themselves that gypsy & dani had died. Colleen & the Guv couldn’t believe that the lesbain lovers were dead. All the while, kane instructed some other police personnel to where the bombs were, and he helped to disable the devices. The cops arrested colleen & the Guv for plotting to commit an act of terrorism, as Gypsy AND Dani hugged Kane for saving their lifes. Will colleen & the Guv discover that gypsy & Dani were just playing dead, and how many years will the old hags be sent to jail for?

Noah now keeps on thinking men are women, girls are boys etc., eg he calls UK Leah Robbie and vice versa (calls robbie UK Leah). The most affected is Saintly Scotty P who noah thinks is his gf Hayley. Noah constantly asks "hayley" to strip off - to say nothing of his requests for "her" to have sex with him. Saintly Scotty tells Flyn that he better come up with a plan to "fix" noah, and soon, partic after noah buys "hayley" some sexy lingerie and REALLY wants her to try on the revealing attire. What will happen next?

As soon as morag arrived, seb moaned about what alf had done. Morag told seb she needed to go downstrairs to talk to Alf. Alf was expecting the worse (ie that morag would read him the riot act) but was MOST surprised when Morag said "why diddn;t you leave that saddo tied up?". Morag then grabbed the same fry pan, and races up the satirs and king hit the saddo herself. he & a;lf then tied seb back up under his bed. Alf said "you know sis, you're not so bad after all.

unbeknownst to alf or morag, Henry & Matty were snooping around, and heard the stewart siblings' late night convo.. The twins hurried home and told their mum about what they heard. How will beth react?

Angie is deeply frustrated. She’s decided to turn over a new leaf, and no-one trusts her, not even Tasha. Miss Russell decides to take out her frustrations on Josh.. She knows he’s going for a drive, so she rigs her car to brake down on the local train tracks. He then "borrows" a train and uses it to plough into josh’s JUST broken down car.

"I killed Josh" cried Angie & the train, to which the rail tracks replied "you LEGENDS"

Angie then gave away most of her savings, so she could help the homeless ppl of the bay get back on their feet. Jade, Mark & Tasha see, and hear, about all this good Angie is doing. Has "the devil in a dress" actually changed THIS time? Or is it ALL an act?

Date: 20/01/04 Author : JosieTash


.The guv and Colleen look like they will be put away for life ...but Morag has a cunning plan , which would benefit everyone and at the same time punish the two old hags worse than prison ever could. She offers them the chance of ''Community Service'' , their service to the community would be to take Seb's virginity in the hope that in some small way the saddo Seb could move on . The guv and Colleen are unsure , I mean ANYONE but Seb , but with life imprisonment with no hope of parole hanging over them they decide to do the awful nauseating deed. Both demanded that a medical crew be present in case the nausea overcame them , and a therapist to help them with the post traumatic stress that they would encouter and ofcourse a sick-bucket each. Luckily for both hags the awful deed was over in less than a second each and the saddo's organ was so small that it was doubtful whether it could actually count as sex, but for the first time in ten years saddo smiled.

''I'm a man !! '' he cried joyously.

''Well I wouldn't go that far,'' said Uncle Alf.

And the two hags sloped off for some much needed therapy and to empty their sick-buckets.

Would the guv and Colleen carry on with their vendettea against hero Kane , or had their terrible ordeal taught them a lesson??!!

Flynn decides that Noah should go back on his illegal drugs and skins him up a joint, the saintly Scotty P is so relieved because now Noah will stop harrassing him. But what will Sally say when she finds out that Dr Perfect has been condoning illegal drugs !!

The Hunter kids and Wanda's kids are bored , so they go for a walk. They spot a deadly venomous spider and wonder if it really can kill a person. They catch it and put it in a jar . They go to Posh Josh West's 10th story room at the Sands and knock at his door, when he answers they throw the startled spider at his face. The spider bites Josh releasing it's venom, it wasn't enough to kill him though, but luckily he staggers to the balcony and the railings give way under his weight. He plummets to his death below!!

''We killed Josh West '' say the balcony railings and the spider.

''You LEGENDS !! '' said a passing pigeon !

Angie carries on doing good works and the saintly Scotty P hires her to work for his charity , looking after the wellfare of the underprivelidged in SB, but others are more wary....who will be proved right ??!!

Wanda, Fi and K/K go to watch Lleyton at the tennis worlds ...will LLeyton win ??!!

Date: 20/01/04 Author : Wanda


The Guv decides that the sickiening experience of having sex with seb have made her see the light. She offers to only do goods things fro the rest of her life. She asks saintly scotty p to send her to a place FAR away from the Bay that see can help the needy ppl of the world. Saintly scotty obligues and the Guv enjoys her new life in Africa, helping the poor, homeless & hungry of a third world country, and when she tells the poor ppl she’s helping that she had to have sex with the saddo (she show them a pic of him), they felt that the Guv had suffered MUCH more in her life than they had.

Colleen, however, wants revenge on Seb, Kane AND Morag. First of all, she kidnaps Seb and cuts off his miniscule boy bit, before she ties him up and hung him feet first from the ceiling of her mobile home. Colleen then points 2 guns at morag when the judge has just got into her car and saying farewell to her brother Alf (because she is going back to the city). Colleen demands that morag drive her to the world tennis championship. Morag initially resits, but a bullet to the left thigh convinces her that colleen is serious. On the way to the tennnis ctr, colleen told morag is her plan to destroy her arch nemisis. The old bat says she has linked up with Shelley to kill kane. Both women are to meet at the tennis ctr. When colleen & morag arrive, collen shoots the judge in the another thigh. She then pushs the judge out of the car, and speeds off to her secret nearby romevous with sheeley. What’s shelley & collen’s plan? Will Morag die? And will anyone save Seb?

Flynn thought that Sally would most annoyed with him, but he is surprised when she said "thank you" as noah had been calling her Flathead. Sally then begins to annoy Flynn as everyday she buys a new knick knack which all have "thank you" on them. Soon there are SOOOOOOOO many knck knacks in the house (as flynn doesn’t want to offend by sally by throwing any of them out) that ther’es not much room in their house for much else. The pair even have to sleep on the floor as the knick knacks have completedly covered their bed. The next day, Sally brings home yet another knick knack. Flynn TOTALLY looses his cool. The police are called to the house after screams are heard. What has Flynn done?

Gypsy & Dani are pleasuring each other when Gypsy hears something. She ignores it - as Dani is just TOO tasty, but Dani has heard the noise to and insisted they check things out. Soon after, both of them find josh west who was taking pics of the love making sessions. Gypsy is COMPLETELY pissed off with the posh git, so she & Dani both punched josh in the face. The girls carried the posh twerp to under a tree, then Gypsy threw a rock which knocked a hornets nest of one of the branches. A million of wasps ALL stung josh at once, which killed him.

"we killed josh!" cried the wasps, to which a colony of nearby ants replied "You LEGENDS"

Dani & Gypsy were about to have sex once more when they see Emma approaching. Why is she SOOOOOOOOO happy?

Many ppl in the Bay are very suspicious of Angie, esp Tasha. Even after Miss Russell rescues Jade & Mark, who were caught a rip in the surf, AND when she saves Danusia from choking (by using the heimlich manuveur). Tasha begins to think her spouses are betraying her when they become friends with Angie. Is this the end of our awesome trio? Or will Tasha accept that her mum has TRULY turned from sinner to saint?

As Henry listens (as always) to his fave music on those headphones, Tilly & Wanda’s son Joe are up to no good. The pair decides to break into Summer Bay High! How much damage do they cause?

Many of Lleyton’s opponents are forced to retire hurt (hehehehe) but he faces a fired up Andre Agassi in the final. It’s a tough five setter. Lleyton seems down & out in the marathon fifth set (Agassi is serving to win at 17-16) when Lleyon look up at his gorgeous gf Fi. She smiles and mouthes "I love you". This inspires Lleyton, who fights back and breaks Agassi’s serve. Hewitt goes on to win the championship (the score is 7-6, 6-7,6 -7, 19-17). AS soon as Lleyton hits the winning shot, he runs up into the stands and kisses Fi. All seems perfect in the world, but will collen & shelley’s plan make the day of joy end in tears?

Date: 22/01/04 Author : JosieTash

CHAPTER 200 !!!!!!!

Colleen and Shelley mingle with the crowds at the Aussie open , and join a queue of people waiting for Lleyton's autograph. They reach the front of the queue where Lleyton is standing with his arms around his gorgeous girlfriend Fi, with their mates Kirsty and Kane stood to one side. Each old hag grabs a chlorophormed hanky and they render Lleyton and Fi unconscious and kidnap them, knowing that their enemy Kane will leap in heroically to rescue them. But it is all an elaborate trap to capture our hero Kane ....what will happen next??!!

Sally had apparently been seeing Noah for counselling sessions to cure her of her obsessive/compulsive disorder, however instead of curing her he has added to her problems by triggering kleptomania , of a specific variety. Sally is now compelled to steal nic-nacs with ''thank-you'' on them and then has to spend the rest of her time neatly arranging, dusting and polishing them !!! Flynn has had enough and demands she stop, but she claims to the police that he is being unreasonable. The cops ask to see the receipts for the nic-nacs...what will Sally do ??!!

Emma was walking to Wanda and Jesse's when she saw Josh West the posh tosser lurking near their house. Knowing him to be a deranged and desperate pervert she immediately took action and lassoed him with the garden hose, she tied him up and then mowed him down with the sit-on lawn mower until there was nothing left. She then happily knocked on Wanda and Jesse's door,

The lawn mower and Emma said..''We killed Josh West!!''

Wanda, Jesse and the garden sprinkler replied '' You LEGENDS!!''

Seb was left festering hanging in the caravan by his heels while Colleen was away, luckily because his 'man'hood had been so tiny he lost only a drop of blood. No one missed him and everyone was glad that they had not seen him for a while because his nauseating account of his 'conquest' of Colleen and the guv had meant that hospital admitions were reaching epidemic proportions due to severe vomitting !! Will anyone miss saddo Seb ??!!

Joe and Matilda trash the school , every classroom is ruined...will they be caught??!!

Tasha decides to put her mum's new found virtue to the test....what does she do ??!!

Date: 23/01/04 Author : Wanda

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re the shopping, this is dani & gypsy we're alking about - where else would they be..... after all Gypsy did once say "i shop, therefore i am" .....

and i LOVE my time machine - and i'm not giving it up for anyone (hehehehehehehehehehe)


Shelley & Colleen carry the unsconscious Fi & lleyton away as the stunned crowd hust stands there unabl to comprehend what’s happened. Kane & kirsty return to the autograph area (after both got away from the crowds a little earlier, so they could widh their twins a good nght before the 2 kids - who Danausia & Sammy were baby sitting - went to sleep for the night. Kane instantly sprung into action, as kirsty rang the police. Kane ran afetr the evil women. When he saw that they’d tied up lleyto & fi (with rather easy to untie knots), he thought that he would easily rescue Fi & Lleyton, but kane realised that it was a trap. Suddenly, collen & sheeley appeared. Both of had those stun guns (which give you an electric shock). Kane tried to avoid 2 weapons, but he was partial stunned by one of them - and he fell to the floor. He tried to scamper away (as the stun gun had "hit" him in the leg). Shelley & Colleen thought they’d FINALLY bested their nemesis when Kirsty, Jesse & Wanda came charging at them. Wanda punched Colleen, which knocked the old bat out. Jesse was about to deck Shelley when Kirsty, who had make sure that he beloved was OK, asked wanda’s hubby just to hold shelley. Jesse complied. Kirsty git up and walked over to her mum "when is this harassment of Kane going to stop? Dani, Jade, & EVEN dad accepts him . I hope you rot in jail. I NEVER want to see your ugly face again." . kirsty then turned back on the evil sheeley, and once more tries to comfort her heroic hubby. The police then arrive and haul shelley & colleen away. But shelley escapes their clutches and vows revenge on kane as she runs away. Will Colleen tell the police where shelley’s secret hideout is? Or will she stay loyal to her partner in crime?

Sally claims that flynn burnt ALL the receipts. While the police check things out, Sally tries to flee the country. She drives to the city and does to the airport. she then trespasses onto the runway and sees a light plans she intends to steal. She then notces how dirty bth the outside AND the inside of the plane is. Will Sally be able to clean the plane, and take off, before the authorities catch up with her?

No one at all misses the saddo. Seb hangs there for 3 weeks before the ropes give way under his weight and he fell to the floor. Seb is too weak to move, after having not had much food - the occasional fly and insect which happened to get close his mouth was rapidly consumed - in those weeks. Seb is about to take his last breath when someone enters collen’s mobile home. Seb’s vision was really affected by not eating etc and he couldn’t tell who it is (except that it’s NOT colleen). Who has entered the mobile home? And will thay save seb?

Robbie & UK Leah go to the school (on the weekend) to have a quiet place to re-read harry potter for the millioneth time. The 2 of them are shocked to see many of the classrooms have been ransacked. Then Robbie & UK Leah see that their own siblings are trashing to school. Both Robbie & UK Leah are appauled at what Tilly & Joe have done, but decide not to comfront the vandalous pair. As Robbie & his friend waited til Tilly & Joe had finished their rampage, they tried to create an invention which would quick fix are the damage. Joe & Tilly leave the school, but will robbie & UK Leah’s plan be successful? And if not, will they inform the authorities who caused the damage?

Tasha decides that a true test of Angie’s new found tolerance of ppl is if she can stand being in the same room as josh without killing him. It takes all of Angie’s self control to not throttle the posh git. Tasha wnet into the room an HOUR later and was SHOCKED to find Josh still alive.

A "slightly angry" Tasha then grabbed a chair and wacked the posh git. As she continued to hit him, Angie actually tried to stop her. Tash had to injure her mum enough for angie to not be able to try and stop her daughter’s actions.

Tasha then hit josh with the chair a few more times before he succumbed to the injuries from all those blows.

"we killed Josh" said Tasha & the chair. "You LEGENDS" replied the ceiling fan.

Angie’s actions (in NOT killing Josh) convince Tasha that her mum HAS changed. But is it ALL an act?

Date: 23/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Fi and Lleyton managed to get back to the tennis tournament in time for his final. As he sat between games he sent little waves and blew kisses to Fi.Kirsty and Kane sat with Fi, Kane bravely insisting that he felt fine despite his injured leg. Colleen secretly despises Shelley and quickly gives away her secret hiding place to the police. She then pretends that she is just a poor old senile victim of Shelleys manipulation, the gullible police believe her and she is set free. Will the police catch up with Shelley??!!

Sally is busy cleaning the plane when she hears police sirens in the distance, desperate she hides in the cargo bay...will she be discovered ??!! and where is the plane flying to ??!!

Tasha,Mark and Jade are finally convinced by Angies 'performance' and agree she is trustworthy.They invite her for dinner. Jade has a headache and Angie offers to teach her some meditation techniques to help her. They go into the bedroom and Angie performs her most wicked and evil deed to date .... she hypnotises Jade into believing that Kane is evil and that Seb is a hero who she is in love with. Mark and Tasha are puzzled when Jade declares she needs to go for a walk alone , since the three usually go everywhere together , so they decide to follow her. They lose sight of her ....imagine their horror when some time later they come across Jade with Seb. He has his skiddy underpants on over his trousers and a 'cape' made from Colleens old floral tablecloth and Jade is calling him ''my hero''....uuurrrgghhh Mark and Tasha both vomit copiously , and then just when it looks as though Jade might kiss Saddo Seb.....who comes to save her and will they be in time ??!!

Robbie and uk Leahs invention is cleaning the mess at the school ...but before the job is finished they are caught by Mr Hyde the strict new headmaster...he refuses to listen to them , will they dob in their siblings or take the blame and the punishment??!!

Colleen arrives back at her caravan and is angry that saddo Seb seems to have escaped and angrier still that her tablecloth has gone missing !! She stomps down the road towards the diner when she sees Josh West , ''Come to the diner with me Joshy Woshy , I've got something for you,'' she said.

Since Josh fancied anything with a pulse and was desperate , he followed Colleen right into the kitchen.

''Could you reach into the oven for me , dear, '' the old hag said, ''I've baked you a cake.''

As Josh bent down she kicked and shoved him into the oven and slammed the oven door. Josh roasted to death!

''We killed Josh West!!'' said Colleen and the oven.

''You LEGENDS answered the kettle.

Date: 24/01/04 Author : Wanda


The police surround Shelley' hideout. Then they arrest her. As she is loaded into the paaty wagoin, she tells the police she has damming physical evidence against Kane that she says proves he was definitely involved in a number of crimes. The police look at the eveidence sheeley has. Will they believe her, or will this lead to even MORE jail time for EVIL shelley?

The police are unable to find Sally before the plane takes off. WHen the aircraft lands in Germany, Sally is able to evede airport security. As she travels about, she notices how clean everything is - cars, roads, buildings, streets etc. This makes sally VERY uncomforatble. with nothing to clean, firstly she become very depreesed then very angry. she starts making things untidy, she she can them clean then. Sally's actions alert interpol to her whereabouts. What will happen when they catch up with sally?

Mark is COMPLETELY shocked by Jade's action, but Tasha (after she stops vommiting) thinks ANgie MUST have done somethiong to jade to make her act this way. Tasha thinks the ONLY thing that can break the spell Jade is under is the MOST passionate kiss EVER from both Mark and herself.

Jade tells tasha & mark to go away. "you're both friends with that looser kane, get lost". Tasha decides she NOT goung to let angie split her, mark & jade up so she kisses Jade - and is VERY pleased when jade kisses her back. Jade then kisses MArk. she then says "what am i doing out here?, and why in god's name are you waering a stupid tablecloth as a cape, you sad wierdo?" Tasha informed Jade of what Angie had done. "That's it, THAT woman had tried to ruin my life for the LAST time". Jade then stormed off. Thoughts of killing ANgie were racinmg throught her mind. ANgie is still at the loving trio's house when Jade arrives. What will Kirsty's twin do to ANgie?

Saddo seb took Jade's rejection badly. he was very angry AND he he the perfect peron to take his frustation out on. Seb saw Josh swimming in the surf. He went in andf tried to drowen the posh git. Josh was surprised that it took SOOOOO long for someomne to best him. "You EVENTUALLY killed Josh" said the water, to which a school of fish replied "you SLOW legend!"

Robbiue & UK leah KNOW how much trouble their sibl;ings have gotten themselvbes into in the past, so they decided t take the blame for what's happened. Mr Hyde begins their punishment immedaitely by covering all the exercise pads that the school will be selling in contact with harry potter designs on it. when Mr hyse comes back an hour later, no books have been covered (as the contact had lead to a wonderful discussion about the pair's fave books). the new principal is NOT impressed with robbie & uk leah lack of progress. He tells the pair they will be spending EVERY lunchtime fro the ENTIRE year picking up rubbish in the school yard. Will this convincve UK Leah & Robbie to tell the truth about who REALLY trashed the school?

Colleen decide to recommence her vendetta against Gypsy & Dani, esp after seeing them making love to each other (in full view of everyone) in the park. The next time she sees the pair getting carnal in public, she dumps a bucket of water of them. Gypsy & Dani then stop kissing & carassing each other just long enough for Gypsy to say " thanks for cooling us down". This angers colleen. What will she do know?

Danusia & Sammy were delivering some groceries to irene's place when they overhaerd her on the phone. Both Danusia & her bf though irene sounded distressed. Why is irene SOOOOOOO worried?

After she embarasses them for the millioneth time with her typical bimbo comments & actions, Hayley's triplets DEMAND that their mum gets a new (much smarter) brain. The operation is a success, and has turned Hayley into an absolute genius. But do Ethan, Bec & Beau prefer their mum as a bimbo or a total brainiac?

Date: 24/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Poor hero Kane is taken in for questioning by the police , they interrogate him for hours but can find no evidence of wrong-doing. Disappointed , cos they like arresting people , they have to let him go after indulging in a bit of police brutality. Hero Kane however is so strong and brave that he ignores them and when he gets home Kirsty is waiting , and so he gets over it quickly. The police then take their frustrations out on Shelley and go through their big book of the law and book her for every crime she has committed plus a couple of extra ones for good luck. Will Shelley finally get what's coming to her ??!!

Sally convinces the authorities that she is a cleaner and escapes, she arrives back in summer bay but on the way home she has stolen more thank you presents for Flynn. He is desperate to find a cure for his neurotic wife . Scotty P the man with the best people skills in the world steps in to help...will Scotty get through to mad Sally ??!!

Jade is so distressed at what Angie nearly made her do that she attacks her and pushes her over , Angie dies , but everyone agrees , even the police, that it was self defence ....so is the bay rid of Angie for good ??!!

Saddo Seb is wandering around in his ''superhero'' out fit (skiddy pants over his trousers and Colleens floral tablecloth cape ), when he comes across stupid Scott Hunter. He starts to tell him about becoming a man and being a hero when Scott runs off vommitting , he may be stupid but he understands enough to be nauseated. He runs off , not looking where he is going , meantime Josh West appears and slips on the puddle of puke that Scott left behind , falling awkwardly and breaking his neck.

''I killed Josh West'' said the puddle of puke .

''You LEGEND'' said a blade of grass.

Seb started moaning that he had really killed Josh because it was his fault that Scott had puked up.

''Shut up saddo !!'' said every living being and every inanimate object in Summer Bay.

UK Leah and Robbie invent a machine to do all their work , Mr Hyde is impressed at their ingenuity and lets them off, however he keeps the machine..why??!!. They go off to find their siblings to tell them what's happened. The twins and Joe are grateful but not grateful enough to promise to be good ...so what have they got planned now ??!!

Colleen decides to make everyone in the bay hate Gypsy and Dani , but how ??!!

Poor Irene has been sacked by Mr.Hyde ....they tell Joe and the twins and all of them decide to make him give Irene her job back ...but how ??!!

Hayley's bimbo body rejects the implanted brain and she needs an emergency bimbo-brain transplant ....will she survive ??!!

Date: 25/01/04 Author : Wanda


Shelley is sent to prison for life (with NO chance of parole what so ever). Whenm everyone in Australia hears about what she tried to do to the heroic Kane (who they KNOW has rescuesd HEAPS of ppl, and is one of the bravest ppl in Oz), the demand the capiatal punishment be reintroiduced. The ppl of Oz want Shelley to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will the federal government bow to the wishes of its ppl?

Saintly Scotty is well aware that breaking Sally of her annoying habits will not be easy, but he takes heart in the fact that he cured leah of her annoying bwhining in the past, so he sets about the task. saintly scotty counsells Sal and reatrains he brain, eg everyone time she thinks about stealing thank you nics nac, she MUST instead go to the church and give a donation to the poor box. It seems to be working. Flynn tells Saintly scotty that Sally hasn't bpught home any nic nacs for ages, but saintly scotty knows sally isn't cured. the poor bopxes are overflowing with donations, and he suspects that sally has been donating sooo much money that she has been starving herself (he's noticed she's lost a afair amount of weight). Will saintly scotty be able to cure sally once & for all?

When everyone thinks angie is dead and buried, she finds the emmense strenghth to somehow get out opf the coffin, and dig her way to the surface. Angie is SEATHING. She will accept no less than the brutal, saddistic death of Jade, AMrk & Tasha at her OWN hands. ANgie begins to formulate her plan. She travels interstate and gets lots of plastic surgery. ANgie, who now goes by the alias of Laurie Lucas, rearrives in the Bay and applies for job as head lkifeguard. ALf looks at her qulaifications and gives her the job. Laurie is pleased that Alf hasn't suspected at all who she REALLY is. Things are proiceeding well for Laurie. SHe becomes friends with lots of townsfolk, incl. Jade, Mark, Tasha, Jesse, Wanda & her kids, but Wanda is thinks something isn't quite right about the new girl in town. What happens when Wanda voices his concerns about Laurie?

THAT tablecloth cape hasd gone to saddo seb's head. he nowe thinks he's superman. To prove he's a super hero he clims onto the roof of the diner - to prove to everyone her can fly. the saddo runs and jumps of the roof. WIll anyone save seb?

Mr Hyde realises that the cleaning device might be his ticket out of the teaching etc profession, as he knows he's only ben SOOOOO strict on his students thase last few years because he HATES his job. He decvides to take the invention to the patent office the next morning, so he'll be able tio rake in the dollars once he sells the designs to a major company. Will he cheat Robbie & UK Laah out of a fotune, or are the pair smarter than he thinks?

Joe & Tilly HATE that robbie & UK leah stop them from trashing the rest of the school, esp since it's where they can cause the most damage in the Bay. Tilly then says "hang on, joe. we forgot about the SAnds resortt". the pair then heade form the 5 star hotel. They trashed room after room after room, AND they had the EXTRA bonus of Josh being actuially IN his room when they trashed it. Joe LOVED punching Josh. Tilly then liftyed the posh git up and the at-full- speed ceiling fan decapiatated the posh twerp. "we killed Josh" said Tilly, Joe and the ceiling fan. "you LEGENDS" replied the bed and the in room TV.

Joe & TIlly then continued their rampage. will they get caught?

Colleen secretly films EVERYTHING that Gyspy & Dani do. When she shows the footage to the townsfolk, collen is quite annoyed that none of the footage of the lesbain pair making insatiable love badly affects anyone (indeed, virtually all of the crowd seem to enjoy watching the two sexy young women pleasuring each other). Then, as the footage rolls on, Alf, Rhys, Beth & others are APPALULED by something un sex realted that they see Dani & Gypsy doing. What is it that has got the townsfolf so riled?

Afetr the bitter mr hyde sacks irene, all try to work out how to get him to change hios mind. whilst others (esp Tilly & Joe) had a more direct (threatening) approaching in mind, robbie & UK, and by irene's good friends kane & kirsty decided to dig some dirt on summer bay high's new principal (to use as a bargaining chip to stop irene from getting the boot). kIRSTY & the others are SHOCKED when Kane discovers something from Mr Hyse's past. What is it?

It's touch and go there for a time, but the blonde bimbo survives. Ethan, Bec & Beau then take it upon themselves to try to make their mum less of a bimbo than she was before. It's deemed that hayley currently has the mental capacity of a 5 year old, so she is enrolled at summer bay primary school in Grade 1. All the actually 5 year olds think it's wierd having a grown up in their class (apart from the teacher), but hayley likes that she is hanging around ppl of her own interlect. Will going back to school make Hayley smarter?

Date: 25/01/04 Author : JosieTash

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belgshep & I love music , LOVE all the time machine comments !!!!!!! - but I think all the talk of it is SEROUSLY doin my head in !!!!!

btw, there's a death is these chapters that ISN'T Josh's !!!!!!!


The federal government are very tempted to hang Shelley , but at the very last moment Kane pleads for mercy , because he cannot bear the thought of someone dying on his behalf ...his saintly brother is pleased that Kane has shown such mercy , their loving parents would have been SO proud !! Shelley asks for Kirsty and Kane to visit her ....does she want to thank them , or is there a more sinister reason behind her request ??!!!

Saintly Scotty decides that Sally is giving away too much money so he decides to try and retrain her brain yet again , this time every time she thinks of stealing a nic-nac she must do an act of penance ...she has to spend time with Seb ....obviously this aversion therapy is very harsh and after spending time with saddo Seb she is beginning to thiink about stealing less and less , but there is a side effect to the treatment ...what is it ??!!

Wanda is suspicious of Laurie , but everyone else thinks that she is great ...there is one other person who has their suspicions.... will they talk to Wanda and between them will they find out the truth about Laurie ??!!

Everyone ignored Seb , they are used to his attention seeking nonsense , but poor Sally had an urge to steal and so had to spend some time with him. At first she tried to coax the saddo down off the roof , but he got on her nerves soooo much that in the end she climbed up and pushed him off. Luckily his fall was broken by Josh West, who stumbled away dazed. Alf was furious that saddo hadn't managed to kill either himself or Josh West , so he took his anger out on Josh and hit him over the head with a frying pan.

We killed Josh West'' said Alf and the frying pan.

''You LEGENDS'' said all the kitchen utensils !!

Mr. Hyde was seething , the clever inventors had already patented their invention ! He takes his frustrations out on the students giving the whole school a detention for a week , and inventing some new school rules. What are the new rules and how will the kids react ??!!

The town is appalled that Dani and Gypsy have sold all their beatiful wedding presents that everyone bought them , and replaced them with tacky girly clothes in their already overflowing wardrobes ...everyone is offended at their insensitivity and selfishness ...what will everyone do ??!!

Kane discovered that Mr Hyde was a convicted criminal ...what had he done ??!! Will the kids find out and use this against him ??!!

Hayley's school career is short lived , she is considered a disruptive influence , but she is offered a job in the local beauticians , she loves this and finds the girls she works with are just like her !! She loves it there and cries when it's gong home time ...will Noah be able to get her to leave ??!!

Date: 27/01/04 Author : Wanda


Shelley knows how forgiving and kind Kane is. When he & kirsty visit she asks Kane to plead her case to get her out of prison - both kane & kirsty notice shelley appears to be severely bruised. A day later kane & Kirsty rtn. Shelley has been granted home detention (living with KK, their kids & Fi). The courts think being in such a positive, loving environment will cure shelley of her hatred. Shelley (in her mind) chuckles. She has used kane’s good nature against him - and she gave HERSELF the bruices). When they get home, shelley plans to get revenge on kane. What’s she up to?

Saintly Scotty P knows how annoying saddo seb is so he (JUST) accepts how sally tried to kill him. But as pennance for her actions (both for the future thoughts of nic nac stealing AND what she did to the saddo), saintly scotty tells Sally that she MUST start up a company which makes & sells life size sex dolls which look like herself, Dani, Gypsy, Kirsty, Jade, Tasha, & Hayley. Sally complies and agrees to Saintly scotty’s request that all profits should go to church beased charities. After sally also complies that one of the dolls will be big and busty like herself, sally went to ask the other 6 girls and they’d let a love doll be based on them. The now former school teacher used the same line on each each of the girls "I’m on a mission from God". What will dani, Gypsy, Kirsty, Jade, Tasha & Hayley say the Sally’s intriguing request?

Greek Leah, who usually sees the best in ppl, is also suspicious of Laurie. Leah thinks she is the only one who suspects, until she sees the same intrigued look on Wanda’s face. The wonderful mum of Danusia, UK leah, Joe & Yan wonders why greek leah is heading in her direction - indeed, wanda even tries to slip away from the "welcome to summmer bay" party for laurie when she sees the whining motormouth approaching,. Greek leah quietly tells wanda that she also has suspicions about Laurie. Will Wanda & UK Leah be able to work together to uncover Laurie’s secrets, or will the "reborn" Angie be able to destroy Jade, Mark & Tasha?

When the schools kids hear the mass detention has something to do with clothing, they all (partic the girls) think that the new principal is a TOTAL sleaze bag and will demand that they remove their uniforms (and get about in their under wear) OR that he will insist they remove ALL of their clothes. The school kids are surprised when Mr Hyde says (im the middle of the hottest January un the Bay’s history) that they ALL have to put thick wooly jumpers on, and that further non compliances of the rules will result in the student (or students) in question having to put on a second jumper. The new principal also demands that ALL classes and taught outside (in the BLAZING sunshine). Most of the students aren’t game to challenge the new head of Summer Bay high (even though several students have passed out, mid-class, with heat exhaustion), but Tasha, Jade, Kirsty, Robbie & Tilly decide enough is enough. What happens when they confront Mr Hyde?

The townsfolk confront Gypsy & Dani. They demand that the sexy duo sell ALL the clothes they have amassed over the years, and give the proceeds to charity. The ppl of the Bay also demand that Gypsy & Dani wear ONLY under wear from now on (the sexiest and skimpiest available). After Gypsy & Dani purchase enough sexy under wear to last each girl 2 weeks, EVERY shop etc ALL over the world is put on notice NOT to sell ANY clothes to the loving lesbians. Dani & Gypsy don’t mind getting around town in just their underwear, but will they be able to "survive" not being able buy clothes EVER again?

The subsequent sale (for charity) of the sexy pair’s clothes draws a big crowd from all over the bay & several nearby towns - there are even ppl who has come all the way from the city. As the (mostly) women peruse (and purchase) the seemingly hundreds of gorgeous skirts, tops, boob tubes, strapless dresses, shoes, bras, shirts etc on offer, Fi spots a divine dress that was formerly Gypsy’s. As she goes to take the skirt off the rack, Josh grabs it at the same time. "It’s mine" says Fi, but josh doen’t want to let go. Kane, who was helping his bro with the clothes sale, sensed his friend was in danger. "Is this looser causes you trouble, Fi?" said Kane. "Yeah., He won’t let go of the dress I want to buy". Kane then winked at Fi (who instantly what was going on) and told josh he could have the dress - if the posh git instantly took off his hideous shirt. After Josh removed the sjirt, Kane grabbed a lighter out of his pocket and set fire to the ghastly piece of clothing, as Fi grabbed Josh. Kane then put the burning shirt back on josh, who died from the massive burns he received.

"We killed josh" said Kane, FI and the remains on Josh’s shirt.

"You LEGENDS" said the dress which Fi was now able to purchase in peace.

Before paying for the DDG garment, Fi gave kane a BIG hug, and she thanked her mate. Kane replied "you’d do the same thing for me, great friend".

aT the end of the day, saintly scooty teels his bro that's LOTS of money has been raised for charity had been raised from the sale, which made bothe phiilpps brothers VERY happy (all those needy ppl they can now help)..

Earlier, Kane discovered that kids had suspiciously died at Mr Hyde’s previous school. Kane told kirsty this info, and she told him about the new principal’s uniform policy. Kirsty then told others, like Jade, Tasha & Robbie, and they decided to confront Mr Hyde.

Noah tries all he can for Hayley to leave the beauty salon, but can’t get her to budge. Noah then decides to try to build hayley a little flat at the salon. Hayley LOVES the idea, but insists that noah construct the flat all himself. .The question is, does noah know ANYTHING about building?

Seb (unaware of what’s happened) sees Gypsy & Dani walking down the street in their under wear and thinks he REALLY does have a X-Ray vision. This further convinces him that he’s a superhero. He then goes to the gym, and puts LOTS of weight on the bench press. He then tries to lift the massive weight. He is instantly pinned to the bench. Will anyone be able to (or even WANT to) save the saddo?

Date: 27/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Shelley takes advantage of Kane's good nature , and lives with K/K and the twins , but all the time she is plotting against Kane. First she tries to convince Kirsty that he is having an affair with their best friend Fi. Kirsty is outraged that Shelley could sugest such a thing , but Shelley plans to set them up....what evil plan has Shelley got to convince Kirsty of this ''double betrayal'' ??!!

All the girls agree to having the sex dolls made , esp. since profits will go to charity , but someone objects ....who and why ??!!

Wanda tries to warn Mark, Tasha and Jade , but they won't listen ...will Leah be able to convince them ??!!

The kids refuse to wear any jumpers and stage a walk out , all the other kids follow. Mr Hyde is seething , and when he realises that all the parents and teachers agree with the kids he pretends it was all a misunderstanding and blames Irene for mis-typing his instructions. Naturally Irene is not happy , but when Jade sugests that Laurie becomes co-principal Irene has her doubts. The PTA vote on it and it is decided that Laurie and Mr. Hyde will co-run the school. Will they become enemies or co-operate , or will they be two faced ??!!

Noah is valliantly trying to build an extension to the beauty salon , but unfortunately his construction skills are nearly as bad as his counselling skills. He throws his heavy hammer in frustration , but luckily it hits Josh West between the eyes, killing him.

''We killed Joosh West !'' said Noah and the hammer.

''You LEGENDS'' said a spanner !!

Date: 28/01/04 Author : Wanda


Shelley goes to the city and has lots of photos of Kane & Fi digitally altered. The pics now have Kane kissing Fi (and we’re NOT talking a friendly peck on the check here). Shelley shows Kirsty the photos, but Kane’s soulmate doen’t believe the images for a second. The vindictive Shelley then gets a video of a couple having sex altered to make it appear that the two ppl kirsty trusts most are betraying her in the worst ppl way. Will Kirsty believe shelley’s (fake) evidence this time?

Dani originally agreed to Sally’s request, but when she sees the doll that ressembles her she demands that it is NO WAY near as pretty and sexy as she is. Dani digs her hells in and demands the sex doll be made prettier. Gypsy has a D&M with her wife, and makes Dani see that bot the love doll and herself (dani) are awesomely gorgeous. Just as they are about to go into production, Rhys objects to sex dolls being based on all 3 of his daughters. Rhys says he’ll disown jade, kirsty AND dani if the dolls are made - but all 3 girls are admament that the money the dolls will raise for charity well and truly out weighs the fact that millions of guys will be having sex with "them". Kirsty then talked to her hubby. Will Kane (the son Rhys never had) be able to mend the rift between a father and his daughters?

Jade, Mark & Tasha hear Greek Leah approachng (her voice was in full whine mode) and immediately ran the other way. All the while, Laurie continued the plot against the sexy trio. After Tasha & her spouses invite Laurie to stay in their house (which she accepts), she TRULY begins her plan to destroy the 3some (beginning with their marital bliss). When Laurie in alone with Jade, she lies when she tells Rhys’ daughter that Mark has told her that he intentionally performs better whilst making love to Tasha than he does when he’s "bedding" Jade. Then the reborn Angie, whilst alone with Tasha, lies again when she says "Tash, I know this will be hard to hear, but I HAVE to tell you. Mark’s cheating on you & Jade. He’s having an affair with ME. We had sex when you two girls were at school today". The devil in a dress also spoke, in private, to Mark. She lied when she told him Tasha is having an affair with Robbie Hunter. Will Lauire’s plan succeed? ie are jade, Mark and Tasha heading for splittsville?

Because Jade & Tasha have told her EVERYTHING that kane found out about Mr Hyde, Laurie uses this knowledge against him. She demands that he does whatever she tells him to - or she’ll expose the secerets form his last school. Mr Hyde, who NEEDS his job (to pay for ever piling up debts), begrudgingly accepts Laurie‘s "suggestion". The day after her secret chat with Tasha, Laurie asks Mr Hyde to take one of her classes. Tash is one of the students in the lesson in question, and is intriqued when Mr Hyde said he is standing in for Laurie because she left something very important something at home. Tash is concered because she already KNOWS that Laurie is a very organised women, and begins to suspect that Laurie might be having the truth about mark cheating on his wives. What will Tasha do?

Hayley was REALLY mad that Noah couldn’t build her a flat. She decided to take out her frustrations on Josh. After ringing his mobile, and discovering that josh was in the diner, Hayley ran out of the salon and headed for the eatery. When she arrived she punched him, which sent the posh git stumbling to the floor. When he awoke from being unconscious, josh discovers he was tied to a cahir in the beauty salon. Hayley then put one of the egg shaped machines hairdressers use for creating perms etc and turned it up the the HIGHEST heat level. Several minutes later, josh’s head explodes, killed him instantly.

"we killed josh" saif Hayley & the machine.

"You LEGENDS" replied a pair of scissors and a nail file.

Jesse goes to the gym in morning (after an another wonderful night of love making with Wanda) and wonders why the doors aren’t locked. He then discovers the very DEAD Seb on the bench press with a massive amount of weight that has crushed and killed him. The police are called in. They look at the gym’s security surveillance videos. The tapes show that the saddo broke into the gym and began use the equipment and by himself. The news then spreads around the bay about seb’s death. How does everyone react? And will ANYONE attend his funeral?

Date: 28/01/04 Author : JosieTash


It is the day of Seb's funeral (shame-not!!), lots of people attend , firstly to make sure he is really dead and secondly out of respect for Alf. After the very short service, Alf throws a massive party and everyone has a great time !!! Kirsty talks to both Fi and Kane about Shelley's terrible lies and both are relieved that not for one second did Kirsty believe that her beloved husband and bestest friend could do that. They decide to try and trap Shelley in a web of her own lies and K/K pretend to break up at the party. Kirsty returns home alone. Everyone is shocked , but they don't know that it is a set-up. Fi ''comforts'' Kane at the dance and Shelley smirks thinking that she has succeeded in splitting K/K up. Rhys comes over and expresses concern for the break up and asks if it is because of the sex dolls. Kane lets him in on their plan and also persuades him that the sex doll is ok. Rhys then pretends to be angry with Kane. Shelley rubs her gnarly hands in glee and cackles to herself thinking that her plan is working. But Rhys is about to wipe that smirk of her face .... what does ''father of the year'' Rhys do ??!!

Tasha runs home to see what her mother is up to , and overhears a very worrying phone convo, who is Angie talking to??!!

Mr. Hyde is sick of having to do what Laurie tells him and is planning a counter attack , who will help him and why ??!!

Hayley decides to become creative in the salon , but Colleen is NOT pleased with her new bright pink hair and does her block. She is shouting and screaming and throwing things around. Josh West who was waiting for a manicure was hit directly in the eye by a pair of scissors and died instantly !!

Colleen and the scissors shouted ''We've killed Josh West !''

''You LEGENDS!'' replied Hayley and the the egg-shaped HAIR DRIER !!

Jesse is feeling guilty about the accident at the gym, but Alf assures him that there's no hard feelings and it's not as if anyone is going to miss the sad little tosser. Jesse cheered up a bit and took Wanda for a wonderful romantic meal , afterwards they had the best night of passion ever , but there was a cloud on their horizon , what was going to spoil there wedded bliss !!!!

PS you legend , killing off saddo !!!

Date: 28/01/04 Author : Wanda

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The Phoenix, glad you liked the line !!!

belgshep, great line bout time travel .... i don't think he'll be back (think we start killing him like we do josh) .... you'll have to see about angie (as i can't rem what we wrote) !!!!


As Kane & Fi left the surf club arm in arm (to continue the charade), Rhys goes up to his annoying ex who is quite ecstatic that KK have split up, and that kane’s realtionship with Rhys appears to have soured. As Shelley basks in his success, Rhys says "I see you enjoyed all that". She replied "considering everything he’s done to us, YES I did". Rhys then smiled and told Shelley the BAD (for her) news. "Shelley, we staged ALL of that fighting JUST for you. Because as she speak, kane & kirsty are heading for the doctors, who’ll no doubt confirm that Kirsty is preggers with another beautiful child fathered by the amazing son YOU could NEVER give me".

Shelley was SHOCKED, and seconds later, jade & Dani handed their evil mum a court order that states she is no longer legally allowed to set foot in Summer Bay EVER again. Both Jade & Dani then slapped the mum across the face, before Constable Corelli eagerly threw Shelley into the back seat of her patrol car and drove the cow to the town limits, where she dumped Sheely at the side of the road. Rhys’ ex is SEETHING. Will shelley let is a "little" thing like the law stop her from gaining revenge on her enemies?

Tasha overhears Lauire saying "Mark, darling. I’ve just arrived at home. We’ll have the place ALL to ourselves for a while, as those immature GIRLS you married are at school. I can’t wait for you to make awesome love to me once more". As Laurie strips down to her sexy underwear, Tasha decides to wait to see is mark is cheating on she & Jade. Soon after, Tasha sees someone approaching the house. She can’t believe it when she sees her hubby. Will Tasha confront Mark, or see for herself if what Laurie said is true?

Mr. Hyde was surprised when Jade (who, of course, opposed his uniform policy) arrived in his office and told him that she can see that he has issues with Laurie, and the she wants to help him get rid of her (because of what Laurie said to her about Tasha & Mark). Jade says she’ll speak to Kirsty, Tilly, Robbie and the other kids, so they can ALL keep an eye on Laurie.

As jade goes to leave the office, Mr Hyde locks the door. He then sprays a substance from an aerosol can, which triggers a bad asthma attack. Mr Hyde says he won’t help her (with the asthma) until she removes the bra she is wearing and gives it to him. Jade initially refuses but soon her condition become SOOOO bad that she relents and unfastens the bra and give it to Mr. Hyde. Before he is able to help Jade, she collapses. Will Mr hyde be able to revive her? and how will he explain having her bra?

After Hayley’s bosses tell Colleen that her new pink hair can not be changed (it will be that way for the rest of her life), colleen tells the salon that she’ll sue them for all there worth. Hayley’s boss suggests a compromise - if the old bat doesn’t sue, Hayley will be at her beck and call from the next 5 years. What will both colleen AND Hayley say about all this?

Tilly & Joe were searching for more "fun" stuff to do after (previously) having trashed most of the town. They decide to spy on Josh for a while. The two troublemakers almost vomitted (but weren’t surprised) when they saw that Josh had bought ALL 7 of the summer bay love dolls, and was currently "having sex" with the Dani doll. Tilly then made her move, followed closely by her partner in crime, Joe. Tilly grabbed the sex doll off josh, and as Joe held the posh git down, Tilly shoved both hands of the Dani doll down Josh’s throat, which choked and killed him.

"We killed Josh " said Tilly, Joe and the Dani doll.

"you LEGENDS" replied (in unison) the Gypsy, Kirsty, Jade, Tasha, Hayley & Sally sex dolls.

Wanda thinks that her life is perfect at the moment. She has an amazing hubby, (mostly) wonderful kids (incl. the adopted Fi), great friends (like Kane, Kisrty, Jade Mark & Tasha), and she LOVES the (virtually) all year sunshine that Summer Bay enjoys. She then receives the phone call from HELL. A government official tells her she is being DEPORTED - and MUST return to the cold, snowy country of her birth. Is there any way that Wanda will be able to stay in Australia?

PS - no probs about the saddo. I’ve been thinking about doing for ages. Also, thanks for pointed out the proper name of the hairdressing thing.

Date: 29/01/04 Author : JosieTash


Shelley is seething , her daughters and ex-husband were taking HIS side against her. No way was she going to leave things there. She stole a car from the near by service station and drove into the outskirts of town, plotting her revenge. She glanced into her rear view mirror , and spotted a police car coming towards her , showing an interest in the stolen vehicle !! Shelley panicked , starting the engine she raced through Summer Bay , knocking over and killing Max, Alex,Brodie and Leah , she then careered into Josh West , her car spinning out of control it burst into flames. She crawled out of the car horribly disfigured and unrecognisable due to her horrific , but not fatal injuries,

saying ''I killed Max, Brodie, Alex and Leah AND Josh West,''

''You LEGEND'' replied the police officers , unaware that this was Shelley. What would the horribly disfigured and unrecognisable Shelley do next ??!!

Tasha decides to see for herself if Mark is cheating. She spies through the window and is relieved to see that all he is doing is preparing a lovely meal for her and Jade. She bursts into the house and throws Laurie out , telling her that she has blown her last chance....Laurie replies that her revenge will be sweet , she is the co-principle at Jade and Tasha's school after all !! What revenge does she have planned ??!!

Mr Hyde explains that he loosened and removed the bra because he felt it was restricting Jade's breathing...due to being too tight !! Irene who had entered his office using her spare key doesn't really believe him , esp. since the door was locked , but keeps quiet for now. Irene took the distressed Jade to see the school nurse and Laurie entered the office. She put her foot , with her stilletto heels on the desk and rolled down her stocking , revieling her sexy underwear. Mr. Hyde broke out in a swaet ''what are you doing?'' he asked.

''Isn't it obvious , I'm seducing you, I think we will do better if we work together as a team , against these pesky brats.''

Mr. Hyde gulped , it was certainly a tempting offer, but he didn't trust Laurie ...what will he do ??!!

Hayley has no choice but to agree to be Colleen's P.A , as Colleen liked liked to call her , although slave might have been a more accurate description. After just two days Hayley is exhausted. Robbie and UK Leah come across Hayley crying , and ask her what the problem is. After she explains they promise to try and invent a hair product that will cure Colleens pink hair problem ....will they succeed or is Hayley doomed to be colleens slave for ever??!!

Joe who had been skipping lessons walked past the principles office and to his fascination and horror saw the two co-principles ''at it.'' He ran to tell the others and Tilly grabbed a video camera ....will the kids get the evidence they need to incriminate their evil principles or will they arrive too late??!!

Scotty P pleads Wanda's case before parliament , citing the many good works she has done and her wonderful contribution to the community. Many others do the same , including her good mates Kirsty and Kane and adopted daughter Fi who is distraught (luckily K/K are there to offer her hugs and comfort.)After deliberation they come to a decision....what will it be ??!!

PS thought I'd kill a few off too !!!

Date: 29/01/04 Author : Wanda


Shelley gets herself "fixed up" with plastic surgery. She decides the ultimate revenge against Kane is to kidnap his & kirsty’s twins, Kaleb & Kennedy. She knows how good a mum that kirsty has become (and how great friends like Fi are) so it won’t be esasy getting hands on the children, but she wants to take kane’s kids away from him, just like (she thinks) he did to her.

Shelley knows where the nursery is in the KK house. She also knows that the twins are sleeping, and that KK and Fi are in the lounge room, so she steals a four wheel drive and rams the vehicle into the nurrsery room in her daughter’s house. Will Shelley be able to kidnap the kids, and escape, before kane, kisrty or fi are able to stop her?

After having sex with mr hyde, Laurie announced new school rules. All children, in every class, will be "handcuffed", by their ankles, to their desks during lessons. She also reinstates corporal punishment, and says any students caught doing the wrong thing will be caned. The students object to such harsh mesaures but Lauire sweet talked the parents of the kids that her way is the best way. Laurie, not surprising, takes ANY oppurtunity to cane Jade & Tasha. Laurie then offers to ease up on both girls - if she can have one night of passion (alone) with Mark. What will Jade & Tasha say ?

Mr Hyde trusts Laurie as far as he can throw her, but he loves bedding the uber sexy woman, and the last time they made love he noticed a very unique, and familiar, tattoo on her body. He then remembers overhearing jade & Tasha saying that Angie had this partic tatoo. Will mr hyde tell the likes of tasha of his discovery, or will he use it to gain power over Laurie?

After making the tattoo discovery, and whilst he thought of his next move, Mr hyde calls Tilly to her office. Unbeknownst to her, her locks the door behind her. Mr hyde demanded that he wouldn’t let tilly out until she removed her bra. Tilly started screaming and bashing on the doors. When Tilly have calmed down just a little, mr hyde told her that non one can hear her screams as the office had been sound proofed. "All you have to do is give me your bra and you can leave" the co-principal said. Will Tilly give him the under garment?

Robbie & UK leah eagerly begin to create a product that will save hayley from the drudgering of being colleen’s "PA". 2 days later, they told colleen that they’d created something wjich would remove the pink from her hair. Colleen bregrudgingly (she liked having hayley at her beck & call) with robbie & UK Leah to the beauty salon. Where hayley’s former boss applies the lotion the poair had invented. An hour afetr aplication, the beauty salon guy removed the towels from collens head. SUCCESS! Collen’s hair was back to it’s noraml colour. The beayuty store owner thenm re-employed hayley. Butb collen was NOT pleased thet she no longer has someone to do her every whim. She decides to get revenge on Robbie & UK for taking her "slave" away. What’s colleen’s plan?

AS tilly ran with the camera to the principal’s office, she was concentrating sooooo hard on gettung there that she ploughed into Josh. The impact of Tilly ruuning into him send the posh git flying backwards, and he landed up against a tree - that was being cut down with a chain saw. The workman saw josh there and just couldn’t resist slicing him in half with the chainsaw.

"I killed josh" said the workman & the chainsaw.

"you LEGENDS" said the just cut down tree.

The josh incident, however, prevented tilly from arriving in time, but the kids vowed to keep a close eye on boith lauire and mr hyde from now on.

The judge make his delibaeration. Wanda is allowed to stay in Australia. Everyone (esp jesse, KK & Fi) cheer the decision). The judge then says the it is on one condition - that Wanda mist rtn to the UK for 1 week every year, in the middle of the north hemispshere winter. Will Wanda accept?

Date: 30/01/04 Author : JosieTash


As Fi and KK sit in the lounge room they hear a massive bang. Shelley has driven her vehicle straight through the wall into the nursery. Hero Kane leaps into action and with superhuman speed hurls himself into the nursery snatching the twins from evil Shelley's grasp. He does not recognise Shelley but as Kirsty entered the nursery she instantly knew it was her mother, despite the extensive plastic surgery.

''MUM !!'' she cried.

But Shelley reversed her vehicle and drove off cackling like a maniac into the night.

Kane put the twins who were unscathed to bed in the spare room , while Kirsty rang the police. Then Fi and K/K had a group hug , all thankful that the twins were safe.Will Shelley try and ruin Kane's life again ??!!

Tilly informed Mr. Hyde that her sad mother Beth would not purchase her a bra and she still had to wear vests. Mr Hyde was not impressed , but dismissed her .....what he did not know was that Tilly had video taped the entire conversation.The kids informed Mr Hyde of their subterfuge and demanded the school return to the old rules. Will Mr Hyde agree??!!

Mr Hyde enlists Laurie's cooperation by blackmailing her with his knowledge that she is infact the infamous Angie....will she help him ....and how will they defeat the pesky brats ??!!

Colleen pretends to be pleased with her hair being restored to normal and gives Leah and Robbie a bag of sweets each . They politely thank her but being sensible children put them in their school bags for later , so as not to spoil their dinner. Josh West sees them putting the sweets away and steals them. Whilst eating them he gets terrible diarrhoea and vomiting due to the copious amounts of poison Colleen had sprinkled on them. Whilst vomiting he collapses face first in the toilet and drowns.

''We killed Josh West!!'' said the sweets and the toilet.

''You LEGENDS'' said the loo roll.

Wanda was pleased with the judges decision , after all one week of crappy weather was a small price to pay for staying in Summer Bay with Jesse, K/K, Fi , Mark and all her other friends...and her friends all decided that during that week they would visit England too !!

Date: 31/01/04 Author : Wanda


Sheeley vows to herself that she will NEVER give up trying to get revenge on Kane. the next day, she steals a lion form the local zoo. she trains it to hate kane, and kill him as soon as the animal sees kane. when she thinks she's got the beast angery enough at kane, her drives to the KK house and waits for KK, Fi, and the twinds to leave the house. she's in luck as Fi had surprised her great friends by preparing some awesome food which they're going to eat at a picnic oin the beach. Afer kane lockes the front door, shelley unleases the lion, and it charges towards kane. will sheely finally get her revenge?

Mr hyde lies to tilly, jade & the others when he says he'll return to school to noraml, but he appears to be teeling the truth. the caning stops and the they are no longer chained to their desks, but this is becasue Laurie & mr hyde (working together against the kids - and still sleeping together) has devised an evil new plan. unbeknownst to the students, all the teachers at summer bay high are coerced by the two co-principles into teaching the kids a different syllabus to every other school in new south wales. Lauire can't wait to see the looks on the students' faces (partic Jade & tasha) when they do their final HSC exams and discover they don't know any of the right answers becasue they've been taught the wrong information. WIll Jade, Tilly and the other discover the co-principals' evil plan?

Collen decides to continue her vendetta against Robbie & Uk Leah. She knows the ultimate way to get back at them. Collen plans to steal the signed-by-J.K.Rowlking 1st edition copies of the 1st harry potter novel that she KNOWS both robbie & UK Leah own. she then plans to make them watch as she destroys the precious novels. Will colleen succeed?

The whole bra incident with mr hyde convinces tilly to speak to her mum about things. Tilly is NOT pleased when beth says that she doen't have the money becasue rhys needs new power tools. Tilly is NOT impressed.

Gypsy & Dani hear Tilly screaming her lungs out (to no avail) at beth. When tilly is finished, she goes outside and sees the sexy lesbians, who offer to give her some money to buy some bras for herself. Gypsy then says Tilly can have the money, if she buys some clothes for Dani & Gypsy as well (as the lesbo duo are still banned). Tilly knows she'd be brealking the law if she buys outfits for Gypsi & Dani, but she doesn't care. Tilly loves it when she goes into an under wear shop and buys her very 1st bra. SHe then looks at the piece of paper Dani & Gypsy have given her, and heads for the 1st clothes store on their list. Will she be caught shopping for the sexy duo?

As Wanda talked to all of her wonderful friends about her homeland, Josh interrupted, saying that he's been to the UK hundreds of times, and knows WAY more about it than Wanda does. Mark then got up and said "who asked you, you posh jit?". Mark then kicks josh in the face. Josh then hits the ground and is knocked virtually unscious. Danusia's kitten then scratches the posh twerp to death.

"we killed josh" said Mark & the kitten.

"you LEGEND" said Wanda, her firends, and the couches they were sitting on.

Whilst everyone thinks Henry is just listening to music on his headphones, but he's actually secretly receiving instructions from the terrorist organistaions that he (unbeknown to everyone) has recently joined. What instructions is he receiving?

PS - great work with Tilly and the vest.

Date: 31/01/04 Author : JosieTash

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belgshep, about killing spree, that MUST have been where DB got it form !!!! - and yeah, i love that "laurie" is being sooooo sneaky !!!

btw, i was right about killing saddo Seb as well - as you'll see below !!!!!


The ferocious lion roared and lanched it's attack on Kane ..''run Kirsty, Fi !! Get the twins out of here '' he shouted. As usual he only thought of others safety rather than his own. He then wrestled the lion to the ground with his bare hands and tied it up with some rope that was conveniently lying around. Despite some deep cuts and scratches he said he was fine and loaded the lion into the back of his car.

'' I'm going to take it back to the zoo '' he said bravely , despite his pain.

''He's such a hero,'' said Fi to Kirsty, and they waved him off. However poor Kane was more badly hurt than they realised and on the way to the zoo he was overcome with a dizzy spell. He managed to bring the car to a stop , but the jolt had loosened the rope from the lion . The lion sensed it could break free and glanced at Kane

''No way am I fighting him again'' it though , as it jumped out of the car . As luck would have it Josh and his new pall Seb were walking past ...the lion ripped them both to shreds and ate them.

''I've just killed Josh and Seb'' roared the lion .

''You LEGEND'' replied a lizard.

When Shelley heard that our hero had fought the lion and won she was livid , but she was determined she would kill him in the end ...what cunning plan has she thought up next ??!!

Swotty UK Leah has been studying a far more advanced school curriculum , and when she looks at the other kids text books she warns them that all their books have the wrong information....is it too late for the kids to swot up on the right stuff ??!!

Max , the annoying little git , is grateful to UK Leah and so agrees to help steal back the precious Harry Potter books. He is Colleens little favourite and she trusts him. In return for special tuition he beaks into Colleens caravan and swops the copies for ordinary ones. He passes the precious copies out to UK Leah and Robbie ...but who saw him do it ??!!

Tilly buys everything on the girls shopping list ....unfortunately they were not very specific and the clothes she bought are TOTALLY tasteless. Gypsy and Dani have no more money to buy any more. Gypsy is OK with wearing the horrible garments but Dani throws a hissy fit and locks herself in the bathroom crying and moaning. What can Gypsy do ??!!

Henry is working for a gun and drug smuggling terrorist organisation. They are looking for Noah whoo owes them drug money ... will Henry grass him up ??!!

PS LOVED the kitten.

Have decided to give treat Seb the Josh treatment...not sure if you wanted to carry on with Josh, Seb or both , so opted for both !!!!

Date: 01/02/04 Author : Wanda


Kane, Kisrty & Fi think about how to rid shelley from their lives, but decide that they are ready for any challenege she has for them - and they don't wanty to be as vindictive as the evil woman.

This, howeve, doewn't stop sheeley from trying ti destroy kane's life.she once again targets KK's twins, Kennedy & Kaleb. She hides in the local supermarket so she can be there after closing time/ when all the night staff have gone home, she opens every jar of baby food, and puts shards of glasses in each of them.

the next day Fi does some grocery shopping for herself, KK and the teins. naturally she buys baby food. will sheeley gain her revenge when KK feed the infected food to kaleb & kennedy?

Prime Minister Kit visits the Bay - to annonce that Kane is the Australian of the Year. What else happens when the important woman rtns to her hometown?

Once everyone in town hears about the wrong school cirriculum, everyone helps the kids cram for the looming exams. even mr fisher rts to the bay to help. with brainiacs like sally, flathead, robbie & UK Leah, the kids ARE able to learn the correct info, and head in to exams with confidence. will they pass?

Th parenets etc also demand to know why their kids were taught the wrong info. Laurie insisted laid all the blame at mr hyde's feet. mr hayde said that it was all lauire's fault. mr hyde also thought about telling the parents about Lauire's true identity. will he tell? or will he save this shocking infpo for another time?

Loosers (and best pals) Josh & seb saw max replace the books at collen's place. when they threatened to tel;l her what he'd done, the 2 lossers wonderd why max whistled. soomn after, they found out. A dozen magpies began attacking the heads of josh & seb. the birds pecked at theie haeads, and plucked out the eyes of the posh git & the saddo. josh & seb then fell to the ground and died.

"We killed Josh" seb the magpies

"you LEGENDS" said the robbie & UK leah's harry potter books that max us holding in his hands.

As Gypsy thinks of ways to sove the problem, Tilly knocks on the door. When Gyspsy answeres, Tilly says she'll STEAL all the right clothes for the 2 lesbians - but only on the condition that she can move in with them (as both rhys & beth are being both being a pain in the neck). When Gypsy tells Dani Tilly's plan, Dani says she won't leave the bathroom until tilly gets the clothes. After Gypsy prints off a copy (from the computer) of the clothes the sexy duo RELLY wanted, Tilly sets off to the shooping ctr. Being a smart blittle thing, Tilly is able to steal all the clothes the girls want without getting caught. She brings them home and dani exists the bathroom and thanks Tilly for getting the outfits. the loving lesabians then let tilly move in with them. But, unbeknownst to the 3 girls, Constable Corelli has been wayching their every move. WHat will happen with Pia arrives at their house?

Henry is easily able to kidnap the drugged out noah. Henry sends a ranson note to hayley, saying that noah will die if she doesn't give hiom the $10,000 that noah only owes. Hayley tells the kidnapper (who she doen't know is henry - he disquises his voice on the phone) she doen't have that sort of money, henry suggests that hayley could easily get that sort of money REAL FAST by gaining employment at the Bay's whorehouse. Will Hayley become a "lady of the night" to save noah from ceratin death?

PS - glad you LOVED the kitten (partic in light of email you sent - about kitten

being so scrawny etc). Also, as you can see above, having the posh git & the saddo as best pals (and killing them together) works for me.

Date: 01/02/04 Author : JosieTash


Fi is about to feed Kaleb and Kennedy(K/K's twins ) the contaminated baby food, when the phone rings. Leah screeches that she is having a party for VJ for no reason other than that he is a spoilt brat and could Kaleb and Kennedy come over. Fi checks with Kirsty and Kane who agree to them all going over there for the party. Despite her hysterical tendencies Leah does throw a mean party!! They all leave for the party and have a great time. Shelley and her Slimey boyfriend David who has come to visit her and assist in her evil plans are seething , but soon cheer up when events take an unexpected turn.

Posh tosser Josh and his saddo mate Seb are the only two people in the Bay not invited to the party , they break into K/K's house looking for food. They see the jars of baby food and begin spooning them to each other , making silly baby noises and licking the spilt baby food off each other ...a disgusting thing to see !!

Suddenly they both start gagging and bleeding internally as the glass in the baby food cuts them inside . They die an agonising death clutching each others hands.

''We killed Josh West,'' said Shelley and the contaminated baby food .

''You LEGENDS'' replied the spoons and slimey David.

At VJ's party Kit announces that our hero Kane will be ''Australian of the Year,'' someone is seething with jealousy ...who??

Rhys is overjoyed that the son he never had will be honoured in this way , and Scotty P is so overwhelmed that he could not hold back the tears as he hugged his little brother....all those days at sunday school and doing good deeds when they were children had paid off, Kane admitted how lucky he was to have had such a good role model as Scotty when he was growing up.

When news reached Shelley she was livid , but has she got a new ally in her vendetta against Kane ...who is this jealous person??!!

Mr Hyde and Laurie blame the faulty curriculum on an administrative error and place the blame squarely at the hands of poor Irene. They fabricate paperwork to demonstrate her ''incompetence'' and lie so convincingly that most parents believe them. Irene is sacked and distraught she is tempted to start drinking again ... will Irene hit the bottle and will Hyde and Laurie get away with their evil plan ??!!

Tilly who is very clever and devious puts on her ''little girl'' act in front of the police who decide that she is too young sweet and innocent to be charged. Instead they charge Gypsy and Dani with conspiracy to steal and corruption of a minor. When Beth finds out she demands that Dani and Gypsy be sent to prison for corrupting her sweet innocent Tilly. Tilly sniggers behind her mums back and laughs at Gypsy and Dani's predicament. Will Tilly confess, will Dani ever come out of the bathroom , will Beth develop some parenting skills , will Pia prosecute Tilly ??!!!

Hayley cannot bring herself to work in the brothel, she discusses her problem at length with everyone in the Bay wasting lots of air time , they all tell her the same thing ...ask Kane to help. Will Hayley ask superhero Kane to help, will he agree, will Shelley strike while he is helping Noah, will Noah want to be saved , will Henry be found out ...these questions and others will be answered in the next thrilling episode of twisted tales !!!!!!!!!!!!

ps - love the magpies , glad you want to kill them both !!

Date: 02/02/04 Author : Wanda


Beth is REALLY annoyed that Kane has been named Aussie of the Year. She thought she'd be a shoe-in with her wonderful parenting skills with her (sutherland) step-kids, but her treatment of her own kids has ruined her chances.

beth approaches shelley and says she wants them to team up to destroy kane (the man who took "her" prize). shelley was REALLY pleased to have such an ally, and with beth now against kane as well, perhaps she might be able to get Rhys back.

They both decide to try to discredit kane - instead of killing him. they follow his every move, esp. when he is captaining his charter boat. Shelley invites heaps of her friends on a charter cruise. kane realises there's just too many ppl to fir safely on his boat, he infroms sheelley that not all her friends can come aboard. shelley is adamant of going on the cruise with her friends, but kane insistes on not risking any lifes. shelley (and her friends) leave without their day day on the water - shelley is TIOTALLY seething.

That night, beth & shelley get silly scott to make kane's boat unsafe etc for passengers, and they call they maritime police with their "suspicions". what happens when the polics arrive to inspect Kane's boat?

Just as irene was about to have her 1st drink in ages, Danusia & Sammy run into her house and stop her. they tell Irene that Robbie & UK Leah have proof that the wrong cirriculcum was a deliberate act of tirrany by both mr hyde and Laurie. Irene is SOOOOOO relieved, and asks Sammy to throw the bottle of wine in the bin as he & Danusia leave.

Sammy, however, decides to take the bottle with him, to see what all the fuss is about alcohol. Will Danusia be able to convince her bf against doing such a silly thing?

When the info about mr hyde & Laurie spreads, the parents demand answers. Mr Hyde decides to devert the attention away from himself by revealing the truth about Lauire, ie that she is, in fact, the NOT dead Angela Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do the townsfolk react?

Tilly thinks she's got away with everything (and she has the bras she always wanted). She is TOTALLY unaffected by Dani's moaning and carrying on as gypsy & Dani are hauled away by the police, but something about Gypsy's nobility in the middle of everything that was going on affects her. Tilly can't believe that gypsy didn't even suggsest antything to the police which would make them suspect that tilly was a willing party.

As beth continued to ignore the police's phone calls that her daughter had been co-erced into stealing by the 2 lesbians (she was out trying to discredit kane), Tilly asked the police if she could speak to Gypsy. after they agreed to let her speak to the redhead, Tilly told Gyps that she didn't want her to go to jail, and would say that it was all dani's idea to get her the steal the clothes. Gypsy told Tilly that Dani is her soulmate, and that she'd rather go to jail with dani than be apart from her. Tilly could see (and hear) how much Gypsy loves Dani.

Tilly thinks about telling the police them that she will a willing party, but she tells them instead that she believes the lack of new outfits badly affected both Dani & Gypsy mentally. The police psychologist concurs with Tilly, and orders that 2 "clothes horses" have their minds retrained - to NOT want every single new season fashion that is released. But will Gypsy & Dani rather prison, than having the very essence of their beings changed?

When Hayley FINALLY asks Kane to help her, he offers to use some of the contacts he now has to arrange something to help her save Noah. Kane gets in contact with federal police. He offers to put himself in danger to rescue naoh and bust open the drug racket. the feds have reservations about the Australian of the year being involved, but kane is willing. The feds crafts a mask which makes kaen's face look just like Hayley's. they them attire him like hayley (blonde wig, clothes, shoes) and kane also quickly minnics hayley's walking style.

Kane goes to the ransom drop off point. He meets with the kidnapper. Kane thinks there's something familiar about the "short man", but he keeps his thoughts to himself. Kane's suspicions are confirmed when he detects a hint of henry's voice - despite the voice changing device.

henry then grabs a rocket laucher from behind him. he fires it at the disguised kane. henry misses kane, but hits some of the support stuts to the wharehouse they are in. when the debris collapses, it kills seb & josh, who were hoping to get their hands on the money (as "hayley" battled with henry).

"we killed josh" said the debris, and the rocket laucher.

"you LEGENDS" said several mice who lived in the warehouse.

when henry was furing the rocket launcher., kane launched himself at the drug runner. the heroic aussie of the year tackled henry, and held him until the other federal officers arrived.

the other fed thanked for kane for his immense bravery, but they alos had bad news, noah was nowehere to be found. Will henry spill the beans about where noah is? and has his time impersonating Hayley affected Kane in any way?

ps - glad you liked my work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/02/04 Author : JosieTash


With Henry being held for kidnapping and drugtrafficking and Tilly involved in large scale shop-lifting , Beth is momentarily distracted from her goal of seeking revenge ...but hey ! It's not as if they were Sutho kids ...let them fend for themselves ..she thought. Luckily for Tilly and Henry there were some kind people in the Bay willing to help rehabilitate them Henry fitted in straight away with Wanda's boy Joe , and Tilly went to stay at Irene's.

Seb began moaning to his best (only )friend Josh that no one would take him in , he whined on for several hours , in the end Josh could not stand it any longer so he bitch slapped Seb. Seb slapped him back , Josh counter slapped , this carried on for hours , neither weakling pansy boy managing to inflict much damage. Luckily two butterflies had been watching ,

''Gawd , I'm bored with this , lets finish them off,'' said one.

''OK'' said the other.

They fluttered down and bashed the two weaklings to death with their wings.

''We killed Josh West'' said the two butterflies,

''You LEGENDS'' said a passing frog.

Meanwhile Shelley and Beth were waiting to see if Kane came back from his federal mission , and waiting to see what damage Silly Scott Hunter had managed to inflict on Kane's boat. Beth wasn't sure if her mentally challenged son was up to the job.

It turned out that Silly Scott had forgotten what to do once he got on the boat , so he did some stretching exercises , a couple of bits of ballet from Swan Lake and got so carried away with his dancing that he was still dancing and humming the theme tune to ''Fame'' when the cops arrived. They arrested him for being a public nuisance , but released him to his mother's ''care''. Beth was not pleased and sent him to bed with no supper !!!

What could Shelley and Beth do next ...and what will Rhys say when he discovers Beth is in league with Shelley , plotting against the son he never had ??!!

Sammy is dying to try the wine , Danusia says that if he drinks it so will she. Sammy knows that this may affect her training plan for the Olympics so he gives it to Joe and Henry who guzzle it down and play the nice games of ''graffitti the drop in centre'' and ''mug the old lady'' until it's time to go home.

When they get home Wanda tells them Lauries true identity ....will Laurie/Angie get off the hook , or has Hyde won ??!!

Just then Robbie and UK Leah come in ....they have vital info about Hyde ..he is infact ......??!!

Gypsy and Dani go to see the top counsellor/psychologist in the world ...Scotty P. He assures them that their characters will remain unchanged apart from aversion therapy to clothes shopping. They would have their clothes sensibly bought for them, but if they tried to buy them themselves they would get terrible side effects . Dani was pleased that she would remain the same shallow, selfcentred princess she always was and Gypsy would remain strong, loyal, fiesty and warmhearted...but they had to go cold turkey on the shopping ....would they manage it ??!! and what terrible side effects would they suffer if they went clothes shopping ??!!

Prior to going to live at Wanda's Henry had told the feds that Noah was being held by gun crazy maniacs in a warehouse on old Yabbie Creek road , near where the kangaroos hang out ....will Kane risk his life again to save Noah ??!!

Kane had at first been reluctant to take off the blonde wig , he thought maybe it gave him ''rock god '' appeal , but after Kirsty and Fi took the **** he decided perhaps it wasn't quite his style.....would he take on this new even more dangerous mission ??!!

ps - Loving Beth right now !!!

Date: 03/02/04 Author : Wanda

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great comments about the deaths & Kane as Hayley ....... and hope you like what we did with "jeckell"


Irene’s seen a lot of kids come through her door, but wonders how if she’ll EVER get to meet the "real" Tilly, as Beth’s daughter can be screaming her lungs out one moment. and be a complete angel the next. Tilly decides she hates Irene trying to "sort her out" so she decides to TOTALLY send Irene "round the twist" by appearing to have a different personality for each day of the week. Will this send Irene over the edge?

As Beth & Shelley begin their latest plot against their arch nemesis, Kane decides that he MUST tell Rhys the awful truth about Beth. Rhys thanks the son had never had for the info, and then the enraged Rhys charges out of the house. Rhys "attacks" the 1st thing he sees, looser josh & his best pal Seb. Both are such weaklings that the tiniest tap from Rhys causes them both to topple over. As they are unconscious, a LARGE colony of ants eats them incipit pair alive.

"We killed Josh & Seb," said the ants.

"You LEGENDS" replied Danusia’s kitten that was nearby.

Rhys then goes to the sand resort where Beth & Shelley are planning Kane’s downfall. What happens when Rhys confronts his ex-wife AND the woman he had fallen in love with?

Everyone wonders if the whole "Angie" rumours are true. Mr Hyde demands that Laurie prove that she’s NOT Angie - by showing the parents & students her gorgeous backside. If Laurie has the same tattoo, in the same spot (on her derriere), as Angie, everyone will know Mr hide is telling the truth. Laurie agrees to Mr Hyde’s plan. In front of LOTS of the parents & students, Laurie removes her skirt and undies, revealing her curvaceous butt - what happens when she does?

Wanda is surprised when Robbie & UK Leah reveal that Mr hide used to be a woman. Jesse’s sexy wife is, however, SHOCKED when her daughter says that Mr hide used to be (suspenseful pause) Irene’s daughter Finlay. Wanda can’t believe that "mr" Hyde has been soooooo cruel to Irene - in light of the revelation. What happens when Wanda, UK Leah & Robbie tell Irene the truth about the school’s (now) male co-principal?

Gypsy quite likes the funky selection of clothes that are regularly bought for the loving all girl duo. Dani publicly says she is happy as well, but privately she hates not going to the malls herself. Because dani knows she might be recognised in yabbie creek, she goes to the city to shop. (Dani tells Gypsy that she is going there to buy her soulmate a special present - just because they’re sooooooooooooo much in love). Dani thinks the side effects thing is a load of rubbish, as she takes several pieces of clothing of the rack and heads for counter to buy them but it is only after she PURCHASED the goods that Dani is affected. As soon as she begins to walk away from the counter, her brain has been retrained to think that now ALL as yet unsold clothes in the shops are veloceraptors (vicious carnivorous dinosaurs) - and all of them want to EAT Dani!!!!!! Is there a way Gypsy’s soulmate can escape her living nightmare?

Kane didn’t even think twice about saving Noah from the evil drug dudes - but he asks if good friends Jade, Mark & Tasha could help him. The feds agrees. Kirsty gives kane her blessing and awesome passionate kiss, and Fi gives Kane a BIG hug.

Then after removing the Hayley wig, kane and his friends took off and charged into the warehouse. They see Noah tied up. Tasha & Jade lift, and begin to carry virtually unconscious Noah, with Kane & Mark covering them. Several armed men have been waiting for someone to rescue Noah. They surround kane, jade, mark, Tash & Noah. Will our heroes be able to get out alive?

ps - butterflies killing the losers was BRILLIANT, as was the "rock god" thing and

your awesome description of Gypsy.

Date: 03/02/04 Author : JosieTash


Just as Irene thinks that she can take no more and is about to head for the offy to get some booze salvation comes in the form of Scotty P. Tilly is won over by his firm but gentle approach and listens intently to him ...he tells Irene Tilly's problem ...she is in love ...but who with??!!

Irene has more problems to deal with however , as Wanda and Fi break the news to her that Mr. Hyde is in fact Finlay. Irene reaches rock bottom ....will Wanda and Fi be able to talk her out of taking her first drink in years ??!!

As Rhys rants and raves and his eyeballs pop and his mouth becomes spitty and rubbery both Shelley and Beth remember just what attracted them to Rhys in the first place...both are mesmerised by his bulging forehead veins and transfixed by the attractive purple hue of his face. They both fall back in love with him ..??!! what happens next??!!

Unbeknown to Mr Hyde, Laurie had had her tattoo removed by laser treatment only the day before , and apart from a little redness there was no sign of it on her bum-cheeks !!! The parents looked like they were going to turn nasty on Mr Hyde , so Mr Hyde hid .....where did Hyde hide ??!!

The sight of Dani running around the shopping mall screaming at the imaginary dinosaurs attracted some attention and was so amusing that the mall owners let her carry on, until she fell exhausted in a heap. The mall owners said that their takings for that day were double what they normally earned , so they allowed Dani and Gypsy to take the clothes home...it was then that the girls discovered that the side effects only occured if they purchased the items , gifts were ok. How will the girls get people to buy them gifts of clothes after they behaved so ungraciously with regards to their wedding gifts ??!!

As the others were still getting their bearings Kane leapt into action and single handedly disarmed the four gunmen, despite being shot several times he said he was fine and bravely tried to help carry the semi conscious Noah. It was only then that Mark noticed Kane's injuries , but brave Kane refused any help and limped back to the car with them. At the hospital they were awed by Kane's bravery and powers of recuperation as he was able to be discharged the following morning into Kirsty's loving arms.

Josh and Seb were exploring the rock pools when a baby bird flew past. The slight breeze that it's fluttering little wings made was enough to send Seb off balance, he shrieked in a girly voice and grabbed hold of Josh to steady himself. This pulled Josh off balance and they both slipped over and smashed their heads on the rocks , dying instantly.

''We killed Josh West'' said the baby bird and the rocks .

''You LEGENDS!!'' said the proud mummy bird .

Date: 04/02/04 Author : Wanda


Irene is surprised when saintly Scotty p tells her that Tilly has indeed fallen DEEPLY (in a SEXUAL way) for her big sister, (Prime Minister) Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tilly knows these feelings are TOTALLY wrong, but she can’t help it. As Saintly Scotty P talks to Tilly about her dilemma, someone is spying on them, hearing every word. Who is it?

Wanda & Fi are able to prevent irene from drinking by suggesting that perhaps "Mr" Hyde/Finlay is probably testing her, ie to see if Irene’s gone back to the alco way she was in the past (which led to fin & her bro Damien being fostered by pippa). This inspires irene to see things through, ie to handle all the crap "mr" hyde throws at her. But will Irene reveal to Hyde that she knows "his" secret?

Both women tell Rhys how they feel. Mr Sutherland tells them the only way he’ll get back together with either of them is if the stop trying to destoy kane. Sheeley & Beth both say that they will stop trying to harm the son rhys never had. Will both women keep their promise? And will rhys choose beth or shelley if both get off kane’s back?

The frazzled Mr Hyde forgot about his sex change op for a moment and hid in the girl’s toilets at the school. In there, he saw loosers josh & seb kissing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whilst Mr Hyde vommits copiously, thankfully a pair of mosquitoes flew into the room (through the window) and whilst one bit seb, the other bit josh. Both saddos died soon after the MINISCULE bites.

"We killed josh & seb" said the mosquitoes.

"You LEGENDS" replied the toilet cubicle doors.

Will Mr hyde be able to exit the girl’s bathroom without being seen?

Jade & Tasha noticed that redness on Lauire’s curvaceous rear end was exactly where Angie’s tattoo had previously been. Both girls decide to get proof of their suspicions, by visiting the local tattoo parlours, and places which remove the body art.

Their search seems to be fruitless, until they enter a parlour where the artist informs them that he performed the laser removal on Laurie yesterday - the guy even showed Jade & Tasha the video footage of the tattoo being removed. The artist says he will tell/show the parents of the school kids etc on 2 conditions. Firstly that both Jade & Tasha let him use their ENTIRE bodies for a big tattoo artwork of his OWN choosing, which he will etch onto each of their bods before he shows the ppl the tape etc. Jade & Tasha agree to his demand and several hours later, they both awoke (from being anethnitized) covered from their shoulders to their toes (breasts & backsides incl) in the tattooist’s creation.

Jade & Tasha then ask the artist about his second condition. what does the tattooist want the girls to do now?

Although Dani’s not one for too much manual labour, Gypsy convinces her soulmate that they should ask thevarious townsfolk if they needed any "odd jobs" done, in rtn from the person of question giving them clothes as gifts. Everyone in town hadn’t forgotten what the girls had done with their wedding gidtfs, so they ALL gave Gypsy & Dani the most arduous, annoying, messy etc they could think of. Colleen’s task for the loving lesbians was partic horrible. What does she make Gypsy & Dani do?

Whilst Wanda & Fi seems to have keep Irene from drinking, unbeknownst to everyone Sammy couldn’t resist having his first taste of alcohol. He liked the taste of his first drink and has continued. Danusia notices what’s going on with her best friend. When she confronts Sammy, he pushes her over - hurting her arm. Will it affect Danusia in her quest to become an Olympic gymnast?

Sally & Flynn are surprised when she begins to be ill. Flynn suspect it might have something to do with her ovarioan cancer, so they have an ultrasound done. BOTH Sally & Flynn are SHOCKED when the stenographer tells them that Sally is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!! Both wonder how on Earth this is possible ….

Date: 03/02/04 Author : JosieTash


Scotty P works his magic on Tilly and she realises that her feelings for her big sister were just a 'crush' , but she then declares 'real' feelings for Joe !! What a troublesome combination they would make !!! Colleen overhears and decides that Max would be a better choice than Joe ... how will she matchmake ...and how will the kids take her interference !!!??

Irene tells Mr Hyde that she knows his secret. Mr Hyde breaks down in tears and blubs on about what a terrible mother Irene had been , he throws his damp tissue away , out of the window. The tissue is caught on a slight breeze and flutters away. It hits saddo Seb in the face knocking him over. He hits his head on a blade of grass and starts to bleed to death ...his best (only friend ) Josh faints at the sight of the blood and a baby bunny kicks him in the head fracturing his skull. Seb and Josh die holding hands.

''I killed Josh West !!!'' said the baby bunny,

''You LEGEND'' said the tissue and the blade of grass !!

Meanwhile Mr Hyde blubbed on and Irene started to feel sorry for him. He gave her her job back and they hugged and vowed to work together to discredit Angie/Laurie who they both hate....what will they do...??!!

Rhys knows that whichever woman he rejects will carry on her vendetta against his beloved son he never had Kane....so he decides to let them both think they are in with a chance...what happens if/when they find out he is going out with both of them ??!!

CHAPTER CONTINUED !! stupid+boards !!

Tash and Jade consider whether the body piercings will be too painful ...this was the second thing they had to do to secure the tape of Angie/Laurie ...will they go ahead with them...and what will Mark think of the tattoos etc ...??!!

Danusia's arm injury luckily is minor , but Sammy feels terribly guilty and wil not see her ...how will Danusia let him know it's ok ??!!

Colleen asks Dani to clean her toilet ... will the princess agree ??!!

Sally has miraculously grown a new womb due to al Scotty P' praying on her behalf ...but there is something strange about the baby ...what is it ??!!

Date: 05/02/04 Author : Wanda


Colleen convinces max to act totally brattish around Tilly in the hope that once Beth’s daughter falls for max, then coollen can help him curb tilly’s behaviour. Both joe & tilly think max’s attempsts at being a brat are totally childless (they both thought VJ was "badder" than the poison dwarf). Tilly & Joe then made colleen pay for her interfence - they ransacked her house and burnt her fave tabelcloth (the one saddo seb used as a cape) to a cinder.

Tilly knows she REALLY likes joe, and decides that she wants to kiss him. What will happen Tilly tries to snog Wanda’s son?

Meanwhile, max is very upset that Tilly has rejected him. He climbs a tree and begins crying. As josh and seb walk by, max’s teardrops fall on, and shatter, both their skulls. Both loosers fall to the ground where they die.

"We killed josh and seb" said the teardrops.

"you LEGENDS" replied max’s shoes

Irene & Mr Hyde decide to try to totally rattle Laurie by constantly bad mouthing Angie. They also have a picure of Angie on a dartboard in the school’s staff room, and ALL the teachers like to use it during lunch and other times. Irene & Hyde realise the plan is having no effect on Laurie, so they decide to call on the heroic Kane to help them. The son Rhys says he has a plan that will expose Laurie. What does kane have in mind? And how does it in involved both Kirsty & Fi?

Rhys decides (unbeknownst to the girls) the spend each alternate night with Shelley & beth (Monday - shelley, tuedsady - beth etc). Beth decided one Friday that she coulfn’t stand waiting another day for rhys to make love to her, so she went to ten caravn park and found rhys having sex with shelley. Will both shelley and beth begin plotting against kane again, or will beth join Rhys & shelley to have a 3some?

Jade & Tasha know the nipple piercing wil be painful, but that also KNOW that Laurie HAS to be exposed for who she really is. Once the tattooist has done the piercings, the 3 head over to the JMT (jade, Mark, Tash) house. Jade & Tasha show mark ALL of their tattooed/pierced bodies. Mark LOVES the body art that now covers both of his sexy wives - he thanks the artist for the beautiful tattoos which now cover his awesome partners. Mark then asks if, after the tape is played, the tattooist uses his whole body as a canvas as well.

After jade & tasha put their school uniforms on, mark, the girls & the tattooist travelled to SBH, but Laurie has been keeping track of there every move (she LOVE how jade & Tasha got those full body tattoos etc). As they near the school, Laurie uses her evil witchy powers to stop their car dead in its tracks. Jade and the others can’t believe it when they discover they can’t exit the vehicle. All the doors are locked, and the windows of the vehicle are TOTALLY shatter proof. Will Tasha, Mark, Jade & the tattooist be able to escape?

Danusia proves to Sammy that all is well with her arm by showing his her brand new floor routine. Sammy sees that if he had hurt her arm, Danusia NEVER could have performed such amazing moves. Danusia & Sammy hugged - and Pammy’s bro knew that things were solid once more between them.

Whilst these two are talking, Wanda enters the room. She seems excited, yet cautiuos. Jesse’s super cool wife tells her daughter that the gymnastic federation has done a back flip on age restrictions, and that Danusia will be allowed to compete in the 2008 Olympics? How will Wanda’s daughter react?

Dani totally baulks at cleaning Colleen’s utterly filthy loo, but Gypsy reminds her of the cool tops, skirts etc they’ll be getting when the job is done. When dani is almost done, she finds a key at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Dani & Gypsy (when they can keep their hands of each other) try to open colleen’s cupboards & drawers. They finally have success when the key unlocks a bedroom cupboard, where the sexy duo find not only pics of themselves and others in town having sex, but also a letter colleen plans to send to Norman - which says that colleen plans to, one by one, kill EVERYONE in Summer Bay. Will colleen begin her killing spree before Gypsy & Dani are able to inform ppl?

Sally & Flynn can’t believe it that the baby in her womb isn’t even her or Flynn’s. Sally’s hubby tells her that the foetus has the same DNA as Sally’s friend, the deceased Charlotte Adams. What will sally and flyyn do now?

Date: 0502/04 Author : JosieTash

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i must say (re Hyde) that in light of what’s happened on the show since (irene/hyde), that’s now maniacally funny – and kinda gross !!!!!!!

wanda's always been soooo great with (her desprciptions of) rhys !!! ..... i rem that we eventually that way (with posh & saddo) but i just couldn't think of when it began ..... and i hope you like the rest of the sally preegers story (hope i do too - as i'll read it on the bus on the way home)!!!!!


Colleen blames the poison dwarf for the damage to her caravan and he has to clean the toilet block out as punishment for the next year...he is seething but how can the gimpy little retard get his own back on Joe and Tilly ??!!

Joe and Tilly snog for the first time , they make sure Max sees them so that he is seething with jealousy , the poisoned dwarf retard starts to cry ... but he makes friends with a sewer rat he finds in the toilet block .... what will Beth think of this new disease - ridden addition to the family ??!!

Kane invites Laurie to dinner at the K/K house ... she is flattered to be invited by Bayside's most popular couple and readily agrees , Fi and Kirsty have spiked her drink and lulled into a false sense of security Laurie begins to reveal the truth about herself.....Kane has recorded her confession on tape. As the drug wears off Laurie becomes suspicious ...will she uncover their plot ??!!

Beth and Shelley have a private conversation behind Rhys's back. They both want Rhys , they both enjoy threesomes , but neither wants to let the vendetta against our hero, the son Rhys never had , Kane, go. So they decide to cover for each other and pretend to Rhys that they have forgiven Kane. Being rather stupid and feeling rather horny Rhys was pleased at their decision and did not suspect that they were lying ....what will they plot against our hero Kane now ??!!

Danusia and Sammy are walking to school when they see M/J/T's predicament , but even Danusia's strength is not enough to shatter the car windows.

Just then Saddo Seb and his best (only) friend Josh walked past. A tiny spider appeared in a branch of a tree near them .

''AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!'' shrieked the girly duo , their ear peiercing shriek shattering the car windows !! and Jade Mark Tasha and the tattooist climb out.

Sad-boy Seb then walked into the tiny spiders tiny web garrotting himself on it. The spider was so cross it punched Josh West in the face. The pathetic pair died of their injuries.

''I killed Josh West,'' said the tiny spider.

''You LEGEND!!'' said Danusia ,Sammy, and the web!!

Dani and Gypsy go to the wisest person in town with their information ...Saintly Scotty P. He decides that round the clock surveillance on Colleen is the best way to tackle it. Volounteers were asked for ...what happens to Alf on the first shift??!!

Sally and Flynn discover that Silly Scott Hunter is the father of Charlottes baby .... will they risk the possibility it may have inherited Scott H's impaired intellect ??!!

Date: 06/02/04 Author : Wanda


Max decides to make his new best friend (the rat) bite and infect both Joe & Tilly. As the rat gets closer to the love struck pair, it realises that Tilly is WAY better a person than the childish max. The rat decides to get revenge on max for wanting it to bite the feisty Tilly. What’s the rodent’s plan?

Meanwhile, Tilly decides she has had ENOUGH of max hanging around. She decides raise some money so she can hire a private detective to find the poison dwarf’s dad (so she’d be rid of him). Tilly decides to yell, scream and be obnoxious to ppl until they paid her BIG money to stop. Within just an hour, Tilly had all the money she needed (to hire a detective). Will the private eye find Max’s dad?

Beth says that max can keep the rodent in the house, as along as he keeps the filthy creature of a bedroom NOT currently or previously occupied by one of the Sutherlands. The rat hates that Beth shows such disregard for her own children, so it bites her. Beth then goes to Flynn. What awful disease does she have?

Laurie slowly remembers everything that she said whilst drugged. She then grabs Fi and threatens to snap her neck like a twig. Kirsty is horrified that Angie/Laurie would do such a thing. but the quick thinking Kane launches himself into the air. He grabbed hold and the chandelier (that Kirsty loves SOOOO much) and swung from it. He then kicked Laurie in the face. But Fi fell to the floor as well. Kane saw that his great friend was unconscious, so her began mouth to mouth resuscitation. When Fi began breathing again, she gave kane the BIGGEST hug in the world. Kane then noticed the tape, which had Laurie telling them EVERYTHING wasn’t where he left it. He asks Kirsty if she knows where the tape is. Did Kirsty put the tape elsewhere (amid the confusion), or does Laurie have it?

Shelley is determined to get her hands on Kennedy & Kaleb. Beth thinks that Shelley’s plan is the BEST way to hurt kane. They know that because KK & Fi are having dinner with Laurie, Danusia & Sammie are babysitting the twins. Shelley & Beth ask the only other ppl in town who also don’t like kane, josh & Seb, to kidnap Kaleb & Kennedy.

danusia & Sammy see the pair of losers approaching KK’s twins, but they know the "kipnappers" are NO match for Kaleb & Kennedy. As Seb tries to grab Kaleb, the baby urinated on the saddo. This shatters Seb’s puny leg bones and he topples over - hitting his head on a little building block as he hit the ground. Then Josh tried to get Kennedy. She grabs his finger and flung the weakling posh git across the room into the wall. Josh lands atop Seb, and both die REALLY quickly from their injuries.

"We killed josh & Seb," said Kaleb, Kennedy, the wall & the building block.

"You LEGENDS" replied Danusia, Sammie and the bunny rug the twins were sitting/playing on.

Shelley & Beth were LIVID about the failure of their plans. What will they try next?

Jade, Mark, Tasha & the tattooist arrive at the school. As Irene phones all the parents and tells them to come to SBH, Tasha & the others show Mr Hide the truth that Laurie is Angie. When the parents’ etc arrived, they are outraged when they see the incriminating footage of the tattoo being removed from Laurie’s backside.

Just as the tape finishes, Laurie arrives at SBH. What happens where the parents & students confront her about the revelations on the video?

Colleen is a sneaky thing. She KNOWS Alf is watching her. Indeed it was her plan all along to let Dani & Gypsy find the killing spree note. As Alf follows Colleen’s every move, she turns around and BIG TIME surprises him. Alf can’t believe that colleen is now a VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! (she was sired by Norman). Colleen sinks her fangs into Alf’s neck and turns him into a vamp as well. Soon after, Colleen & Alf met up with Norman. Who will the trio attack next?

Both Sally & Flynn are horrified that "their" baby being silly Scot’s, but then Flynn asks Robbie & UK Leah if they will create a machine which can tell the IQ of the unborn child. The inventive pair accepts the task with glee. Once UK Leah & her harry potter loving friend create their new invention, Sally & Flynn are pleased they STILL have an above average IQ bub (because brainiac Charlotte is it’s mum) they decide not to terminate the pregnancy. The month pass and soon Sally is ready to give birth. Will it be in a hospital, or will Sally choose "by the side of the road" like Gypsy?

Gypsy & Dani BOTH decide they are only going to wear pink clothes from now on. When they try to exchange all their old outfits, the clothes shop won’t accept then, which causes Dani to fly into a rage. She completely destroys the yabby creek shopping centre. Once she’s done there, Dani heads to the city. With Saintly Scotty P on the other side of the world (helping the starving millions following a violent earthquake in Africa), will Gypsy be able to calm her soulmate down - before she goes even MORE damage?

Date: 06/02/04 Author : JosieTash


The rat decides that it will only bite Beth and Max, not any of the Hunters....it carries a virus which is not deadly but causes extreme incontinence....the rat sinks it's teeth into Max, who starts wetting himself...Max is mortified when Beth insists he has to wear nappies , much to the amusement of Tilly and the other kids !!....is there a cure for Max's problem, or will he have to wear nappies for ever !!?? (Q..do you use the word nappy or daiper?)

Beth much to her horror has the same symptoms as Max ...this won't do her much good trying to win Rhys from Shelley....she vows vengence on Max's rodent !!

Fi finds the incriminating tape of Laurie and together with the tape of her having her bum tattooed it is enough to convince the school board and parents to sack her....she leaves SBH in disgrace...but is this the last we have seen of Angie/Laurie ??!!

Mr Hyde and Irene decide that the kids have been getting too out of hand lately and impose some new rules ...what are they ??!!

Shelley smirks when she sees that Beth has to wear big plastic pants ...so the rat bites her too....will Rhys still want either of these two women...and if he dumps then will they try and kill our hero Kane??!!

It is midnight....Alf , Colleen and Norman....emerge from their coffins ...they see Saddo Seb and Josh West ....unfortunately the pair of tossers die of shock at the sight of the vampires....their blood is therefore no good to the bloodsuckers !!

''We killed Saddo Seb and Josh West'' said the vampires.

''You legends'' replied a wombat.

Still hungry the vampires look for a meal...who will they choose as a victim, and can they be stopped ??!!

Sally goes into labour during a picnic and gives birth under a tree....but the whole thing was a bizzarre phantom pregnancy and the baby is really a.....??

Dani has a hissy fit and the shop owners call the police ...an AVO is taken out on her...she cannot EVER clothes shop again...Gypsy is in the clear , but Dani is livid...how will she purchase her tacky clothes now ??!!

Leah notices that Alf and Colleen are missing from the diner ...she goes to the basement and sees the three vampire coffins ...she shrieks , flaps her arms around a lot and gets hysterical. Wanda hears her shouting , so she slaps her face a few times to get her to shut up and calm down, Fi comes down to see what the problem is and slaps Leah too ...Wanda sees the coffins ...only the Phillips brothers can help Summer Bay now. Word is sent to Scotty P , who has been doing charitable works in Africa and he hurrys back to Summer Bay to help his heroic brother Kane fight the evil vampires...is there a way of saving Colleen. Norman and Alf while at the same time exorcising the vampire from within them...only Scotty P has the answer ...will he be in time??!!

Date: 07/02/04 Author : Wanda


Beth, Max & Shelley hate that they have to wear nappies as the time. They try to speak to the rat, but he will not communicate with them. Max (as he fills ANOTHER nappy) decides to swallow his pride and ask Tilly to ask the rat want they have to do to reverse the affects.

Tilly initially laughs her head off at the request, but she changes her mind because Tilly knows the rat is just as devious as her. After the rat informs Tilly what the incontinent trio have to do to reverse the effects of the bites, Tilly tells Beth, Max & shelley that they must find the rat’s soul mate (which could be anywhere is the world). Will the nappy wearing trio accept?

Rhys meanwhile hates that both his lovers are wetting themselves (and not in a sexual way) all the time, but he knows they will attack kane if he dumps either of them, so the trio make love to each other in a way that doesn’t require either shelley or beth to remove their nappies.

However, both women continue their vendetta against kane. Only this time they have another ally, ANGIE, who has has (more) plastic surgery and looks like her old self again. All 3 women know that kane’s family means everything to him. So they tell Kane is he doesn’t break up with kirsty and leave town FOREVER, they will kidnap & kill his soul mate. Kane knows that kjrsty can handle herself, but he asks Fi, Jade, Mark, Tasha, Jesse, Wanda, Danusia & Sammy to keep an eye out (not literally) for Kirsty. Will Angie, Shelley & Beth be able to succeed with their EVIL plan?

Mr Hyde announces that there is no such thing as lunch break any more (students must eat their food whilst in class). Also every child in every grade MUST complete a 1000 word essay EVERY night (incl. Both Saturday and Sunday) for homework. If these rules are not adhered to, every student who disobeys will be stripped naked in front of the whole school and be put on the school’s freezer room for an hour each day they do not comply.

Despite always completing the essay etc, Robbie & UK Leah think that Mr Hyde needs to be taken down a peg or two. What’s the brainy duo’s plan?

Alf, Colleen & Norman target Fi next. The trio see her walking in the woods, admiring the wonders of nature. Alf is JUST about to sinkn his teeth into her neck when kane throws holy water on Mr stewart which allows kane to capture alf. As this occurs, Danusia, Jesse, & Jesse are able to apprehend Norman & Colleen.

Scotty P then arrives. He says the only way that the demons inside the trio can be driven away without killing them, is if kane’s saintly bro can change alf, colleen & Norman back to time that were teenagers. All 3 think it is a desperate move (after they’ll have to deal with high school again - and therefore Mr Hyde) but each of the trio agrees to saintly scotty’s plan. He then performs a spell which changes the trio back to when then where just 15 yrs old. Everyone is quite shocked how beautiful the teenage colleen truely is - one person is partic has fallen head ober heels in love with her. Who is it?

Flynn can believe it when Sally gives "birth" to a tuna sandwhich. Sally tells hom that she KNEW that sandwich from the diuner didn’t go down well several months ago. Will Silly & Flynn sue the diner for the emotional distress it was caused them?

Dani is LIVID that she can’t buy clothes when gypsy can. Gypsy offers that she will purchse clothes for her soulmate, but dani sulks and repeatedly says "It’s not fasir" (a least a million times). Dani then decides to nburn all of Gypsy’s clothes.

AS she does so, several of the ember sof the fire are carried away in the breeze. One ember lands on saddo deb, and another on posh josh. Both losers than spontaniously conbust!!!!!!!!

"We killed josh & seb" said the fire embers.

"You LEGENDS" said a girrafe which had escaped from the nearby zoo.

When Gypsy arrived home (from shopping), she finds all her other clothes have been destroyed. Dan admits to Gypsy that she deliberately lit the fire. Is this the end for our sexy lesbian duo? Or will Guypsy find it in her heart to forgive Dani?

After Tilly was delt with the whole rat situation, she meets up with Joe and they, once again, kiss. The pair then do their favourite thing - more mindless violence. When they break into an unknown house, Tilly finds a unique diamond ring that she knew had been stolen (she’d seen the story on the news). Tilly & Joe decide to play the authorities and the robbers against each other, until the crooks offer the 10 million dollars for the rock.

Tilly & Joe can’t believe it when the crooks gave them ALL they money they promised. What will Tilly & Joe do with all that money?

Hayley is worried because her children are being extra helpful etc to her. Ethan, Bec & Beau are being this way because each of them has finished at the top of their class at school as all of them has a VERY high IQ (they don’t want to tell this info to their bimbo mother). What will happen when Hayley finds out what her triplets are hiding from her?

Date: 07/02/04 Author : JosieTash


Beth , Shelley and Max advertise on the internet for a soulmate for the rat ....they only receive one reply however. They set up a date for the rat and his soulmate , but are horrified when Saddo Seb and Josh turn up for the date, knowing that not even a rat would have such bad taste!! The rat is outraged , and not impressed to see what losers have turned up for his mystery date , so he bites them both. Normally they would only have become incontinent but they are both such pathetic weaklings that the shock of the rat bite kills them both!!

''I killed Josh West !'' said the rat ,

''You LEGEND !!'' answered Tilly!!

The rat told Shelley, Max and Beth that they had better hurry up and find his true soulmate , or they would stay incontinent forever. He winked at Tilly and scuttled off ...is the rat lying....who will they find for his soulmate ??!!

Wanda and Fi are walking Kirsty and Kane's twins back from nursery when Shelley, Angie and Beth attack them....in the distance Kane hears their shouts for help....will our brave hero be fast enough to save them??!!

All the kids stay away from school except goody-goody Max and a kid called Nigel.....what will Mr.Hyde and Irene do against this mass mutiny??!!

Colleen is distraught as her features return to the prune-like state before the vampire cure, she had just got used to being beautiful again , Norman and Alf aren't that bothered , but Colleen is determined to be young and beautiful again. She visits a plastic surgeon , who rather rudely tells her he can take a few years off , but he can't work flaming miracles ....Colleen is seething with jealousy when she sees all the beautiful teenage girls in the diner and refuses to serve them....will Alf sack Colleen ??!!

Flynn has accepted that Sally's ''baby'' was no more than a bout of indigestion and a tuna sandwich...but Sally feels she has bonded with the tuna sandwich , which she has named Tammy and is taking it with her where ever she goes ''dressed'' in a little blanket. The sandwich is starting to smell and Flynn is not impressed .... how will he convince Sally to throw the sandwich away??!!

Gypsy has told the self-absorbed princess to sling her hook. She has had enough of Dani's selfish ways and the destruction of her clothes was the last straw ...Dani stamped her foot and sulked and then told Gypsy that she had snogged Angie behind her back anyway....was she lying or has she been two timing Gypsy??!!

Hayley and Noah are distressed that their children are showing signs of a high IQ...no one in their families has ever even reached an average IQ.....Noah is now even questioning whether to have them adopted ....what will the bimbo couple decide??!!

Tilly and Joe decide to keep quiet about their fortune , they think of the perfect hiding place for it ...where ??!!

Date: 10/02/04 Author : Wanda

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GREAT line bout Zoe/Eve -

I'd totally forgotten about the sally/tuna thing - it's ironic - in light of the hayley stuff in reborn. actaully the sally stuff was (i think_) strted becasue i'd wriiten a fanfic about sally & co being abducted by aliens - and being rescued by the like of Luke Skywalker (form Star Wars). and sicnce we had no idea who the girl who now know as Tash was, i wrote that she was a Jedi Knight from an alien world !!!


Max travels overseas to find the rat’s soulmate. A guru in India says that the creature max is looking for is in the UK. When max arrived at the place where the Guru said the rat’s soulmate would be, he is distressed when he discovers the creature he is looking for is dead, as he looks at its "grave" in the backyard of Wanda’s UK residence (the rat’s soulmate was, of case, wanda’s evil stray cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

As max flies back to Oz (having expended LOTS of his own money, plus beth’s & sheeley’s), Tilly almosty couldn’t conatin her laughter when the rat confirmed her suspicions by telling her the truth. When max returned with the bad news about the dead cat, the rat tells Shelley, Beth and max that the soulmate thing was a lie, and that they will stay incontinent FOREVER - and now they have less money to buy the ever increasing number of nappies each of the 3 requires. Will Max, beth & shelley find a cure? or will they have to look for alternatives to nappies when ALL their money runs out?

Kane runs at superhuman speed to where he heard the cries of his beloved friends. Angie has Fi in her clutches, and Beth is holding Wanda (with Shelley slapping Wanda in the face). Kane then arrives and rips down Beth’s nappy, causing her much embaressment as she urinates on the ground. As she goes to pull up the garment, Wanda is able to break free. Wanda then punches Shelley in the face, knocking her out cold.

After Wanda then calms Kaleb & Kennedy down, she ties Beth’s hands together with a nappy that was in Shelley’s bag, as kane tries to rescue Fi from the evil Miss Russell. Angie, indeed, thinks she’s beaten kane as she begin to back away (with Fi STILL trying to break free), but what she doesn’t know is that Kane has seen a close friend nearby.

The naked Tasha then runs out of the bushes and crash tackles Angie from the side. As Fi is flung from the evil woman’s clutches, she grazes her knees, so after kane checks to see if Wanda & his twins are OK, he kisses Fi’s knees and (literally) makes them all better.

Kane, Fi, Wanda & Tash (who is sitting on the back of her unsconscious mum) wonder what they should do with Angie, Shelley & Beth. Will they call the cops, or come to an arrangement with the evil doers?

Nearby, Seb & Josh are walking hand in hand. As soon as the saddo sees Tasha’s breasts, he faints (as Seb hasn’t seen ANY woman’s private parts "in the flesh" since that brief period when EVRYONE in town went nude) and posh josh falls with him. They both hit their heads on the SOFT ground and die.

"We killed josh & Seb" said Tasha’s tits.

"You LEGENDS", replied the T-shirt Kane is wearing.

Mr Hyde & Irene announce to all the kids who are stying away from SBH that if they come back to school they can do whatever they want at SBH (play sport, video games etc) ALL day at the expense of the school. The kids are skectical but 2 weeks in, hyde seems to be keeping his end of the bargain up. What dastardly plan does hyde have up his sleeve (that even irene thinks is TOOOOOOO much)?

Since teenagers are about 99.99999999999% of the diner’s customers, Alf sacks colleen. This makes her a more bitter at the ppl who still are young and beautiful. She asks Robbie to help her by getting some items which are on a very high shelf in the bedroom of her mobile home. She then locks him in there, and rings UK Leah. Colleen tells Wanda’s daughters that she kill Robbie if UK Leah doesn’t create a machime which will either make collen look much younger, OR make all the young ppl as old and ugly as colleen. What will Wanda’s dughter do?

Flynn takes Sally on a holiday in the outback. He then pretends to get them lost. As their food and water supplies appear to be run out (flynn has extra provisions secretly stashed), the Doc tells his wife that the only way that Sally will be able to survive a little longer is if she eats the tuna sandwich. "I can’t eat my own baby", says Sally, but as she gets weaker and weaker, will she eat the sandwhich?

Dani is sobbing by the side of the when a kangaroo cautiously gets closer to her. Dani can’t believe it when she can understand the mammal when it begins to "speak". The kangaroo asks Dani if she REALLY kissed Angie. Dani said that she that she lied about that because she was frustrated at the whole clothing situtaion. The kanagaroo then tells Dani to apologize to Gypsy for EVERYTHING - OR she’s suffer the wrath or ‘roos everywhere. Dani got up and began searching for Gypsy.

Meanwhile, Dani’s soul mate is talking to Alf about things. He makes Gypsy realise that finding one’s soulmate is rare - and that they can be taken from you at any time (both think of Ailsa at this point). Gypsy thanks Alf for helping her. She then goes looking for Dani. Will the 2 sexy soul mates kiss and make up?

Both Noah & Hayley are stressing about their kids’ Iqs (and that possibility that some really smart family has 3 REALLY stupid kids. The pair take Ethan, Bec & Beau to the beach and Hayley is just about to tell her kids that she thinks that they’re adopted, when Bec (sesnsing what’s going on) tells Hayley & Noah that the reason the trio are SOOOO brainy is because they have a much greater percentage of alien DNA than Hayley does. As Bec says this, all 5 of tem looks at the light house/space ship. Hayley & Noah then whisper to each other, and Hayley tells their 3 kids if they like to go live on the faraway planet from which some of their DNA is from. What will be Ethan, Bec & Beau’s response?

Tilly & Joe put the money in the conatiner that Beth has marked "money for school books, presents etc for OWN kids" knowing that beth NEVER goes there and EVERYONE assumes it’s ALWAYS empty. Has anyone seen Tilly & Joe hide their

fortune in the container?

PS - the Sally/sandwhich/Tammy thing is priceless.

Date: 10/02/04 Author : JosieTash


Max , Beth and Shelley face the prospect of eternal incontinence with bad grace ...they are livid ...Tilly and the rat find it highly amusing ....as do all Max's school 'friends.' As their money runs out they are forced to use cut up sheets with bin bag liners as nappies , which give out an aroma of ammonia ...no one will sit near Max at school ...nothing new there then , and the three despair of ever being dry again. They visit Dr. Flynn but he can only sugest potty training ...will it work??!!

Shelley , Beth and Angie are given one last chance to leave Kane alone or be imprisoned ....what will they decide and can they be trusted ??!!

Mr Hyde is renovating some old sheds at the back of the school ...the pupils don't know yet but the parents , governors and teachers have agreed to it being a boarding school with NO holidays and no home leave ....what will the kids do when they find out ??!!

Leah knows that Robbie will be able to escape so long as she can distract Colleen for an hour or so , so she shows her some male porn videos , while Robbie makes good his gettaway ....what will Colleen do when she sees Robbie has escaped??!!

Sally is weak with hunger , she looks at ''baby Tammy'' the tuna sandwich and realises that it is their only hope for survival ....she discards the ''baby's'' blanket , which is a soft tissue and devours baby Tammy along with Flynn.

The tissue is picked up by a gentle breeze and wafts through the bush. It hits Saddo Seb and he collapses with a brain haemorrhage , as the blood pours from his eyes and ears his best friend Josh faints and falls onto a flower which stabs him through the back . He dies in agony.

''I killed Josh West'', said the flower.

''You LEGEND!!'' said the tissue.

Dani and Gypsy run into each others arms , crying tears of joy that they are reunited ...everything seems perfect ...until Dani refuses to admit that any of their problems were her fault ,

''but I'm the victim'' , she bleated , ''poor me , sob, sob.''

How will Gypsy react??!!

The rocket was launched and the clever triplets soared away from their moronic parents , relieved that they would find their real clever parents on the far away planet. Hayley and Noah were sad for a moment , then Hayley got on with painting her nails and Noah rolled a spliff , the triplets were soon forgotten.

The only person who knew where Joe and Tilly had stashed their money was Tilly's moronic older brother ...would silly Scott Hunter remember and would he tell anyone and would they believe him ??!!

Date: 11/02/04 Author : Wanda


The trio try potty training but it has NO effect what so ever - despite Shelley suggestion to continue until the plan does work. Shelley finally concedes defeat and she, Beth & max ask Tilly to ask the rat how to solve the problem. Tilly says the rat has told her the trio will be cured, if they (max, shelley & beth) all jump from the top of stewart’s point into the ocean below - but that’s NOT all. Each must perform a dive with 2 ½ twists and a triple summersault on the way down. Will the trio accept the challenge? And if they do, can they convince Danusia & Sammy to help them with the dive? And is the rat telling the truth about the cure?

Angie, beth & shelley say they won’t try to harm kane & kirsty and their friends EVER again. KK don’t really trust them but agree to let the trio go. Soon after, Fi’s tennis ctr is ransacked (late at night - with no one there) casuing thousands of dollars damage. Whilst some townsfolk suspect the evil angie led trio., Kane isn’t so judgemental. Is the tennis ctr thing a random act of violence, or is the start of Angie, Shelly & Beth’s latest attacks on Kane (the son rhys never had) and his family & friends? And what’s Fi’s out there (non tennis) plan to raise the funds to refurbish the tennis ctr?

The students meet with the federal & state governments - in order to set up their own taypayer funded school, to replace the one that if now Hyde’s private school. The problems are that most of the teachers, beside sally, have decided to work at the private school, and the public school kids will have to find a place to be educate whilst the new school is built. Will all the public kids have to cram into the surf club or the diner to continue their studies? And who will help sally teach the public scholl kids?

Colleen is livid that Robbie has escaped. She then begins a new revenge plan. She mails a letter to both brainiacs saying they’ve been invited to go on a quiz show in the city. Robbie & UK Leah both keen to go o the TV show, and after thoroughlyt checking things out they send in their entry forms.

A few days later, alimo pulls out to the van park, and robbie & leah get in, but this is ALL part of collen’s plan. What’s the true destination of the car? And are tobbie & UK Leah truly deceived by collleen’s quiz show ruse?

When Flyyn goes to the car and starts eating a mango, Sallyb wonders wher e he got it from. Flynn then tells her the truth about his deception with the sandwhich. Sallty is horrified tha Flynn could do such thing. She then gets in the car and drives off - leaving flynn with JUST the mango. After driving for several hours, will Sally realise what Flynn did was for the greater good and go back for him? Or is there another who can save flynn from the scorching days and freezing nights?

Gypsy snaps Dani HARD across her soulmete’s left (face) cheek with the back of her left hand. Dani stumbles back a little, and falls over. Tahnkfully her fall is cushioned by saddo seb & posh josh who were spying on the 2 lesbian lovers. When Dani landed on the 2 boys, their puny backs instantly broke - and the they disd.

"I killed Seb & Josh " said a bewildered Dani.

"you LEGEND" said Gypsy’s skirt.

Dni then gets up and begins apologising to Gypsy for all the times that she claimed to be the victim etc. Dani’s soulmate thought this was VERY wierd. Will Gypsy bget used to the NEW Dani, or will she pine for old one she fell in love with?

Silly Scoott H thries to tell eveyone about the money in the container, but no one will belief him, not even Beth. When he carries the container into everyone’sview he opens the lid. Is the money still there? If not did Joe & Tilly move it? Or has someone else stoilen their riches?

Date: 11/02/04 Author : JosieTash


The three stooges go to the gym and watch Danusia performing twisting somersaults with ease ...however when they try a simple somersault it becomes obvious that all three are soooo uncoordinated that it would be hopeless to try and coach them. Desperate however they decide to go to the cliff top and try. Shelley immediately starts fussing at Max not to go too near the edge and she and Max chicken out....Beth however goes for it and despit not really performing the required triple twist the rat admires her courage and tells her the secret antidote. If she tells the others however , she will revert back to being incontinent. Max and Shelley are desperate for her to tell them , but Beth doesn't want to since she now sees her chance to get Rhys all to herself. Shelley and Max are livid ...what do they do next??!!

Fi decides to ask all her friends from summer bay to pose in a sexy calender to raise funds ...ofcourse all her friends want to help ...but someone wants to sabotague the plan ....who and why??!!

Kane discovers that it was infact Josh and Seb that set fire to the tennis centre ...the townsfolk decide to lynch them ....everyone brought a picnic lunch and a fun day out was had by all (except Josh and Seb) . After the lynching the crowd cheered and Alf who had volounteered to kill them shouted ''I killed Josh West''

''You legend'' everyone replies!!!

Angie is very grateful to Kane for believing her and appears to be turning over a new leaf.Mark,Jade and Tasha decide to let her live with them ...is this a wise move??!!

Robbie and Leah decide they can't waste time on the quiz as they have reached a crucial point in their experiment ....they politely ask if Max and Shelley would like to go in their place , since they have been rather down over the incontinence situation. After carefully placing plastic covers over the seats the limo driver drives off with Max and Shelley....Colleen looks on in horror ...she has tampered with the limo breaks and her two favourite people are hurtling out of control down a steep hill........will anyone save them ...and does anyone want to??!!

Our hero Kane comes across a distressed and crying Sally ...she tells him how Flynn is lost in the bush. Kane goes after him and finds him unconscious ...he carries him 30 km back to Summer Bay running all the way. Exhausted he declines the emergency teams offer of a quick check up insisting he is fine.Sally is soo grateful she gives Kane a gift ...what is it...and does he accept it??!!

When Scott opened the tin there were only a few elastic bands in there.Everyone laughed...but is Scott really as stupid as everyone thinks??!!

Date: 20/02/04 Author : Wanda


Max and Shelley insist that they’ll lock Beth in a room with Henry & Tilly (meaning that Beth will actually have to spend time with her own kids) if Beth doesn’t tell them the secret to becoming normal again. Will Beth tell them the rat’s secret or will max & Shelley have to proceed with their (to Beth) fiendish plot?

Meanwhile, speaking of Tilly, she & Rhys decide to get to know each other better. Both are surprised to discover that they both have a passion for a peculiar past time. What is it?

Hyde thinks the teenagers of the bay shouldn’t be involved in such a risqué calendar, so he goes to building where the calendars are being published (with the plan to sabotage the printing process). However, Fi (thanks to great friends Kane & Kristy) have been made aware of Hyde’s plans. She has rung the printing company, and when Hyde thinks he has destroyed the print run of the sexy calendar, he actually trashes the run of a magazine that HE quite fondly enjoys. What print run has Hyde destroyed?

Jade, Mark & Tasha seem to notice that things appear to be going well for Angie. She’s being quite civil to everyone, and is paretic happy to help out sally teaching the kids who don’t want to go to/can’t afford Hyde’s private school. Jade & her spouses also like that Angie enjoys wearing no clothes as much as they do, and Tasha is REALLY enjoying spending some SEROIUS quality time with her mum. Angie likes being good, but she’s constantly having the face the voices in her head telling her to be her TRUE EVIL self. Will Angie be able to resist the temptation to be bad?

Kim was standing at the bottom of the hill when she saw the brakeless limo hurtling towards him. As the limo got closer, the dvr, Shelley & max shouted out to Kim to get out of the way. But they didn’t know Kim’s secret - until he stopped the speeding car with his bare hands. Max & Shelley were amazed, and max realised that this is why Kim & his father argue about Kim’s swimming. Kim doesn’t want to the world to know he has super powers, but max & Shelley decided to use this to their advantage. They told Kim if he didn’t use his powers to make them normal again, they’d expose his secret! What will Kim do?

In the middle of all this, once everyone is out of the limo, the dvr realise too late that he has left the hand brake off, so the car begins to roll down the hill again. The speed increases to over 100 kph when the car goes over a cliff - and lands on posh josh & saddo sib, who were kissing each other by the side of the river. The impact killed both instantly.

"I killed Josh & seb" said the limo.

"You LEGEND" said a fish swimming in the river.

Sally gives Kane a (toy) medal for saving Flynn’s life. However, Kane’s not sure what to think when Sally gives him a similar type of medal every single day after the rescue. Will Kane confront sally about her actions? and is everything alright between sally & Flynn - given the actions by BOTH of them in the dessert?

Joe & Tilly confront silly Scott about what happened the handful or money ($1000) they left in the container (the rest of the fortune is hidden elsewhere). Will silly Scott be able to rem what he did with the money?

Gypsy realises she HATES the "new" (unwhiney) Dani - as this isn't the girl she fell in love with, but when Gypsy tried to give her soul mate another BIG slap (to turn her back to the way she was) EVERYONE kept on stooping her, as they MUCH preferred the new Dani. Will Gypsy ever be able to get her TRUE soul mate back, or will Dani like her new self too much to want to change back?

PS - it’s GREAT to have twisted tales back (after problems with your computer)

Date: 21/02/04 Author : JosieTash

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