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CLASSIC Twisted Tales

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LOVIN' your commets about the Alrac - you'll see what happens with the alien creature ....

here's the latest moments of madness -


Scott H swears he will not cheat on his darling Pammy whatever torture the depressed demented lady-boy tries on him. Luckily just then Josh stumbles across them , momentarily distracting Sebrina. Scott breaks free of the pretty ribbons that Sebrina has tied him up with and runs away....Sebrina is so upset she throws a tantrum and kicks and stamps the ground , by a freak accident she disturbs a deadly spider which takes one look at her horrific features and scurries away terrified. The spider bumps straight into Josh and sinks its fangs into him releasing its deadly venom. Josh dies in agony !!! What will Sebrina do next in her desperation to lose her virginity ??!!

Kane hops down the road , bewildered at his transformation into a kangaroo. Dani spots him and BANG drives straight into him. Our hero changes back into human form as he lies severely injured and in agony by the side of the road. Dani leaves him for dead , but he valliantly struggles to live , thoughts of his beloved Kirsty forcing him to cling to life by a thread...will anyone come along to rescue our hero who has saved so many lives himself??!!

Kit radios her super-intelligent husband who talks her through the piloting of the craft, all is going well , but how will the landing go ??!!

Rhys pulls a muscle during the warm up for the game and is replaced by Alexi, who has given up on soccer. The hired hitman only knows that he is to tackle and take out his opposite number and assumes that that is Alexi. He starts by just tripping him up , but Alexi's mummy comes on the pitch and says that the game is too rough for her precious pumpkin , Alexi is crying and the crowd are laughing at him. But Shelley is not laughing , she is fuming that her plan has failed yet again...what will she do next??!!

Jade goes for tests and it turns out she was rendered temporarily deaf by listening to Leah babble on about drugs and Flynn. Jade is able to hear again , but Flynn has scheduled Leah for a tonguectomy ...is he doing this for the good of the Bay or to stop her talking about his involvement in the drugs industry ??!!

Date: 17/10/03 Author: Wanda


Sebrina uses all the money Flynn has paid him to fly to the US to visit Nick. Will Sebrina’s buddy in Hollywood sleep with her? and how is Nick’s acting career going?

Hayley & Jesse, who were taking there alien triplets for a bush walk, see the incident, and begin transporting Kane to hospital. Kane doesn’t look good, and Hayley thinks they might loose him in something isn’t done for his injuries soon. Will the alien triplets be able to help? And does Hayley now hate Dani for trying the kill kind hearted heroic Kane?

The landing’s looking good until Kit realises too late that a house has been constructed where she was going to land since she left Earth. The spacecraft crashes into the house, killing its owner Josh West. Scotty P can’t believe he put his beloved Kit in danger. What will he do to make it up to her?

Shelley decides to use Rhys’ injury to her advantage. She pretends to be one of the Swans’ medical staff. So Rhys won’t recognise her, she wears a surgical mask over her face, and disguises her voice. She plans to kill him with an illegal injection. Will Shelley’s plans be successful?

Flynn thinks he’s killing two birds with the one stone, by both silencing Leah’s knowledge of his drug running AND ridding the town of Leah’s constant whinning. Flynn’s about to begin the procedure when Mama Poulos enters his surgery (this was after Mama P tortured the info out of Colleen, who lasted 36 hours before she begs for mercy and let it slip about the operation). Will Mama P be able to save her daughter from a (tragic) life of no talking?

Date: 17/10/03 Author: JosieTash


Sebrina got an offer from Jerry Springer to appear on his talk show under the heading ...too boring and ugly to lose my virginity...but she was soooo boring that they deported her...Nick was very unsympathetic and selfishly said that being seen with Sebrina would ruin his street cred....where will Sebrina turn to now??!!

Kane's life hangs in the balance , his numerous visitors and well wishers have filled the room with flowers and gifts. Kirsty awaits by his bedside with an anxious distraught Rhys.....will our hero survive??!!

The whole of Summer Bay are after Dani for what she has done to their most popular and admired hero. Hayley is set the task as a former friend of trying to find her, so that she can be brought to justice for her heinious crime. Will Hayley find Dani??!!

Kit and Scotty are reunited , but it is a sad occassion since Scotty's brother lies injured in the hospital. Kit tries to reassure and comfort her darling Scotty , who loves his little brother sooo much. A single tear runs down Scotty's face , but he is incapable of bad thoughts so for now the beast from another planet remains safe behind bars in Pammy's zoo. Scotty kneels and prays for his beloved brothers life to be spared...will his prayers be answered??!!

Rhys refuses to leave Kane's bedside to attend his injection for his own injury, Josh West enters the examination room , where Shelley is waiting for Rhys, snooping for a story. Shelley turns to see who it is and is unable to control her anger at her plan being ruined , so she plunges the needle into Josh ....he dies a horrific painful death!!

To the dismay of the whole of SB Mama Poulos saves Leah....will the town pull together to rid themselves of this nuisance family??!!

Date: 17/10/03 Author: Wanda

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belgshep, as i'm re-reading the chapters for the 1st time in ages, i guess we'll BOTH see what happens

here's latest trio -


Sebrina decides to become a country music artist, as they're always singing about the woes in their life. Will Sebrina's be success?

The doctors say they only way Kane can survive is a heart transplant. Rhys offers his heart to the doictors to save the son he never had. The dictor install Rhys' heart into Kane, but wil they be able to find a compataible heart for Rhys?

Hayley easily finds Dani, after hearing hear whining at the top of her vboice that she didn't kill kane. Now that hayley's found Dani, will capture be able to capture her former best friend?

Scotty P is SOOOOO pleased that Rhys donated his heart to Kane, that he offers to donate his heart to Rhys, esp after he realkises that the Alrac's organ is comparable to a human heart. Kit agrees to kill the evil animal so that her beloved can live. Will the people of Hayley's homeworld discover that the creature has been killed?

Jade arranges for the Mintakis family (a long standing rival of the Poulos clan) to come to the Bay. Their is a firce gun battle in between the two familt, duirng which investigative reporter Josh West is killed (after he's hit by about 50 bullets). Josh isn't the only one to die. Who else hasn't survived the shoot-out?

Date: 18/10/03 Author: JosieTash


It is decided that due to the handicap of her awful singing voice and her boring personality , not to mention disgusting looks that Sebrina's furure does not lie in country music.Dejected and with her self esteem plummetting to new depths what will Sebrina do ??!!

Kane is recovering well , but a donor needs to be found for Rhys. Luckily another hit and run casualty is brought into casualty, the doctors see it is only Josh West and decide not to bother saving him. Instead they give his heart to Rhys.This means that the Alrac's life is spared. Scotty P goes to church to pray thanks for his beloved brothers life being spared.

Hayley pretends to be interested in Dani's constant whining in order to get her trust. But after several hours she gets bored and so hits her over the head to shut her up and drags her back to Summer Bay. What will Dani do now ??!!

When the hail of gunshots ends , the only Poulos left standing is LEAH !!! Her horrific screaching screams are heard for a hundred miles. The residents of Summer Bay rush to shut her up??!! What will become of the annoying Leah now??!!

Date: 19/10/03 Author: Wanda


Sebrina finally decides that enough is enough. She decided to end it. Will Sebrina have the courage to end her own life, or will someone (anyone) be able to convince her to keep on living?

Whilst praying for his bro at the church, the kind hearted Scotty P hears a message from God himself. What does the Almightily want Scotty to do?

Hayley tells Dani to only way she’ll be let out of cage she’s in is if she agrees to the 1st of all stop whining, and 2ndly, if she gives up her deadly desires for both Kane & Pammy. Will Dani agree to Hayley’s terms? Or will someone very evil help Dani escape?

Josh tried to blackmail Angie. He said he’d tell the police all of her illegal dealing in the past if she didn’t make Hayley his love slave. Angie agreed to be his partner in crime, but 2 minutes after that, she used her magic to turn josh into a cockroach. She then took GREAT pleasure in squashing, and killing, the vermin.

The only people in Australia happy with Leah are the glaciers, as her high decibel screams are shattering glass EVERYWHERE. Flynn decides to sew Leah’s lips together. He asked her mole to bring Leah to him. Will Irene be successful in knobbing the sole surviving Poulos?

Prime Minister Kit surprises all of Australia with her latest announcement. What is it?

Date: 20/10/03 Author: JosieTash

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i'm glad that you are back, I love music, and that you are really enjoying these tales - the best thing anout all these josh death is that we had to constantly "top" the previous ways etc.

belgshep, with the heart swapping, neither do the ret of us, but that's what twisted is all about - being as silly :P as is humanly possible etc !!!!!!!!

i KNOW that you'll enjoy these next few chapters -


Sebrina lacks the courage to take her own life , she makes off on Noah's motorbike , but sees a young backpacker who is desperate for a lift. She offers him a lift in exchange for sex. The backpacker is horrified and escapes on the bike . Unfortunately Dani is driving along the same road and thinking he is a kangaroo mows him down and kills him. Obviously because he is a nobody she feels no remorse , but Sebrina blames herself for his death. If she hadn't been so obsessed with losing her virginity he would still be alive . Poor Sebrina , what else can go wrong for her??!!

God sent Scotty P amessage telling him how he has been chosen to bring about world peace. Scotty is naturally humbled by such a message from the almighty.He vows to devote his life to promoting world peace.

Shelley helps Dani to escape , they continue to plot revenge on Beth, Kane and Pammy and to win Rhys back. What will their next dasterdly plan be??!!

Leah escapes from Flynn. She comes across Josh and starts jabbering on at him in her nasty shrieky voice , unable to stand the noise he cuts his own throat with a blunt knife and bleeds to death while she drivells on oblivious to the fact that he is dead. What can be done about Leah??!!

Kit announces that she is stepping down as primeminister to spend more time with her family ...who will the candidates for office be??!!

Date: 24/10/03 Author: Wanda


Sebrina decides to visit the folks of the guy who was killed. She sees they have another teenage son. Sebrina offers to be the boy’s sex slave, as he feels responsible for the other son’s death. What will the parents say, and the remaining son, say?

Scotty P thinks the best way to bring world peace is for every country to destroy all their nuclear weapons. Most, but not all, countries agree. How will Scotty p be able to convince the others to get rid of their nuclear missiles?

Shelley tries to frame Beth by planting evidence that she tried to hinder the recovery of Rhys’ leg injury. Who will Rhys believe?<

Whilst Dani leaves a trial of love notes which lead both kane & Pammy to nearby cliff, which she plans to blow up. Will her plan succeed?

Leah just won’t shut up, but jade notices that Leah hasn’t been eating AT ALL when she’s been talking, so she convinces others to keep Leah talking so she’ll die of starvation before too long. Will jade’s plan work?

Angie decides to run for office, and does Colleen & Josh - but several voters here of Josh’s plan, and because they don’t want him as PM, they sabotage his private jet. The pilot, who hates josh, parachutes to safety in time before the plane smashes into the side of a mountain. Josh somehow survives the initial intact, but his broken body is the torns to pieces by a pack of dingoes.

Angie plans to use her witchy powers to influence the people of Oz. Will she succeed?

Date: 24/10/03 Author: JosieTash


The dead boys relatives are so horrified by Sebrina's offer that they chase her out of town !!!

Scotty P decides to threaten the uncooperative nations with Leah!! USA, Pakistan and several smaller nations cave in immediately . His plan is a total success. Leah is so pleased with herself that she starts eating. For world peace and safety reasons she is now kept in a sound proof container deep underground and visited daily with food, but being stupid she is quite happy with this lifestyle!! How long will world peace last and will Leah remain happily incarcerated??!!

Shelley is such a convincing liar that Rhys starts to have doubts about Beth. Naturally upset, Beth confides in Kane , the son Rhys never had , and Kane soon sets him straight. While Rhys and Beth are blissfully reunited Shelley plots her revenge on Kane.What will evil Shelley do now??!!

Kane realises that his darling Kirsty did not write the love notes and seeing Pammy warns her also. They turn back , but hear a massive explosion. When they investigate they discover Josh's mangled remains , recognisable only from the NAFF shirt he was wearing. Josh had been snooping and accidentally detonated the explosives. Dani is livid and takes her anger out on some poor kangaroos which she deliberately runs over on the way home!! How will Dani get her revenge??!!

On hearing that Angie , Colleen and Josh are running for office the Summer Bay residents persuade Alf to run as well. Kane and Rhys will be backing him, so he is bound to do well...but how low will the other candidates stoop to win the election??!!

Date: 25/10/03 Author: Wanda

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I love music, saintly scotty p is pobably our finest creations - and we REALLY latched onto that whole "do i look like a .... " thing

belgshep, love your comment about the 'Roos, and yeah, when i read that josh/alf thing i must admit to LOVING the irony (esp. considering earlier comments about sueing for plaguerism)

her's some more -


Sebrina decides she doesn’t want to be on Earth any more, so she wants to become an astronaut for the upcoming manned mission to Mars. Will her new dream come true?

The evil nations of the world SOOOO don’t want to hear from Leah away that they try to find the secret bunker in which she is being held. Will they find her - and if they do, will they poison come of the food she’s been eating? Or find other means to kill her?

Shelley decides to bake some of the cookies she knows kane loves. Late at night, she enters the Sutherland house and leaves them on the kitchen table. REALLY early the next morning, Josh is attracted the wonderful smell of the cookies and eats them. They are laced with a DEADLY organ-eating virus and Josh dies in agony as the disease eats him from the inside. Shelley is very distraught that her plan has failed. What will she try next?

Dani has just begun plotting her latest scheme when she is arrested for cruelty to animals. Angie obliques when the authorities ask her to turn dani into a kangaroo from a month. Will Dan like being a roo?

Angie tries to use her magic to try to convince the ppl of Australia that Alf is a serial killer but no one believes that in a second, while colleen uncovers something VERY shocking news from Alf’s past. What is it?

Tasha decides to begin doing extraordinary things again, like when she swam around the world non-stop. What will she do this time?

Date: 27/10/03 Author: JosieTash


Sebrina fails the medical for the flight , but surprisingly the newly resigned primeminister Kit is offered a place. Sebrina is sooo jealous!! What will Sebrina do now??

The evil nations of the world plan to kill Leah and hire a marksman, unfortunately just as he aims and pulls the trigger Josh blunders up to Leah and is shot instead. He bleeds slowly and painfully to death while having to listen to Leah blabbering on about the best way to cook moussaka!!!!

Shelley decides to follow Kane and kill him as he drives into Yabbie Creek , unfortunately on the way she spots a kangaroo and just like Dani her hatred of these poor innocent creatures overwhelms her. She aims her car straight at the strangely familiar looking animal. Just as she is about to hit it straight on she hears the roo shout ''No, mummy, it's me, Dani!!''....does Shelley run over Dani??

Angie finds out that Alf is actually her long lost father !!! Will she now put aside her evil ways and turn her magical powers to good use , or will she continue her evil plotting !!

Tasha decides to walk across Australia barefoot and with no provisions , just living off the land , because she feels she has gone soft living in the Bay . Irene is worried but supportive and waves goodbye to her as she sets off on her solo adventure ...what will she encounter on this voyage??

Date: 27/10/03 Author: Wanda


Sebrina is SOOO annoyed with Kit that she spikes the OJ that is served at the ceremony at which her place on the manned mars mission was be made public. Will Kit discover the alcohol filled juice before she has her 1st drink in ages?

The evil nations decide to use their nuclear missiles to blow Leah up - but the arms forces, lead by their commander and chief Scotty P, shoot down all the enemy weapons. A rather large piece of missile debris falls to earth and crushes josh, which kills him instantly.

Shelley heard Dani’s cry for help - but ignored it. She ran over Dani (who was badly, but not fatally, wounded) and then Shelley decided to kill her other two children. Will anyone be able to save Dani? And how does Shelley plan to murder jade & Kirsty?

Angie decides to confront Alf about the knowledge that she is his daughter. Alf can’t believe it, but then remembers he had an affair with a woman 40 years ago. Who is Angie’s mum? And will he survive a bite from one of his daughter’s pet tarantulas?

In a cave of central Australia, Tasha is surprised when she discovers an ancient rock painting of a man in a silly shirt being killed (with others cheering). As she went further into the mysterious cave, she finds an animal thought to be extinct. What has Tasha found?

Date: 28/10/03 Author: JosieTash

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glad that you both continue to love this

here's more -


Kit drinks the spiked drink and returns to her old alcoholic ways. Scotty P is distraught , but vows too stand by his beloved wife and see her through her rehabilitation.

Kane finds Dani where Shelley has left her. Luckily her injuries are not life threatening and he is able to help her. She is grudgingly grateful , but will she now stop her evil vendetta against him.

Shelley tries to kill Jade and Kirsty as they lie on the beach , she siddles up to them and offers them a poisoned ice cream each . Will they accept the poisoned ice cream??

Angie is horrified to find out that Colleen is her real mother !!! She is outraged to be related to someone so common and decides to get her revenge on her real parents ...what will she do to Alf and Colleen.??!!

Noah is blundering along the beach smoking pot when he sees Josh West and offers him a go on his joint. Josh gets stoned and goes for a swim. He is half drowned and gasping for breath when a jelly fish stings him, in agony he tries to swim on, but gets a terrible cramp. By now he is signalling for help and desperate when a shark sees him and tears him limb from limb. Noah waves back to Josh not realising that he is in trouble , not that anyone would care anyway !!!

Tasha recognises that the silly man in the awful shirt must be an ancient ancestor of Josh West !! The animal growls at her , but she calms it down ...what is it??!!

Date: 28/10/03 Author: Wanda


Scotty P can’t believe that one little drink has send kit off the wagon again. He gets the police to arrest Sebrina who is really scared as to what could happen in prison. What will happen to the lady-boy in the slammer?

Kit, upon really truly realising how much Scotty p loves her vows to give up the demon drink - but does someone else want Kit to NOT succeed?

Dani announces to the world that she has given up trying to kill Kane - indeed, she’s fallen for him in the BIGGEST way. She’s now obsessed with stealing him off Kirsty - does she any chance at all?

The twins accept the ice cream but before they have any josh steals Kirsty’s - he dies a painful death form the poison, whilst Caitlin steals the other one Shelley gave Jade - she dumped it on Max’s head - because he’s more interested in Eloise than her. What will Shelley try now?

Angie uses her magic to turn Alf & Colleen into frogs. Will anyone realise what Angie has done to save her parents before she squashes them?

The animal Tasha discovers is a smallish dinosaur called a Minisaurus. The creature, which Tasha names “Fidoâ€, really likes Tasha and joins her on her journey across Australia. What will happen when someone sees Tasha & the dinosaur together?

Date: 29/10/03 Author: JosieTash


Sebrina finds she likes prison life ....she has never had soooo much attention in her life !!! She feels she may finally lose her virginity when a mass murderer with a liking for genderbenders takes a shine to her. They arrange a secret tryst ....but to Sebrina's horror she is released on bail just before they can meet up....what will Sebrina do now??!!

Kit gives up the drink for her beloved Scotty P ...they hold a thanksgiving service at the local church...unfortunately Kit drinks the wine at the service ....will she be hooked again ??!!

Dani has been following Kane around and sending him love notes and gifts. He is totally not interested being soo in love with Kirsty ...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ..what will desperate Dani do now ??!!

Nobody notices that Alf and Colleen have been turned into frogs except that their skin is slightly greener than usual !!! Angie hires a bis steamroller to squish them , but on the way to the diner she cannot resist running Josh West over instead .It was understandably tempting , and after squishing him she was laughing too much to carry on to the diner!!!

Tasha is spotted and she and the minisaurus become instant celebrities ...Josh's mummy wants an exclusive story about them.

Noah is now spending a lot of time in the diner , he keeps trying to lick Colleen and Alf , he thinks he can get high off the poison the frogs carry , no one can be bothered to tell him that it's the wrong sort of frog and besides Colleen enjoys being licked !!!

Date: 29/10/03 Author: Wanda

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I guess what i meant is that you 2 regularly respond ...... oh, and i loved calling a dinosaur (the rather common) "fido"

here's latest trio of madness -


Sebrina decided to rob Flynn’s surgery. He then gave himself up to the police, and hopes he’ll meet up with her murderous admirer in prison. Will Sebrina & her admirer be re-united?

Kit consumes the drink in the church and everyone thinks she’ll succumb again, but Scotty P is his infinite wisdom arranged for the priest to give Kit a drink of Ribena instead of wine. Kit began to wonder how she could thank her great hubby. What will she come up with?

Dani decides if she can’t have kane then no one will. She tries to run him down with her car AGAIN, but kane is too fast a runner and escapes in the bushalnd by the side of the road. Dani’s not finished with him yet, and drives her car through the bush after him. Will she succeed in killing him this time?<

Pammy decides to end Angie’s reign of terror. She confronts the evil witch and tells Angie unless she stops trying to kill & hurt ppl that she will turn Angie into a cute little bunny rabbit.<

What will Angie’s answer be?<o

Josh’s mum sends her son to do a story on Tasha & Fido. After the minisaurus has been calm around the various ppl they encounter, Tasha is REALLY surprised when the dinosaur attacks Josh and kills him with its amazingly sharp claws.<o

After Pammy changed Alf & Colleen back into people, Colleen says she really liked being licked and hopes Noah will continue to do it. What will Noah say?<o:p>

Date: 31/10/03 Author: JosieTash


Morag is the presiding judge , she knows that Sebrina wants to go back to jail , and so just to be contrary she sentences the ladyboy to community service instead. Sebrina must clean the local toilets for the next six months !! Sebrina is heartbroken...what will she do next??!!

Kit is sooo grateful to her kind and considerate hubby , she plans a surprise party , everyone is invited ...but who is planning to spike the drinks and why??!!

Dani misses Kane by inches and ploughs straight into Josh West who was sneaking around trying to take incriminating photos. Despite Kane's best efforts to save the life of despicable Josh West he dies in agony. Kane is upset but at least he has his big brothers party to look forward to and Rhys and Kirsty cheer him up.

Dani is livid ...what will she do next??!!

Pammy turns Angie into a fluffy bunny , just then Tasha and the minisaurus come around the corner. The minisaurus sees it's dinner hopping along and kills and eats the bunny/Angie!! What happens next??!!

Noah explains that he was only licking Colleen to get high. Noah asks her to use her position as Flynns receptionist to get him drugs and he will in return carry on licking her...does Colleen agree??!!

Date: 31/10/03 Author: Wanda


Sebrina is SOOOO annoyed at Morag that he decides to kill her. That way she doesn’t the judge at his next trial and he’ll be re-united with her equally murderous admirer. Will Sebrina succeed in killing Morag?<?

Movie star Nick was flown home to the Bay for a break – and to attend the Party Kit has arranged for Scotty P. Nick has heard about Kit scoring the astronaut job over Sebrina and wants revenge against her for hurting his friend. Will Kit consume the spiked drinks?<

Dani decided to ram her car into the building where the celebrations are being held. She hopes Kane dies, but she doesn’t car, as long as someone is taken out. Will Dani’s latest plan succeed?<

Pammy, being a lover of all creatures reached into the mouth of the minisaurus and pulled the Angie bunny to safety. Tasha thanked Pammy for doing so, but all of this made Angie turn back into a human. She fired lightening bolts from her fingers, hoping to kill Pammy, Tashas & the dinosaur who tried to eat her, but she instead electrocuted Josh to death, who just happened to be taking a quiet stroll near them at the time. Angie tried again but her magic now needed to be recharged, but she scurried away to plan her next evil scheme. What will it be?<

Colleen, who LOVES the attention of such a fine looking young man, agrees to steal the drugs. She asks her old partner in crime, Max, to help her. Will they succeed?

Date: 01/11/03 Author: JosieTash

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Like many ppl, i LOVE dinosuars - and, before CLASSIC Twisted ends (that's ages away) the ppl of the bay encounter a species that's half human/half dinosaur !!!!

here's latest chapters -


Sebrina asks her friend ''moviestar'' Nick to help her kill Morag...will Nick agree ??!!

Kit was about to consume the spiked drink when Kane who had seen everything warned Scotty. The two beloved brothers got to Kit just in time , and prevented her from drinking it. Rhys and Kirsty were sooo proud of their Kane and his big brother and a lovely party was enjoyed by every one ...but someone was lurking in the background ...who and why??!!

Angie so enjoyed killing Josh that she stalked him for three days terrifying him at every turn until finally finishing him off with more deadly lightning...he looked relieved to be dying !!!

Colleen gives Noah the drugs and in return he licks her all over...Max is so grossed out by this that he vows to stop Colleen from ever getting drugs for Noah again...but Noah loves his dope and Colleen loves Noah's attention , so what will hapen next??!!

Date: 03/11/03 Author : Wanda


Nick thinks getting rid of Morag is a great idea. He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, so he decides to hire someone to do the job for him & his friend Sebrina. How will Nick get to do the dastardly deed?

Jade is hanging around the party, pretending to have a great time - but she’s really providing info to Dani. Dani plans to shoot Kane & Kirsty with a high powered rifle as soon as they leave the gathering. Will Dani succeed THIS time? And why has Jade turned against the loving couple?

Angie decided she’d tortured Josh long enough, so she decided to concentrate on destroying Pammy again (after all, she REALLY really hated being turned into a bunny rabbit). Angie had a brainwave about how to get rid of Pammy. What evil scheme has she thought of now?

Leah took VJ to the park to play. While she is distracted by the "wonderful" sound of her own voice, Josh tried to steal some candy that Leah gave to her son. VJ, who REALLY likes his sweets, bashed up Josh & then rolled his almost unconscious body into the bushes. A venomous snake then bit Josh, who agonising died.

Since Flynn has locked his drugs impenetrable cupboard, Noah has to go elsewhere to find drugs. Colleen gives Noah a list of all the ppl who Flynn was prescribed drugs to. Noah is rather surprised when Colleen tells him that one Summer Bay resident is on massive amount of legal drugs. Who is it? And will

Noah be successful in raiding their house?

Date: 03/11/03 Author: JosieTash


Nick resumes his relationship with Jade and persuades her to join forces with him and Sebrina to kill Morag...what do they do??!!

Jade deserts Dani as she can't be bothered with her whining and would rather spend her time with Nick. Dani now has to plot against Kirsty and Kane herself. She is very annoyed and decides to run over a few kangaroos to improve her temper , but on her way sees Josh. She stops the car gets out and beckons him over. Josh can't believe his luck and naively approaches her. She then shoots him 127 times until he dies. Feeling much better she returns to town to carry on her lethal plotting...what does she plan to do??!!

Angie tries to befriend Tasha in order to get to Pammy...but Tasha is no longer so simple and sees through Angie's plan. She tells Pammy and they decide to pretend to Angie that Tasha has allen for her trickery.What happens next??!!

Noah discovers that Alf is taking heaps of drugs prescribed by Flynn. Noah is too stoned to care right now , so he sits on the beach with a stupid grin on his face and lights up another joint.Will Noah wake up enough to warn Alf of the danger??!!

Date: 04/11/03 Author : Wanda

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i'll admit that some days killing josh was just part of the formula - so i didmn't think THAT much about it. other days, like the VJ "taking candy from a baby", were just full of wondeful inspiration.

as i won't be at net palce tomoroow, here's a special treat -SIX chapters !!!!!!!


Jade, the sexy little minx that she is, tells Morag that she is in love with the somewhat older judge. Morag is quite flattered by the attention Jade is paying towards her. She partic likes Jade’s foot massages. But all of this is part of Nick & Jade’s plan to get Morag for Sebrina. What will Jade do next?<

Dani knows that Kane & Kirsty love to have a glass of OJ with their dinner, so she sneaks into the Sutherland house, and pours some deadly poison in the OJ bottle in the fridge. Will Dani’s plan finally succeed?<

Josh, whilst searching for a killer story for his mummy, overhears Beth & Rhys talking about Jack Hunter’s ghost. He goes to the old hunter farm to try to get an interview with the deceased father of kit & Scott. Whilst he is calling out for Jack, Josh steps on one of the many rabbit traps Kit had set. Josh then died a slow and agonising death. <

Tasha tells Angie has killed pammy liked Angie asked her to. When Angie inspects the body, Pammy (with fake blood all over her torso) got up and lassoed Angie with the rope that was hidden behind her back. Angie is very angry but she can’t do anything about it – or can she?<

Max tells Noah that he has access to LOTS of frogs that Noah can lick, but only if Noah finds out what’s going on with Alf. Noah agrees to check out Mr Stewart’s situation. Why IS Alf taking all those drugs? And is max telling the truth about those frogs?<

Date: 05/11/03 Author : JosieTash


Morag is falling in love with Jade , how will Jade use this power over the judge ??!!

Kane and Kirsty sit down to dinner when the doorbell goes . Josh comes in and being polite they delay their dinner to see what he wants. He wants to write a story on how Kane , the son of a religious minister and brother of the loving politician Scotty P, met Kirsty and fell in love. They politely refuse , wanting nothing to do with the repulsive Josh , but out of politeness offer him a drink. Josh greedily drinks Kane's OJ and dies an agonising death from strychnine poisoning. Kirsty immediately throws her drink away and Dani who was peering through her binoculars slopes off livid that Josh unwittingly spoilt her plans !!

Tasha and Pammy take Angie to an old barn and leave her tied up there so that she can contemplate the error of her ways. When they have gone Jack Hunters ghost appears...does he want to help or hinder Angie??!!

Noah licks one of the frogs , but it has no hallucinogenic effect. So he goes to score some acid tabs ,leaving Max to deal with Alf's problem....what will little Max

do with no one to help??!!

Date: 06/11/03 Author : Wanda


Whilst Morag is a very relaxed state, following Jade’s latest foot massage, Jade hypnotises the judge. Jade commands her to send Sebrina to jail, so she can be reunited with the murderous guy who admires the lady-boy. Will Jade’s plan work?

Dani decided that Josh has ruined her plans for the last time. She steals a tank from the nearby army base and takes great pleasure in running him over. He then died in total agony as Dani continually kept on backing over him again & again. Now that Josh was out of the way, Dani turns her attentions back to Kane & Kirsty. What will she try next?

Jack Hunter knows Angie is witch so he tells her he’ll untie her IF she makes him human again. What will the tightly bound Angie say?

Max tries to get Jade to help him (but she’s involved with Morag), Dani’s too busy trying to kill K/K and Rhys & Beth are acting like teenagers, so he gets all of Alf pills and goes to throw them in the ocean. Alf sees him running towards to the beach. Will Alf be able to stop Max from chucking out all his pills? And what does Alf need all those pills for anyway?

Date: 06/11/03 Author : JosieTash


Sebrina is sent to jail, unfortunately her murderous boyfriend has been released on parole, the other inmates take an instant dislike to the mop-headed girly-boy....will Sebrina survive jail??!!

Kirsty and Kane are putting the twins to bed. Kane leans over to give them a good night kiss and a high velocity bullet just misses. Dani is heard cursing outside. She is very angry that she has missed and decides to take her anger out on the kangaroo population. Unfortunately she has run over all the kangaroos in a 50 kilometer radius so she finds Josh West instead, dresses him in a kangaroo suit and makes him hop in the road while she chases him in her car. Her deadly game ends with a direct hit and Josh is left to die in a drainage ditch filled with sewage!!

Angie agrees to the deal and Jack unties her. She casts her spell and Jack Hunter is alive again. He heads for the caravan park to claim his wife, ...what will Beth and Rhys do??!!

Alf explains to Max that these pills are infact strong antibiotics prescribed for ghonorrhea and syphillis....he goes into extreme detail of how he caught the diseases and what the symptoms are...Max pukes up and runs away!! All this leaves Noah in search of more drugs...where will he find them and who did Alf catch the clap from??!!

Date: 07/11/03 Author : Wanda


Sebrina, who has ALWAYS wanted to stop being a virgin, realises that if she doesn’t toughen up, she’ll loose the virginity is the worst way possible. Will Sebrina be able to fend off an inmate, named Crusher, who REALLY dislikes her?

Kane decides to address the Dani problem head on. He asked Flynn and a doc from Yabbie Creek to make Dani she that she’s mentally unstable. Dani thinks she couldn’t be saner if she tried, so she is allowed to carry on with her life. Dani is most annoyed that kane questioned her sanity, so she decides to step up her revenge against him. What will she try now?

Beth can’t believe that Jack is human again. She instantly runs into his arms. Rhys is distraught - and he gets VERY angry. He takes out his anger on Josh who just happens to be walking by. He punches josh and knocks him out. When josh comes to, he can smell petrol. Rhys then lights a match and throws it at josh. The slimy young man is burnt to an agonising death. Rhys is still angry though, what will he do next?

Alf thinks Ailsa gave him the diseases from beyond the grave - because he proposed to Colleen’s daughter, while Noah has found some NICE drugs in the most unexpected place - whose house is he at?

Date: 07/11/03 Author : JosieTash


Sebrina pleads with the guards to go into solitary confinement ...will they listen??!!

Dani tries to make Kirsty jealous by pretending that Kane fancies her. Kirsty laughs in her face at such a ridiculous sugestion , and Dani gets soo angry that she finds Josh and literally tears him limb from limb, he dies an agonising death !!!

While Beth and Jack enjoy a happy and very physical reunion , Rhys gets his secret stash of puff and lights up. Soon all his worries seem a long, long way away . Noah smells the draw from miles away and follows the scent. He joins Noah in skinning up a big fat joint and the two men sit giggling and talking rubbish into the night. Will the Suthos kids discover that Rhys is a pot-head??!!

Because the diseases come from beyond the grave , the antibiotics are not working ..what can be done to save Alf??!!

Date: 08/11/03 Author : Wanda

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I'm glad that classic twisted cheered you up - and there'll alos be a new REBORN chapter to read soon (i'm in the process of fine tuning it)

here's latest trio of madness -


The guads won't listen, so Sebrina decides to do something she thinks will land her in solitary. what's is the lady-boy's plan?

Dani decided to travel overseas - to find someone to help with her kane problem. who is she looking for? and will they help her?

Kane discovers rhys' secret, but he doesn't want kirsty to find out that her dad's not perfect. he tried to persuade rhys & noah to go to a narcostics anonymous meeting. wll they agree?

Cooleen overhears alf taking about how Alisa has infected him, so she asks Pammy if she'll use her magic to cure ALf. Pammy agrees,and saves alf. But now alisa wants revenge on Pammy. what will the ghost of alf's dead wife do?

Jesse is acting strangly - and no one knows why. what is he up to?

Date: 08/11/03 Author : JosieTash


Sebrina decides to go on hunger strike ...how long before the guards notice??!

Dani is on her way to catch her plane overseas when she sees Josh...she just can't resist and runs him over. Josh is badly injured and manages to crawl down the road , unfortunately Hayley doesn't see him and runs him over too. Josh finally dies in agony of multiple injuries !!

Noah readily agrees to the meeting , but Rhys has been smoking dope to help him chill, because of all his family problems and doesn't want to go back to being a pop-eyed crazy man. Noah unfortunately thought it was a place to score dope and gets a nasty shock when he discovers that he's supposed to be there to give it up...what does he do??!!

Aylsa is terrifying Pammy , she goes to see the Phillips brothers who through their power of prayer and devotion to the church manage to exorcise the evil demon away ...Kane and Scotty are so brave and heroic tackling the demon, and their goodness and devotion shine through. All of Summer Bay pay tribute to their favourite sons !!!

Jesse is being very secretive , and why is Hayley stalking him??!!

Date: 09/11/03 Author : Wanda


The guards aren’t worried about Sebrina, until a reporter began nosing around the prison. Who is the journalist? And will they discover Sebrina’s plight?

The plane Dani is travelling in is struck by lightning. The pilots loose control of the craft and it crashes to the ground. Dani survives the initial impact, but she is badly wounded. Will she die?

Noah exits the meeting hall in a rage. He gets on his bike and takes out his frustration on Josh. Posh dies from the injuries he sustained when the bike hit him.

Noah keeps on riding until he reaches the Caravan Park, where he met his equally spaced out friend Rhys. Shelley discovers their secret, but what will she do?

At the tribute party for the Phillips Brothers, kane made an important announcement. What is it?

Hayley wonders why Jesse hasn’t been helping her car for their alien triplets. She’s been following him every day for weeks now, but he always gives her the slip. But this day, Hayley discovers his secret. What could it be?

Date: 10/11/03 Author : JosieTash

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hope you enjoy new REBORN chapter (just posted) ... will posted more CLASSIC 'morrow

now it's tomorrow - so here they are -


Posh Josh comes to the prison to find out if the story on Sebrina's hunger strike is true. Unfortunately he gets lost among the corridors and winds up on death row. He is electrocuted , while the real culprit gets away. Sebrina is losing weight and resembles a particularly ugly skeleton, she has been moved to solitary because the other inmates found her too annoyingly boring and threatened to riot if she was not moved. What will happen to her now ??!

Dani is helped by Tasha , who was going on her fifty mile jog, but instead of being grateful Dani is still plotting revenge against Tasha's friends. What does Dani do next in her desperate attempt to split up Kirsty and Kane??!!

Noah and Rhys skin up and get high. Shelley wants Rhys back and wonders how she can use this knowledge to further her cause. Beth meantime is torn between her love for Jack and her love for Rhys...Jack is pushing her to choose him, but who does she really love??!!

Kane is about to make his announcement when Jesse bursts into the Surf Club , hotly pursued by Hayley and the alien triplets , but even worse Leah is running agter them. Will Kane ever be heard above Leah's screaching voice or will his announcement have to wait until Leah has been caught and returned to the mental hospital !!

Date: 10/11/03 Author : Wanda


Kit convinces the police that Sebrina isn’t mentally stable enough to know what she doing when she robbed Flynn’s surgery. The police then let the lady-boy out of prison. Sebrina plans a nice surprise for Kit, to thank her. What’s the surprise?

Dani kidnaps Kirsty and locks her in a cabin in the middle of the bush. She then tries to convince kane to leave town, because Kirsty has left him. Will Dani’s plan to split the lovers work?

Beth loves Rhys more, but she thinks he’s having an affair with Shelley. Shelley has been using Rhys’ spaced out state against him by leaving personal items of hers around the house, like her underwear. Will Beth discover Shelley’s evil plan?

Jack is REALLY annoyed that Beth has chosen Rhys over him. On his way to pay Angie a visit, Jack encounters Josh. Josh can’t believe that someone is actually being nice to him when Jack offers him an apple. Josh eats the whole of the apple (incl the core), and dies when an apple tree grows inside him from the seeds he ate.

Jade trips Leah over and then grabs some industrial strength masking tape and puts it over the Greek chef’s mouth, then Tasha helped Jade take Leah back to the funny farm.

Kane then announces the Kirsty is missing. Everyone begin searching for Kirsty, but will they be able to save her in time?

Hayley confronts Jesse about why he has been going to ASIO (oz spy agency) every day. He tells her that that were threatening to kill her if he doesn’t provide daily DNA samples of the triplets. What will Hayley do now that she’s heard the incredible news?

Date: 11/11/03 Author : JosieTash


Sebrina being totally pathetic mistakes Kit's kindness for something moreShe offers HERSELF as a love-slave to Kit. Kit tries to tell her that she loves Scotty P , but Sebrina is obsessed...what will Sebrina do to try and win Kit's affection??!!

Kirsty is trying desperately to think of ways to escape , but Dani has tied her up and Kirsty is desperate!!!

Kane , due to his enormous love for Kirsty senses where she is and leads the search party to the rescue. Kirsty has no food or water , he senses she is getting weaker...will they reach her in time??!!

Josh catches Shelley red handed planting her bra in the Suthos living room, she sees him and strangles him with the bra. Beth still thinks that Rhys has feelings for Shelley and becomes upset when she later finds the bra. Rhys swears he does not know how it got there , but he has to join Kane in the search for Kirsty. Will Beth wait for him to return with an explanation or will she leave him for Jack??!!

Hayley is determined to find out what ASIO is using the triplets DNA for, she enlists Noah's help...but just how much help is the spaced out Noah and what are ASIO up to ??!!

Date: 12/11/03 Author : Wanda

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